If you are looking for a very bright branded (less thoroughbred alternatives at the end of the review) flashlight that would fit in your pocket without any problems, have fast built-in charging and work for a long time — Lumintop ODF30C is just one of those. The flashlight is able to easily cope with all the usual needs and even more. This model is one of the most successful from Lumintop.

Most recently, I talked about a relatively similar in size powerful long-range flashlight Lumintop ODL20C review

Lumintop ODF30C is similar in dimensions, but has a completely different light, much more in demand in terms of light distribution.

Light-emitting diode Cree XHP 70.2 LED
Battery — 1x 26650 Li-ion
Textured reflector
Control side button
Strained glass with enlightenment and anti-reflective
blocking from accidental activation
Indication battery discharge
Aluminum housing with scratch-resistant Type III anodizing
Moisture protection IPX-8
length 120mm | head diameter 42mm | carcass diameter 32mm | weight 133g without acc and somewhere around 215g with it

buy Lumintop ODF30C on aliexpress you can in the Lumintop Official Store the difference between the version with and without acc is only $ 2, so I see no reason to save. By the way, a year after the release, the price tag fell by more than 20 bucks.

Packaging and appearance

important: some photos from ODF30 (version without charging), where appropriate — I compare them.

Everything is the same, no difference with other packages of Lumintop flashlights. The usual beige cardboard briquette does not gush with grace and variegation of details, but this is one of the most reliable packages on the market. How simple the design is, how thick the cardboard is.

Set regular: flashlight, case, lanyard, o-ring and instructions.

The cover is decent, but Velcro would not fit instead of a sewn-in eyelet.

Well, the Lumintop ODF30C itself

Unlike the Lumintop ODL20C, the design of this model is relatively simple. In fairness, the cheapness of this design also does not pull. There is rather some kind of conscious utilitarian simplicity of the tool.

Heh, there was such an animal in the kit

As for the dimensions, the flashlight is quite comparable in length with the same traditional bestseller of pocket flashlights — convoy s2 + (more about it here), certainly surpassing it in diameter. Of course, there are also more compact versions of 26650 flashlights, but this reduction in size will already have a direct impact on thermoregulation and operating time in higher modes.

The ODF30C is slightly longer than the uncharged version.

The tail is flat, the flashlight is a candle without any problems. There is also a separate eyelet for the lanyard.

Lumintop ODF30C came out a little later than ODF30, differing by the presence of built-in charging.

The second difference is frankly strange and does not carry the slightest functional meaning. The spring-loaded pad and the spring have swapped places.

The large rectangular thread is well lubricated.

Instead of the usual knurling, there are hefty rectangular plaques. As I said, this is not the pinnacle of design, but the grip will be much better and more reliable.

The course of the convex button is deep, the click is noticeable. The button protrudes from the body enough that even with gloves on it can be found quite easily.

As it is now arranged in all decent flashlights — the button has an indicator light.

And here is one main difference between the ODF30 and ODF30C models. Lumintop has ditched the usual rubber plug for the charging connector in favor of a round piece pushed aside. So yes, outwardly it is clearly more attractive than usual. But that’s just the lid moves without much effort. And here there is the prospect that when falling into the water, the lid will catch on to something and at least a little, but will open access to the water inside.

However, lumintop promises no problems here. They say let it pour inside, there will be nothing for the offal. I checked by dipping into the bottom of the salad bowl, nothing happened.

And yet, I don’t see any reasons why they couldn’t put some kind of magnet there from below, this would add a fair amount of reliability of fixation. Like it or not, but in addition to water, any dregs can get into the connector, get it out later. Or maybe sand or dirt. Pleasant little.

Here you can clearly see how this round sticks out. Being retracted flush, it would be more difficult to move it.

The cooling fins are not bad in terms of depth and quantity, radically and for the better differing from the previous model powered by 26650 — Lumintop SD26.

The glass on the side of the head is fairly recessed inward, which will be a good insurance in case of a fall.

Here, by the way, you can see a design improvement. Lumintop stole Olight’s azure ring on the bezel and around the button.

It certainly looks better than it was.

The glass, as usual, is tempered, with anti-reflective coating and anti-reflective coating. Reflector textured. So you get a comfortable close-to-mid range light. Well, since the flashlight is very bright, if you wish, you can somehow shine into the distance.

There is no access to giblets, the bezel cannot be picked up at all.

Solid head, everything is well organized.

OK it’s all over Now. ODF30 does not shine with grace, but it is by no means a budget squalor. The ODF30C definitely looks a lot sturdier. Lumintop ODF30C and its forerunner will fit in a jacket pocket.


