So, I bring to the attention of an interested audience a comparative review of the Convoy M26C and Convoy M21C. These two long-range flashlights, I will say right away, shine exactly the same, which is why I included them both in one review. The difference between them is as follows: zero in light, symbolic in design, significant in the size of the battery used and huge in price.

Packaging and appearance

The only normal packaging option that Convoy has. Thick-walled beige cardboard box. In terms of reliability, everything is great, in terms of design — nothing, there is only a sticker with the model name, LED type and color temperature. In general, taking into account the target audience, everything is fine.

Inside, in foam rubber, the usual minimal set of the flashlight itself and a pair of adapter rings 18650-> 26650. The M21C does not have the latter either. But here, if necessary, you can easily get by with an ordinary rubber band. A couple of turns, and the 18650 battery will sit securely in a case designed for a wider 21700 battery.

The design of the Convoy M26C is well known to all those in the know. This is the reincarnation of the good old Convoy X3 Xintd X3 with new giblets.

The Convoy M21C looks sleeker, with a longer head and more cooling fins. But, anyway, it is perfectly clear that this model is tailored according to the same patterns as the Convoy M26C. And, in general, I find this design quite attractive, there could well be some more famous and expensive logo here.

The size of the flashlight is large enough for a flashlight on a single battery.

To be more precise:

M21C 55mm x 28mm x 163mm, 275g M26C 55mm x 33.5mm x 155mm, 264g

They will fit in a pocket if it is a jacket pocket, but no more. The same Convoy C8 + will look at the background of both lamps as an example of elegance.

As usual for convoys, the lantern is controlled by a power tail button.

And another tribute to tradition, this time unpleasant — shunting. Well, what prevents you from putting a double or just a thicker spring like in your head? Lately, I’ve had quite a few reviews on my channel about a shunt that fell off.

A 21700 battery is definitely smaller than a 26650 for the same capacity, hence the smaller case. And the M21C makes up for less metal in the handle by lengthening the head and increasing the number of cooling fins. As a result, despite the fact that its overall length is longer than that of the M26C, the length of the part reserved for the grip turned out to be significantly shorter. And it’s really palpable. It’s not that the latter didn’t have enough length in this regard, it’s about a centimeter more here than the same C8 +. But grip M26C definitely more convenient, safer and more comfortable.

By the way, C8 knurling diamonds are much more tenacious. I would have preferred her.

The flashlight, which is common for Convoy, is disassembled into three parts. The lathe is quite decent, the thread is different, well missed.

From what is worth noting here — the M26C handle is screwed onto the head, and the M21C is screwed into it. I don’t see any functional difference.

Naturally, it is not the slightest difficulty to disassemble the head.

On the opposite side from the driver, there is a rather dimensional smooth reflector with SST40 at the bottom. The LED is not dedominated, that is, there will not be a frank “saw” with a narrow spot. Well, more on that at the end of the review.

In general, everything is expected — another Convoy flashlight with the usual set of its pluses and minuses. Appearance is good. The set is minimal. The build quality is at a quite familiar level for a convoy. I can only find fault with the potentially problematic shunting of the spring on the tail.


The easiest.

OFF-ON by click.

Cycle through modes with quick clicks or semi-clicks.

There is a mode memory.

How the Convoy M21C shines. How the Convoy M26C shines.

Quite pleasant in terms of color temperature (I have a 5000K version) light, with a clearly defined small bright center.

It can be seen (and it will be clearer later) that dedominated, i.e. without the silicone dome, the Xpl of the C8+ gives greater focus and is quite comparable in terms of range at a significantly lower brightness. Yes, the parasitic light ring is also visible.

720 beam

Well, perhaps the most important part, where they screw up most often. Stabilization, thermoregulation and duration of work.

Everything is quite good here. The flashlight keeps the maximum brightness for more than 20 minutes, and then for another half an hour it gradually slides down to 55%. Well, 30%, which is more than enough for you, lasts two and a half hours and this is with full stabilization.

charts in full size.

All in all, pretty good light. Despite the fact that the LED is not de-dominated, due to the high brightness and quite dimensional smooth reflector, the flashlight shines quite far and will definitely be 100% longer-range than the Convoy C8 +. With the same brightness, of course, the latter will win in range.

On a good note, it would be worth comparing it with the Convoy M21A, but it is not there and I take a flashlight known to everyone.


720 50m
720 50m


720 modes


720 250


As usual, in the video review there are many more illustrative examples of how both the Convoy M26C and the Convoy M21C shine.

General impressions

In general, the flashlight is not bad for its price. Here you have capacious nutrition, and stabilization, and light that is not bad in terms of color temperature and brightness. I just don’t see anything new here. Why was it necessary to pull the X3 design out of oblivion and make these two models in the presence of the same Convoy M21A? So, I repeat, if you buy — you will not be disappointed. But for the 26650, I would still prefer the Convoy M4U with its biscotti interface, full stabilization, built-in charging, and, which is important for convoy buyers, a significantly lower price. The range of this flashlight is quite enough for a maximum of situations. And if you are looking for a solid inexpensive long-range flashlight with aliexpress on a 21700 battery, then I would recommend Sofirn C8G, which, in terms of price-functionality, does M21A and C8 + in everything except color temperature (C8G, alas, only works in cold light).

In short, it makes sense to take it only if you purposefully want to see what kind of model it is. For all other purposes, there are alternatives.

If you have a 26650 battery and you are looking for a relatively inexpensive long-range flashlight for this battery, then I recommend the aforementioned M4U. And if you need serious range, then L21A.

If this battery is not available, then if flashlights with a 21700 battery are noticeably smaller with the same capacity, then I see no reason to take a flashlight with a 26650 battery. And here it is justified to choose the same L21A as a real awl or Sofirn C8G as a good bright long-range flashlight with flexible control and small price.

In short, the lanterns are not bad, but if they had to be produced, then obviously earlier. In the meantime, I see them as more of an experiment than a bestseller.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Convoy M21C at aliexpress


You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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