Lumintop has always been good precisely at creating every little thing, key cases and other pickpockets. . Let’s see if they screwed up with this model, otherwise anything can happen.

off. page of the model you can buy at the off. store on ali

Characteristics (google translation of page)

Ø Uses Cree XP-L HD LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours

Ø Powered by one AA or 14500 Li-ion battery

Ø Two ways to select outputs: tail switch or head turn

Ø Four output levels plus 650 lumens max strobe output

Ø Mode memory function returns the last used pin when next power on

Ø Super long run time up to 2.5 days in Eco mode

Ø Optional magnetic tail cap is able to hold the tail as a candle

Ø Lightweight and compact, best for EDC use

Ø Size: 89.5*18.5mm, NW: 23.5g (excluding battery)

Ø Made of aircraft grade aluminum alloy, premium type, hard anodized anti-abrasive, hardened and wear resistant

Ø Degree of protection against dust and moisture IP68, submersible up to 2 meters

Ø 5 years free repair, limited lifetime warranty

Packaging and appearance.

The packaging is exactly the same as I saw in the Lumintop EDC, only with a larger hole for a flashlight. otherwise 1v1. In general, no design, but if you throw it away anyway, it will do.

In my case, the kit consisted of a flashlight, a bag with o-rings, a light-accumulating diffuser, a lanyard and instructions. Optionally, you can take the version without a button, with a magnetic tail cap and / or 14500 acc.

There are also different color options available, I chose white out of curiosity, I have never held a flashlight of this color in my hands.

Well, what can I say. Flashlight and flashlight. The design is extremely simple. In fact, this is a slightly bloated Tool, that’s all.

Against the background of AAA small things, it looks like a real leviathan among crucians, but in fact it is quite a compact AA flashlight that can easily fit in any pocket.

Not to be unfounded — Tool AA 2.0 is definitely smaller than my faithful pickpocket with the same power.

The tail can be equipped with either a button or a blind cap with a magnet. In theory, in the latter case, this should knock off half a centimeter.

Spring on the tail side, pad on the head side. Nothing unexpected. This is not a tactician.

The thread is well lubricated. The lathe is quite accurate. The clip is very tight. And if you plan to twist it back and forth, then you need to unclench your lips. Otherwise, all the anodizing will just peel off. The knurling is very rough and quite tenacious. The thread is well lubricated.

In the hand, the flashlight sits quite comfortably.

Since the flashlight is controlled in addition to the button by twisting the head (no alternative in the version with a magnetic tail cap), it is important to mention that the head walks along the thread gently, the tenacity of the knurling allows you to turn the head with the same hand that holds the flashlight.

If there is a desire to create a night light for yourself or highlight something like the volume of a tent for one, then you can stick a diffuser, a lumintop is shoved everywhere. Well, to see the price is cheap, why not.

A small smooth reflector with an XP-L at the bottom is responsible for the light, this combination will somehow increase the range and emphasize it in promotional materials. Look, they promise 127m … well, well …

OK it’s all over Now. The design is simple, without any frills familiar to a lumintop (and Lumintop, believe me, they can do Very nice little lanterns

There are no complaints about the assembly. In principle, no matter how much I dealt with small luminops, everything is fine here.


turn your head or press the button and switch between Low-mid-high-turbo.

there is a mode memory and the ability to accidentally climb into the strobe by 2x click.

Flashlight at work.

Of course, cold white light.

There is no visible PWM flicker in any mode. Light distribution, in general, is comfortable for working near. The reflector is smooth, but small. Live, such a difference between a hotspot and a side fill, of course, is not even close. Already in the photographs with examples of work on the ground, this will be perfectly visible.

And here is the most interesting. Stabilization and duration of work. Turbo with 14500 power drops very quickly, but still remains at a decent brightness mode, while the carcass remains at a relatively comfortable temperature. But with AA power (and from a normal Enelup cell), Turbo lasts mere seconds and can only be used to illuminate.

But! That’s what I liked, so it’s High from AA. There is an absolutely flat stabilization line (which I did not expect at all). At the same time, the duration of work is quite decent — in my case, 2 hours on a 1900mah cell.

In general, how. If the priority is bright, but short-lived light, such as 2-3 minutes to shine around and switch to a small low brightness, then 14500 is better.

If you are ready to sacrifice the maximum available brightness for the sake of a long and, in general, good brightness mode of 160 lumens, then use AA. Let me remind you — the maximum brightness in the keypads is somewhere around 130 lumens. And since many people have AAA handcuffs (for those who don’t, see my recent review, there is at the same time a link to a selection of such flashlights with a visual comparison of them in the light). Now they give a very bright light even on ordinary nickel, it’s time to update your old Tank 007.

So, 160 lumens will be enough for you within a distance of about 10 meters with good brightness and some kind of light even at 50m (the difference between open air and indoors will be significant).

By the way, with a diffuser, it will be a good light for a small tent.

Well, here’s for clarity. It can be seen that with 14500 power it is quite comparable in brightness with the adult full-sized Convoy S2 +.

da4a AA modes small

da4a vs small

50m, in principle, it is within our power when using 14500 power supply, even taking into account the subsequent drop in brightness (see the graph, after all, the brightness is not bad even after a drop). If you are ready to put up with the fact that it will shine that way for half an hour, then this brightness will be enough for you. Well, you never know, suddenly there is a spare acc. Or here the edge should shine as brightly as possible — there are all sorts of situations.

krisha all small

General impressions

In general, this is a logical addition to the whole bunch of small flashlights that Lumintop has spawned and continues to spawn. For this type of power, the flashlight is very compact. In the role of a pickpocket, he will be clearly redundant in size, but as a small pickpocket, he is quite wealthy. Actually, for almost 5 years now I have been walking with a flashlight on just such a power supply (see the comparative photo at the beginning of the review) and a maximum of about 300 lumens. More than once I tried to change it to some particularly interesting review sample, but in the end I came to the conclusion that what I have and what I have is more than enough for everyday use.

I am not ready to recommend the use of 14500 or AA, since each type of power has its pros and cons, which I tried to outline above. And then everyone decides for himself what is more important to him.

In general, the flashlight does not stand out for its design or any functional frills (such as the 1000 lum puff, which is so fashionable in marketing in such a size). In this regard, he is rather inexpressive. But from the standpoint of everyday use, it is quite well-founded and, due to its relatively low price, it can be considered for purchase.

I generally recommend these powered flashlights as gifts for teenage kids who are still too big for a full size 18650 flashlight.

Personally, I see only one obvious functional minus here — Turbo on AA power here is extremely short, just a little longer than uselessness.

If you have any questions, write!

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