Until around 2018, Lumintop stubbornly followed some strange and illogical principles for organizing flashlight management. Then they did come to their senses and these two flashlights did not deviate from this trend.

Although there are no frills of zebra and acebeam, or easter eggs of forum models, it is actually convenient.

mode memory available (does not apply to ecoturbostrobe) .

from OFF:
click to switch to the last used mode
2 sec hold — eco mode
4 sec hold — blocking (similarly, unlocking by the same hold)

direct strobe/turbo access off no.
though there is a trick here

from ON:
rewind modes with clicks. my preferred, but disliked by supporters of «rewind on hold» model.

Access to turbo 2x click from any mode (although the instructions indicate that only from eco)

strobe — from eco (and only from it!) 2x click (i.e., in principle, quite quickly from off)

shutdown — 2 second hold.

couple of lines about blocking.

1) when the flashlight is locked, it works in LOW by holding the button. you can play morse code. I like this topic, defuse the flashlight or fry it, in case of accidental pressing it will not work, and “pressed-shone-released” looks very convenient.

2) and although technically there is no instant strobe, but when the flashlight is blocked, the light blinks very cheerfully (they say, remove your finger from the button, I’m blocked). if you wish, you can leave your finger on the button and continue to strobe. but, you need to understand that you have to hold the button for 4 seconds to get to it.

3) how to be here with unlocking, if you can endlessly hold the button and shine in LOW, you ask, is there really some kind of combination like “click-click-hold” here? figurines. it is necessary to loosen and wrap the tail cap again, which, in principle, is not difficult.

I find the controls comfortable for me, although everyone has their own taste. And the bar for my requests for control is pretty low, if I find that it is at least not uncomfortable, then I happily say “gut!”. True, if it is inconvenient, then I raise a fair amount of stench about this on all the Internets.

How Lumintop ODF30C shines

Cold (visually on the order of acceptable 5500K) white light, no visible PWM flicker.

You can evaluate the light distribution by the gif where the ODF30 in MID mode shows the same brightness as the maximum one in my S2 + (XML2 U2 1B 940Lm 7135 x 4), but a much more pleasant shade.

As far as in ECO LOW the flashlight is convenient at close range, it is good at medium distance in higher modes). As far as working away, it’s clear that the Lumintop ODF30C is barely up to snuff here. It is not surprising — the trump card of this flashlight is comfort at an average distance.



Charger actually pulls the declared figures in 2A and charges the flashlight pretty quickly.
While charging, the flashlight can work in LOW.

Thermal control here it is adequate, cutoff at 55 degrees without a crazy “saw”.

Here is also a small overview video with an example of work:

General impressions

At the time of release in 2018, the price tag in the store was 85 bucks, not so competitive, after all, there are a lot of 26650 flashlights on the market.

But now, a year later, the price has fallen by almost 30 bucks. And this makes Lumintop ODF30C much more affordable compared to competitors: Olight Seeker, Acebeam EC50GEN III, Klarus G20.

Convenient brightness spread + logical control is not what Lumintop was once known for. ODF30ODF30C were one of the first models that radically changed my attitude towards full-size flashlights of this brand.

Alas, there is no neutral light option. On the other hand, with such a difference in price with models similar in functionality, one can forgive. And the cold light here is not so cold, the difference with S2 + clearly shows this.

+ appearance
+ brightness
+ control
+ constructive (well, there is a question about the practicality of the charging connector)
+ no visible PWM flicker
+ charging with good current.

— only cold light.
— between eco-low something else suggests itself in the region of 50 lum.

Do I need to buy Lumintop ODF30C?

The purchase is justified in the case when you want or need, for yourself or as a gift, to buy a bright and compact flashlight of a well-known brand. Then yes, this model will cost significantly lower than similar ones from eminent competitors.

If the issue of price is much more important than pedigree and appearance, then you can choose another compact, bright and inexpensive flashlight from aliexpress. And here I see two options:

a) Convoy M3 It will be slightly larger, but significantly cheaper, with a choice of colors and the ability to install a smooth reflector. The latter will give an even greater plus to the already exceeding Lumintop range. In my opinion, in this form factor, this is now the most interesting solution.
b) sofirn SP33 also no built-in charging, the maximum brightness is less. But the dimensions are quite compact, and otherwise a fairly well-balanced model. The main difference from the convoy is lower brightness, range and lack of choice of color temperature and reflector. But the control is more convenient, there is an indication in the buttons, smaller dimensions.

If the 26650 flashlight is redundant for you in terms of brightness, size or price, then pay attention to my selections below, here you can choose an LED flashlight from aliexpress with exactly the characteristics you need and for the money you are willing to pay.

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