Do you want to buy a bright bicycle light from China? Here is an overview of a bright bicycle headlight on a capacious 21700 power supply, and even with built-in charging and unusual optics. I think that there are many readers here who may be interested in such a combination of characteristics, if not in terms of purchase, then at least for general information.

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21700 battery (it’s better to take two, so as not to be left without light) here

For the specification, it is important to emphasize that the figures are taken for a complete and low-capacity 2600mah 18650 acc.

Packaging and appearance

The packaging is familiar to some recent Lumintop models. In addition to the usual simple beige cardboard box with a logo, they also added a “dust jacket” with the outline of a flashlight inside. It looks modest and neat.

Inside the foam is the headlight itself and dopa.

Lumintop B01 is made in the form factor of an ordinary flashlight. It is only symbolically larger than the same convoy S2+. Here you can clearly see the potential of flashlights on a capacious 21700 power supply — the same size with a much better duration of work.

And if you do not look the flashlight «in the face», then you will not see something new. And only by looking, it becomes clear that this is still a bicycle headlight, and not a flashlight. Looks nice enough in my opinion.

Actually, if you are not jarred by the features of the light distribution, then nothing prevents you from using the B01 as a flashlight. There is also a lanyard hole in the tail.

The spring is unexpectedly thick, obviously too much for such a small brightness. It is reasonable that from the side of the head they decided to put a spring instead of a contact pad, the road is not always on smooth asphalt, but also on gullies with protruding roots. And sometimes the asphalt is not far behind them.

The thread is neat, there is enough lubrication

The knurling on the carcass, in general, is tolerable.

21700 battery gets up without a gap, 18650 even with an adapter dangles a little. However, when the spring presses it, everything is perfect.

Still, the headlight is sharpened for use as a cycle light and you can’t wait for some kind of super-tenacity in your hand. The grip is quite comfortable.

The medium-sized soft rubber round button has a shallow travel with a clear click. There is an indicator light. Red-blue during charging, green smoldering during operation (blinks when deeply discharged). By the way, the azure ring around the button was frankly pulled away from olight, they could not resist … ah-yay-yay.

On the reverse side is micro-usb. The cover is tight, the recess for the connector, sorry for the tautology, is deep. It’s all right here.

The cooling fins are quite decent for such a carcass size and maximum brightness. Taking into account the fact that the use involves a fair amount of headwind blowing, everything should be fine here.

But the optics here are unusual. To be more precise, unusual for a flashlight, but, as far as I understand, quite common for a bicycle headlight. Here, in the younger version of Lumintop C01, it also stood for such lamps — not a bad thing, by the way, for its small price tag. Meilan X1 also has something similar.

XPl-HD acts as light here. It is frankly unusual for me to see such optics. Unfortunately, unlike the pleasant neutral light of C01, here in B01 they put a cold light for the sake of greater brightness. Glass with anti-glare and enlightenment. The bezel is glued on.

And yes, a bike carrier. Structurally simple thing, photos of which will speak for themselves. As part of the review of the velofara, she held the position.

This is what a bike looks like on a bike.

That, perhaps, is all. It looks like a good thing without conspicuous constructive jambs.


Given the specifics of use, I do not see any cons. I don’t think that cycling implies anything other than “choose a mode and go.” well, except perhaps a situational turbo, access to which is traditional and uncomplicated here.

ON on click, OFF on hold

switch modes on click

2 clicks from on — turbo

3 sec hold from turbo — strobe.

lock and unlock — 5 sec hold.

Flashlight at work.

As mentioned above, cold light. However, the manufacturer indicated that there is 6500K. At the same time, in reality, the difference between Lumintop B01 and Convoy S2 + is cardinal, the latter looks really bluish. Personally, it reminds me more of quite acceptable 5000-5500K

Visible No PWM flicker not in any mode. For high-speed cycling, this is important, no one needs a stroboscope on the sides.

Light distribution Very peculiar. It seems like from the position of the bike light it has its own logic — the oncoming blinding light is cut off, there is good side illumination and a fair amount of light goes straight down, there will be light immediately below the wheels. The difference with the same S2 + as an example of a conventional flashlight (which, by the way, many people use as a bike light) is enormous.

