Monstrous, extreme lights Lumintop GT is a long-running forum project. It began with the world’s largest and longest-range (at that time) Lumintop GT flashlights and Lumintop GT70continued with the more familiar Mini and Micro and reached the functional limit close to absurdity in the Lumintop GT Nano, a review of which I am happy to offer you.

I am sure that the review will be interesting at least from an entertaining and educational point of view, even if you have no interest in buying this long-range flashlight.

Packaging and appearance

A thick-walled cardboard box familiar to Lumintop with an ascetic design. But this is conscious modesty, and not the squalor inherent in deshman.

Inside is a modest set of flashlight, 10180 battery, charging adapter, manual and charging cable.

The main feature of models working on 10180 batteries is tiny sizes. And believe me, the flashlight is unrealistically tiny. As classic as the first GT was a huge, cyclopean lantern, the GT Nano has gone miniaturization as well.

Let me remind you how huge the classic GT was. On the right, by the way, is an incredibly bright flashlight Imalent MS12 (review)

Despite the fact that Lumintop is only the manufacturer of the GT series (development rests on the shoulders of BLF forum enthusiasts), they made small flashlights like no other, even when what they did in the full size 18650 format was, at best, mediocre.

Briefly speaking. Technically, this is the same recognizable GT, but on a nano scale. This lantern building bonsai looks so impressive live that my wife, completely indifferent to lanterns, insists on replacing some of her old Jetbeam switches with AAA.

Inside the flashlight is a 10180 battery, the smallest li-ion cylindrical standard known to me. Alas, the reverse side of these tiny sizes is an insignificant capacity. In this case, only 80mah.

It is clear that no third-party charging (except models with «whiskers», which are not suitable due to the huge currents for the battery and «smart» model charges), such a tiny battery will not be able to charge. The user needs to wind up a separate charging unit with a micro-USB connector and a simple red-green process indication.

The tiny capacity implies a tiny charge current, so it will take you just over an hour to fully charge the battery.

The tail is flat, the flashlight costs a candle without any problems

From the side of the tail there is a spring, from the side of the head, which is expected, only a contact pad.

The button is big enough. Perhaps, to match the models on 14500 batteries. It is soft, protruding, with a deep perceptible click and barely visible backlight. It seems that there were complaints about the buttons in the GT Micro, here for a couple of weeks of pampering with a flashlight I did not feel any problems.

The head is just huge relative to the overall size of the lantern. There are even purely decorative, but looking completely grown-up cooling fins. Why decorative? The charts below will give the answer.

Inside there is a bell of a smooth reflector, which would look quite organically on a 14500AA case.

At the bottom of the reflector is an incredibly long-range dedominated LED from a trendsetter in this direction — Osram KW CSLNM1.1 with a whopping 450 lumens for its size.

You can read about the relationship between LED size, optics, reflector and range in my leadership how to choose the right flashlight

Externally, the flashlight looks impressive, immediately attracts the eye with unusual proportions for this size. As a gift, it’s definitely worth it.


for all its toy sizes, the interface of the flashlight is quite adult, namely Narsil, you can read more about it in review its huge big brother Lumintop GT70

in order not to duplicate the text, I will say that there is absolutely everything here: bookmarks for turbo moonlight, and locks, and a choice of smooth and stepped brightness adjustments. In general, you can use it as is, spending 5-7 minutes reading the manual. There are no serious problems like with Anduril.

How the Lumintop GT Nano shines

Cold white light. No visible PWM flicker.

In terms of light distribution — an exceptional «awl» with a minimum of side illumination and the brightest center.

Well, it’s time to find out what to expect in terms of stabilization and operating time.

clarify — in stepless, ramping mode, 50% corresponds to high, 100% — turbo.

Half, i.e. up to 25% brightness falls off after 100 seconds.

So, I saw stabilization only at the level of 6.5%. Like nonsense? And 15 minutes is not much. Wait a minute, wait for the photos of what this flashlight is capable of in this modest mode.

Yes, important point! For some reason, the 15% mode turned out to be dimmer than 6.4%.

I remind you that the declared range is 300m. Visually, it is actually achievable. The question is that only for a short time, the maximum brightness literally swoops down. But even the most minimal modes like 6.4% give a beam that is simply amazing in terms of range for such a general size of a flashlight. 6.4% gives a perfectly distinguishable working light at a distance of 50 m. This light turns out to be quite bright and practical. And you have, let me remind you, 15 minutes of such light. So there will be a supply, albeit not for long, but fry Very far and relatively good time to work at some medium distance.

All three distances are about 50m. You can see how the Lumintop GT Nano shines at longer distances in the video review, it was not possible to convey this clearly on the gifs.

GTNANO 720 50m1
GTNANO 720 50m2
GTNANO 720 50m3

General impressions

The Lumintop GT Nano is the funniest thing. Due to the capacity of the battery, it, of course, is poorly suited for the role of some kind of flashlight. But! As a funny tchotchka, he will prove himself 100%. Having felt it in your pocket or on the keys, believe me, it will be difficult to resist smearing the beam around the neighborhood. Well, if you do, then you will have 15 minutes at 6.4%. And as you can see, this is a 100% working light at a distance of 50m. And when used at a shorter distance, for example as a footlight. Here, only because of the weak side illumination, you will only have to move the beam more often left and right.

Due to the unimaginable combination of tiny size and range, it will definitely be the most suitable WOW! -thing, a very unusual gift, and for quite affordable money. Regarding how much all sorts of flashlights with crazy brightness and range cost, of course.

So yes, $ 40 is a rather big amount, for it you can easily take a full-size long-range flashlight (with a promotional code, the price tag will be significantly below) But the difference in emotions from use will be like when you habitually get behind the wheel of your car or take on the remote control of some smart radio-controlled model. Each of them has 4 wheels, but the experience will be completely different.

Is it possible to do without this lamp? Easily. An ordinary AAA key switch costs three times cheaper and will be more practical for everyday use. But imagine the situation. I need to give you something like this. And it’s hard to surprise people. He already has everything, or can afford any Wishlist. He will buy another cognac or a knife anyway.

And now Lumintop GT nano can just become such a gift that will give the main thing that the donor wants — to see joyful surprise. No one would expect a pinky-sized flashlight to fry a couple of hundred meters. So I will be very surprised if the flashlight does not then settle on a bunch of keys or in a pocket.

In short, it’s kind of a thing. There is not so much real practicality from this flashlight. But have more than enough fun.

upd. Now I received information from the manufacturer — after ng, a much more interesting (for me personally) 10440 tube in copper titanium brass will be available. This will give somewhere a 3-4 increase in capacity

Well, to the question of real practicality … After NG, I will amuse you with a story about a lantern that stands on the opposite border of sizes. Monstrous, cyclopean and monstrous Mateminko MT90 plus (aka Astrolux Mf02s SBT90.2).

So subscribe to my channel so you don’t miss this review. Believe me, there will be something to see)

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy this flashlight on Aliexpress


You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author»


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