Today we’ll take a look at the younger version of the BLF GT flashlight called the GT Mini.

The flashlight and all contents are delivered in a presentable hardboard box.

In addition to a flashlight with a battery, the kit includes an adapter for 18350 batteries, a lanyard, two o-rings and one metal one (for attaching a cord / carabiner), documentation and instructions.

Detailed instructions in English and Chinese.

Model: GT mini
LED: Cree XP-L (choice of neutral or cool white light)
Maximum output: 1200 lumens (135,000 cd)
Lighting distance: 750 meters
Firmware: NarsilM v1.2
Battery: 18350 or 18650
Driver: 17W, 4.5A, FET
Idle consumption: ~27μA
Reflector: 43mm, smooth
Housing: III-degree anodized
Waterproof: IP68 (can be used for up to 30 minutes under water at a depth of up to two meters)
Weight: 150 grams without battery
Dimensions: length 132mm with nozzle for 18650 battery and 100mm with nozzle for 18350, head diameter 50mm
Features: reverse polarity protection, illuminated power button

Weight with 18650 battery:

The body is made of aluminum and the build quality is excellent. The flashlight is compact, but due to the large diameter of the head it will not fit in a pocket.

The whole body is knurled, ribbed and notched, which gives it a more brutal and massive look and thanks to which it sits well in the hand, does not slip. All threads are well lubricated and there is a rubber o-ring on each side of the bit.

Difference with nozzle for 18650 and for 18350:

The kit comes with the original Samsung 18650 battery. Unfortunately, nowhere is it indicated which side to insert the battery (as it is correct — see the photo below).

The lantern fits comfortably in both male and female hands.

The GT Mini is IP68 water resistant (it can be used for up to 30 minutes under water at a depth of up to two meters).

When screwing the back cover, as soon as the cover is screwed enough and there is contact with the battery, the flashlight will blink twice.

The control is carried out by one rubberized button, which is highlighted in green (if necessary, the backlight can be turned off). Pressing is distinct, a click is heard. While the flashlight is on, the backlight of the button is turned off.

The controls are thoughtful and convenient, but you need to figure it out, because there are a lot of functions and modes.

By default, the «RAMPING UI» mode is set, in which the control is as follows:
• switching on / off by single pressing;
• increase/decrease brightness — by pressing the button;
• instant inclusion of 100% brightness (turbo mode) — double quick click;
• moonlight mode — in the off state of the flashlight by pressing the button until it is turned on;
• strobe mode — double quick click in turbo mode (switching flashing modes — with a single click no later than 1.2 seconds after turning on the strobe mode or switching the flashing mode, otherwise the flashlight will turn off; return to the previous flashing mode is carried out by pressing the button);
• find out the battery voltage — three quick clicks (the flashlight will blink a certain number of times, then pause and blink again, thus indicating the voltage, for example 4 blinks, and then one more will mean 4.1V);
• locking / unlocking the flashlight — four quick clicks (during locking / unlocking the flashlight will flash three times; if you lock the flashlight in the on state, it will turn off and lock);
• glow at maximum brightness while the button is pressed — five quick clicks (to exit this mode, you need to loosen the back cover);
• reset settings — triple quick press, then double, then double again and hold the button for 2 seconds (four blinks will mean a successful reset).

The flashlight has a memory mode, that is, when turned on, there will be the last brightness mode.

When the button is pressed, the brightness increases to 80%, 100% is available in turbo mode.

You can also turn on the alternative / custom control mode, which is configured by pressing the button for 8 seconds.

The manufacturer warns that with prolonged use at maximum or close to maximum brightness, the flashlight can become very hot (up to 60). After a continuous glow at maximum brightness for 15 minutes, the temperature of the flashlight was about 45°C.

There are two versions of the flashlight: cool white and neutral white. I have the first version.

As befits a long-range shooter, the hotspot is narrow, dotted, and diffuses light of medium width.

The brightness adjustment is smooth, but, as already mentioned, the maximum brightness mode is turned on by double clicking (regardless of whether the flashlight is on or not).

The declared 750 meters range flashlight works perfectly.

Examples of lighting without a flashlight / at maximum brightness (turbo mode):

Examples of lighting without a flashlight / at minimum / at maximum brightness (turbo mode):

At maximum brightness:

Video demonstration of the flashlight:

+ presentable packaging (suitable as a gift);
+ good equipment;
+ compact size and excellent assembly;
+ thoughtful management, the possibility of customization;
+ smooth brightness control;
+ excellent range.

You can buy the flashlight here:
• Banggood


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