Fans of lanterns — do not read. This review is not for you. Leave immediately.
Gone? Okay, let’s talk to the rest. I, like you, do not understand anything about lanterns. And for my taste, if the flashlight turns on, turns off, burns for half an hour without changing the batteries and shines for two meters — that’s it, this is a good flashlight, there can be no complaints about it. And to spend more than five hundred rubles on a lantern is savagery, I’m sure there can be no two opinions here.

But there is an exception. It is for those lanterns that allow you to see what you cannot see through the window under any chandelier and the sun. Of course, I mean ultra-violet lights. You probably know that many organic substances (and not only organics) have the properties of fluorescence. The bottom line is that when illuminated with invisible ultraviolet, part of the energy knocks the electrons of atoms from their orbitals, they move to other energy levels and emit a quantum of energy (photon) of a frequency already visible to the eye. It turns out a very interesting effect: we shine with a barely distinguishable dim blue flashlight, and some objects directly flash with a magical glow. This is how synthetic fabrics, nylon, and some types of plastic behave. But the most interesting of all, of course, is what poisons people and animals after themselves.

I watched videos on YouTube, read on the Internet, and decided to make myself a gift. Bought this lamp. Well, it will also be useful for the family to know in which house we live. There are many offers of ultra-violet flashlight on the Internet. But I decided not to exchange half measures, and take a thing that I am guaranteed not to regret choosing. So, hard UV is a wavelength of 365 nm. Good power — a diode from a well-known manufacturer: Nichia. Using a standard battery — 18650. High-quality case. It turned out that my version was Convoy. Expensive? Maybe. But here is such a case that if you take something on a handful of cheap 5mm diodes, then you will spend money, but there will be absolutely no effect. Such flashlights have a fairly large part of the light in the visible range of the spectrum, so there is nothing left for UV. Accordingly, the fluorescence is also weak, and in the light of a visible beam, it is completely invisible.

This problem in cheap flashlights is sometimes solved with Wood’s glass. This is a dark glass that does not let anything through except ultraviolet. Installing such glass on the lantern solves the problem of excessive illumination. But of course, this glass does not remove the problem of insufficient power in the real UV range. So either you need to shine with great power, or with such a lantern to poke into objects almost closely. But just in case, I also bought this glass, since it is less than a hundred rubles.

Waited about a month. The lantern has arrived.
My apartment is not very clean. Moreover, there is a long repair. I walked through the most potentially dirty places. Bathroom, toilet. Here are photos by the light of lamps and by the light of a lantern.

In the dark corners of the plague-stricken janitor’s room, the emerald spring light flashed and trembled. The diamond smoke hung from the ceiling. Pearl beads rolled across the table and jumped across the floor. A precious mirage shook the room.»

Here is a piece of paper in the toilet shining with unquenchable fire.

And here are the blazing marks on the shutter button …

It is a pity that the camera does not convey the whole picture in its multi-color variety.

Yes. After such an excursion, I want to buy a dump truck of cleaning products and wash, wash, wash …

The flashlight also easily finds animal tracks. When lighting food, fluorescence is very often observed. There were two types of cottage cheese in the refrigerator — one glows yellow, like milk and kefir. The other is blue. While I was about to write this text, the “blue” cottage cheese was eaten. But we won’t buy it again.

How not to look at banknotes under ultraviolet light? Sure, here they are:

Let’s now look at the lamp itself.

He himself is compact, a little more than a pot in diameter, but less in length.

The body is metal. Unscrews into three parts. O-rings are laid at the joints, tightness is plausible.

Powered by single 18650 battery.

The most important part is the LED:

And here comes Wood’s glass:

At a glance, it is just completely black glass. I attached it to the lamp. The visible luminous flux should have been reduced. And the radiance of objects remains the same. But in my case, nothing has changed — the flashlight already shines almost entirely in the invisible range. This saves battery and removes the need for Woods glass. By the way, if you put your hand into the beam of a flashlight, then it immediately feels warm, i.e. the energy of the LED is enough to heat objects at a small (up to 20 cm) distance.

Yes, the lamp is expensive. There are also cheaper ones. For example, Convoy S2 (without «+»), link below. It already has such glass installed from the store. So saving a few hundred, and then cutting off half the power with a black filter, transferring the battery charge into the flashlight heating — the idea is so-so.

Why would a normal person need such a flashlight?
  • look for puddles from cats. You know, the case when the nose smells, but the eye does not see. Here. With this flashlight, such trouble will never happen again.
  • teach households to be careful. Worth a one time tour of the house
  • Explain to children that you should not put everything that comes into your hands into your mouth. It turns out very clearly
  • conduct a rapid study of some food products. Of course, nothing definite can be said quantitatively. But if in the store all the curds glow in one way, and one of the cheapest in some other way, there is a reason to postpone it
  • conduct all sorts of children’s entertainment, experiments. Write quest hints with invisible paint and give a lantern, for example
  • if you rent housing, come to view the apartment with such a lantern and show the owner how bad everything is with sanitation in order to negotiate a discount
  • check the work of cleaning companies. What is wiped and what is not — clearly visible
  • look for leaks of fluorescent fluids in car cooling and home heating systems
  • check money and other papers
  • expose adhesives, varnishes, photoresistive films, etc. materials that react to ultraviolet
  • manicure — ladies dry their fingers
  • illumination of preparations for a microscope if you are interested in biology

Convoy S2+ I bought from this seller.

Convoy S2 Economy option. The case is similar, but the LED is different. UV filter already built in

UV filter Wood glass in various sizes. If you already have a flashlight, but the light spectrum is shifted to the visible part — your option.


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