This bicycle headlight, by the way, is declared as corresponding to the German STZVO standard, i.e. requirements for light sources when traveling at night. Well, there is brightness, so as not to blind the meeting, and so on.

But, in fairness, I don’t presume to judge — those carefree times when the bike was the main means of transportation are, alas, already a couple of decades away from me.

I was unpleasantly surprised by the 2600mah battery, now it’s obvious redneck to equip with such. Well, if not 3500mah, but already 3000-3200 could be mastered. And in general, if this is a 21700 bicycle headlight, then complete it with such a battery. Great choice — Liitokala 5000mah

By the way, what’s up with charging? They didn’t save with the charging current, at some points it reaches up to 1.75A — excellent! The graph is for a complete battery.

When checking the consumed currents, it became interesting how the bicycle headlight would behave when connection to external power supply.

In my case, it was the most popular 10000mah Xiaomi powerbank. Consumption currents in this case (from the internal power supply according to the tester on the power bank). To check, I used a discharged complete acc:
low: 0.19 1.385A mid: 0.421.517A high: 1.131.675A turbo: 1.771.753A

Cool! It turns out that charging from an external battery fully compensates for the current consumed and we should expect full-fledged work from an external power supply.

Well, what about the time of work and stabilization? An extremely important parameter, since there is little joy in getting half of the original brightness after an hour of use.

I gave graphs for the complete and for the affordable 4000mah battery, the link to which I gave at the beginning of the review.
Runtime in the Mid is impressive, in both cases. With 21700 meals, enough to drive all night. Slowly, of course, the brightness here does not imply high speed.

High is fully stabilized and that’s great. With a complete battery, you won’t particularly ride, but it should be enough for just a ride in the evening. Installing 21700 akka removes this problem.

I did not see any thermoregulation in the turbo, which did not surprise me, in principle, a carcass of this size should digest this brightness without any problems. So there is a stepdown on a timer. There are pros and cons here.

On the one hand, by stubbornly turning on over and over again, you can overcook the offal, on the other hand, when you sip, you can do this several times without loss of brightness. Situations are different. That’s how it is, a minute turbo is more than enough, it seems to me. Especially considering the fact that high here gives quite enough light. Yes, it is clear that as the discharge progresses, the turbo still sags in brightness. So after a certain threshold, it simply will not turn on. Well, it is not surprising, however.

Well, if you throw a wire and pick up a power bank, then you can generally forget about the charge consumption and drive from High to your heart’s content. How do you like that? For the first time I see that the flashlight fully works from the power bank, and not only in some kind of minimum or medium mode. almost 10(!) hours. It is clear that it will not be convenient for everyone to throw a wire from a power bank, well, that’s a big plus from this.

Well, that’s how this bike light shines. This time, I do not undertake to evaluate the quality and convenience of this light, here I will give everything at the mercy of those who actually ride a lot. The only thing is that Low here seems to me to be a generally useless light in terms of brightness. Mid seems bright enough for a normal leisurely ride, with high you can already accelerate.
Unlike a traditional reflector:

1) the top is cut off here — it will not blind those traveling to the meeting
2) the light goes right under your feet, you can clearly see what is under the wheels
3) immediately there is a wide side illumination

General impressions.

Lumintop B01 costs a little, shines quite brightly and runs on a capacious power supply, fully supporting the external. There is no extreme turbo like in Phoenix models, but, as for me, the maximum brightness of this model is enough for most needs.

The price tag is frankly affordable even without a discount code, this is actually a budget bike headlight. If desired, it can be used as a hand-held flashlight, even if the light here is peculiar. But he has full stabilization of light with excellent duration. Popular with so many S2 + as the most budget bike light can not boast of this.

Explicit cons I didn’t see, well, except perhaps a 2600mah battery — it’s pretty dull now.

It’s hard for me to judge by the world, I repeat, I’m far from cycling now. I suggest giving it away in the comments

upd. in the time that has passed since the publication of the review, I have received a lot of positive feedback. so I strongly recommend it, for its price — a very interesting offer.

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