Now on the market there are many long-range flashlights for every taste. Some old models are built on XML-2, those that are newer on XPL-HI or XHP35. There are also powerful search models on XHP70.2. And exceptions extremely rare, for example, a super-powerful long-range monster, about which I recently told you told.

Is it really possible for a relatively small model from a newcomer to the lamp market to pull out the promised 1300m? Offer to check.

Speras is a name unknown to anyone. Time will tell if this situation will change or not.

* Range 1300 m, brightness 1200 lm.
*Multi-functional tail button with mode memory function is for power on, momentary power on and fast strobe.
* T1 supports 16.8V wide voltage, compatible with 2 * 18650 Li-battery or 4 * CR123A battery.
* 7-color breathing light, like a beacon at night, better for flashlight search.
* 2 lm for ECO mode.
* Side button, simple and convenient to operate.
* Intelligent temperature control system ensures stable performance.
* Battery capacity indication, accurately control when turned on.
* When the power is low (less than 10%), the red LED indicator will keep flashing.
* Over-discharge protection function, automatically switch to lower mode when the battery is low, preventing the battery from being discharged
* Reverse polarity protection.
*High strength aerospace aluminum body, precision CNC machined, premium grade III anodized hard anodized finish for maximum durability.

Packaging and appearance.

They didn’t save on packaging, which is understandable — with a price tag of 120 bucks, it would be strange if the manufacturer offered something simple. Of course, there are no miracles of design here, but, most importantly, it all looks good, futuristic and perfect as a gift.

In addition to a flashlight, the buyer receives a good case, a lanyard, instructions, and a pair of batteries and o-rings. In general, everything you need is here.

The flashlight is made in the form factor of an ordinary 2×18650 long-range shooter and there are absolutely no design frills here. The flashlight looks good, but no more than that, it is clear that this is not some regular gov * fire. A little work on the knurling could fix the situation. On the other hand, this would not affect the functionality in any way, and the declared range figures outweigh any simplicity of appearance.

Similarly, the dimensions are familiar, here the flashlight does not stand out from the mass of other 2×18650 long-range shooters.

Both springs: both on the head and on the tail are double — good. The button itself is soft, with a deep and perceptible click.

The case is not disassembled, three small rectangular threads are well lubricated. There is also a removable ring-stop.

The rolling is kind of. However, it is deep really tenacious, what is most important. Like almost all other 2×18650 flashlights, this one is very comfortable to hold due to good balance and relatively low weight.

The head is medium in size. Definitely bigger than almost any long-range on one battery, but relative to the overall size it looks small and proportionate. I repeat, here it does not stand out from the general range of similar models.

But what is relatively unusual here is the button. First of all, she looks good on her own. There is a wide metal ring around it, and a peculiar, but definitely pleasant covering in the form of squares. Well, a multi-colored indicator in the center. Perhaps this is the only unusual design element, and this unusualness turned out well.

blue >=70% charge | orange 30%-70% | red 10%-30% | flashing red

The cooling fins did not impress me, their presence is rather symbolic. On the other hand, for such brightness they should be enough.

The bezel is sealed, so you can’t get to the giblets without a hot air gun. Under it is glass with enlightenment, a deep smooth reflector and — the star of this review, Osram CSLPM1.TG Light-emitting diode. A tiny figovinka, comparable in size to those that are put in the cuffs. But with such dimensions, it produces a dramatically higher brightness, which allows for exceptional focusing of the beam (with the right optics, of course).

That’s all. Externally, the flashlight looks good, but no more. I can only judge the constructive superficially, and so far everything suits me.


simple. really simple, I’m surprised that they implemented access to the strobe even through the tail button.


OFF/ON (semi-)click tail button. the lights turn on in the last memorized mode

2x (half)click triggers the strobe.

side button:

presses switch modes: ECO > Low > Medium > High

2x click + strobe, 2 more clicks — SOS. Click to exit to the last normal mode.

Hold — turn off the flashlight, breathing mode starts, the indicator starts to shimmer in 7 different colors

click to return to the last used mode

on hold from OFF — ECO mode

In general, it’s ok, but I would remove access to the strobe from the tail, it’s better to leave the turbo there. Then there will be access to the gate. both turbo and ECO.

