An overview of an inexpensive flashlight that can be used during construction and installation work to illuminate the work area, as well as in everyday life for domestic purposes. A distinctive feature of this model is the use of a ready-made power system from a common line of power tools. We are talking about Milwaukee M18 batteries, which I have from sets of a number of useful power tools.

  • Type: work lamp
  • Light Source: LED Matrix
  • Power: Milwaukee M18 batteries or compatible
  • Options: USB output 5V 2.1A
  • Declared brightness: 2000/1100/900 lm
  • Working time: about 50 minutes for each 1 Ah battery

Supplied in a simple unmarked cardboard box. For some reason, there is confidence that similar models in other colors and with contacts for other batteries also exist for the lines of power systems of other brands (Dewalt, Makita, Bosch, etc.). In any case, the choice was made on the basis of cost, as well as the type of batteries used.

The flashlight looks quite interesting — it is an oblong handle with the possibility of placing a battery under the body. Such an arrangement makes the flashlight stable and makes it possible to install it on the «sole» of the battery. Common batteries such as Milwaukee M18 48-11-1828, 48-11-1850 and similar in terms of seats, including Chinese substitutes, are suitable.

The LED panel is flat, made in the form of combined rows of LEDs with different pitches and lenses, which provides not only uniform illumination of the working area, but also a change in the focus of the beam, which can be very convenient for various types of work.

On the case there is a sticker with characteristics, but giving a minimum of useful information. Again, not a word about the manufacturer or model number.

The emitter is made in the form of a spotlight, flat, with an aluminum radiator behind, to remove excess heat during long-term operation of the lamp. A tilt system is provided in a wide range of angles. Fixation occurs with the help of the side button. There is a power button on the handle. The lantern is activated by a long turn on, then the operating modes are switched (3 modes).

The block for the battery is typical (for M18), there are the necessary contacts and a latch. On the reverse side of the handle, there is a simple power supply output (DC-DC) with parameters of 5V and up to 2.1A, which makes it possible to recharge the smartphone at the same time as working on the site. Fast charging modes for gadgets are not provided. Also in the basic configuration of the flashlight is a hand strap (lanyard) for ease of use.

Notice the LED array implementation. In the upper part there is a double row of lenticular LEDs, and in the lower part there is an additional row of LEDs, which together act as the main light. A little lower — a line of closely spaced LEDs with a common reflector, forming a narrow and directional beam of light.

This is what the flashlight looks like with a Milwaukee M18 battery 48-11-1850. The photo shows the original model at 5.0 Ah. The assembly weighs about 1 kg, basically the entire mass «leaves» the battery. I also pay attention to the layout and placement of the spotlight — even with a single-row battery on 48-11-1828, the flashlight will be stable.

The well-thought-out arrangement of LED lenses and reflectors provides a dense beam of light, evenly distributed over the plane of the spotlight.

The button can be used to switch between operating modes. By default, the main «wide» mode is enabled, providing about half the brightness. Then you can switch the directional light beam mode. The third mode is a combined version of the first and second, providing twice the brightness. It is convenient to highlight the working area in mode 1 or 3, and the second mode is suitable as a “search” option.

As for batteries, it is convenient to use lightweight 2-3 Ah models that have a reduced height. The operating time is stated at the level of «50 minutes for each 1 Ah battery capacity». During long-term operation, there is some heating of the radiator zone.

I measured the brightness (in lux) when the tester was in the focus of the beam at a distance of 1 m. This brightness is quite enough for comfortable work at dusk or in a room without lighting. Yes, and it’s just useful for “going down to the basement” or for “climbing into the attic”.

Thus, the working LED flashlight for Milwaukee M18 batteries turned out to be not only bright, but also quite convenient to use. Attracting the moment is not only the ability to switch LED lines to adjust the brightness and beam of light, but also the absence of a similar model at a cost from the original manufacturer Milwaukee. Similar models are also available for Dewalt 18V and Makita 18V power systems.

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