Today we will look at a compact flashlight from the manufacturer Lumintop — FW3A.

All contents are supplied in a standard cardboard box with the manufacturer’s logo.

The advantages of the configuration include the presence of two spare sealing rings, and the disadvantages — the absence of a battery.

Additionally, you can purchase a case, multi-colored nozzles and other accessories.

Instructions in English and German, very detailed and understandable. You can download it electronically here.

The flashlight is available in four colors:

There are also a variety of LEDs and color temperatures to choose from (NW Cree 4875K, NW SST20 4000K, Nichia 4000K and CW CREE 6500K, where 6500K is cool white and 4875K is neutral white).


Weight without / with battery:

The body is made of aluminum, the assembly is of high quality.

Behind, in a small recess, there is a button, pressing is distinct, with a ringing click.

If necessary, the flashlight can be completely disassembled.

All threads are well lubricated.

The flashlight is compact and comfortable in the hand, and also feels good thanks to the knurling in the front and back.

The flashlight has an IP68 waterproof rating, thanks to which it can be submerged under water up to 2 meters for 30 minutes.

The flashlight is powered by Anduril and has many features and the ability to fine-tune. Management is carried out by one button, everything is thought out, logical and convenient.

There are five strobe modes and special modes (for checking voltage, temperature, etc.), you can switch between smooth and step brightness control (step mode has 7 brightness levels), immediately turn on maximum brightness, turn on short-term mode (it will shine at a given brightness while holding the button is pressed), as well as the Muggle mode and blocking from accidental clicks (if you accidentally press the flashlight, the flashlight will shine at minimum brightness as long as the button is held down) and so on.

A detailed management guide is in the instructions, as well as in this picture:

Those who are not friends with English can read detailed instructions on how to control the flashlight in this review.

When operating at maximum brightness at room temperature, the flashlight becomes slightly warm after 5 minutes. After 10 minutes, he became a little warmer, but absolutely within the normal range (even after 25 minutes the temperature was within the normal range).


The flashlight is powered by a single 18650 battery. The manufacturer recommends using unprotected 10A batteries from well-known brands (Samsung, Panasonic / Sanyo, Sony or LG) with a maximum length of 65mm.

The battery is installed through the front (according to the instructions). The manufacturer does not recommend unscrewing the back so as not to break the tightness and contact with the battery.

It is worth noting that if you nevertheless unscrewed the back part, then you need to screw it back as tightly as possible, otherwise the flashlight may not turn on (even if it blinks when twisting).

The discharge of the battery is manifested in a gradual decrease in brightness.

Lighting examples

The flashlight has a diffused light without a focus point with a temperature of 5000K. The stock of brightness is large, more than enough for domestic needs.

Seven levels of brightness (Step mode):

Without flashlight / minimum / maximum brightness:

Without flashlight / maximum brightness:


The flashlight can be called an advanced universal. It will suit both geeks due to its great functionality, and ordinary users due to the ability to use it right out of the box without reading the instructions. Due to its small size and light weight, it will not cause discomfort on the way, and the brightness is enough for all domestic needs and even to annoy a smoking neighbor on the floor above / from the neighboring house with one of the strobe modes

You can buy the flashlight here:
• Official store on Aliexpress
• Banggood

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