How Speras T1 shines

100% sewn on light distribution. Moreover, I would expect such a combination of side fill and a tiny center from a flashlight with a noticeably large reflector. Immediately, the tiny size of the LED plays into the hands, allowing you to pull all the light from the periphery to the center. Light, alas, only cold white.

720 beam

It came as a surprise to me that thermoregulation worked even with such a relatively low brightness. And here are two points:

1) it works really well — it can be seen that when cooled, it grows as the brightness of repeated switching on of the turbo, and after 4 minutes of turning it off and blowing, the duration also increased.
2) comparison with good high-current batteries shows that low-current kits negate all turbo, which drops by 25% already on the third power-up, while VTC6 withstood at least 8 power-ups (3.9v voltage on each after the 8th). I would immediately sell the complete ones, since the built-in USB charging will make it possible to shake off their cost, which will cover the cost of buying new high-current ones. Here the manufacturer screwed up, in short. Regardless of this, the batteries are good, I was surprised to see 0.9A charging current here.

Stabilization is complete, there is nothing to complain about. 5 hours in MID mode is great, especially considering what it’s capable of.

Well, the most interesting thing is how this flashlight shines. For comparison, I will take the well-known C8 + XPl-HI.

What can be said here

Low 100 lumens pulls out 175m distance, which is clearly visible. Of course, you will have to move the beam, but in the center you can see everything no worse than at the dramatically higher brightness of other flashlights.

MID here looks the most justified for most situations. The range is enough up to something on the order of half a kilometer, while the duration of work will be excellent.

High… I can’t fault it. Excellent range, good brightness. There is not the slightest point in using this mode closer than a hundred meters. In general, judging by what we saw, this mode copes with the distance that the manufacturer declared for it. It is clear that there is no need to wait for any benefit here, the brightness will be small. But it will!

720 50

720 75

720 175

720 400

720 800

720 1300

720 1300 2

Of course, in the video version of the review there are many more illustrative examples of how this long-range flashlight shines.

General impressions

I have seen flashlights of this size and range — Olight Javelot Pro, Acebeam T21 as examples. But they could cross the kilometer threshold due to the radically higher brightness of the Javelot Pro, for example, twice as high as the Speras T1. Speras engineers took a bold step and used an LED, which allowed, with a rather mediocre brightness, to actually shine at the promised distance. It is clear that the useful range will be significantly lower (which is true for any flashlight), I would estimate it to be about 800m. But even this distance lies beyond what the naked eye can see.

And where you can do without optics, LowMID will serve you well with their many hours of operation.

In general, there is something good to say about the flashlights — excellent range and gift potential, convenient control, full stabilization and competent thermoregulation.

All this is good, but there are factors that can affect the popularity of the model.

The first two reasons why the flashlight will be of interest only to a specific audience.

The first is a specific light distribution with a small side illumination. Truckers are generally specific flashlights, and “sewed” still narrow the circle of buyers. On the other hand, the choice there is small, and against the background of many others, the range of the Speras T1 looks very serious. That, and the size to mount it under the gun + the ability to reach maximum brightness via mode memory, could make it interesting for hunters. Or maybe not — not a hunter and not ready to judge.

The second is the price. 120 bucks for a newcomer to the lantern market is very bold. There are quite a few good flashlights in this price range and Speras T1 will be really hard to fight for the consumer. Although the two closest, in my opinion, competitors, Acebeam T21 Olight Javelot Pro, cost significantly more, I would still give up part of a colossal (and it colossal) margins in order to attract an audience and make a name.

The third is a general remark. As far as I can tell, initially 2600mah batteries were included, the very minimum capacity and price. Then the manufacturer decided to take a step forward and put in an expensive 3400mah with a built-in charging connector. But the desire to do the best once again turned out sideways — for the same price it was possible to put a pair of high-current batteries, only with which the flashlights reveal their potential, allowing you to run the turbo over and over again at the same level.

And, of course, for a wide audience, such lanterns will be redundant both in price and in size. Something budgetary will be much more practical here, the same Sofirn C8G

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