This garland was recommended to me last year, and now I am ready to recommend it. The tree with it looks fantastically beautiful. So, if you are preparing for the New Year and are looking for something to decorate a Christmas tree or a room, this is 100% what you need. And then I’ll show you why.


  • length 51020m

  • power supply 3*AA USB-A

  • control remote control

Packaging and appearance

Surprisingly, at such an insignificant price, the packaging is not reduced to a plastic bag with a garland and a remote control. Here is a full-fledged New Year’s bag with strings.

Inside it is a box. Not that it was needed here at all, but then you can store a garland in it and not guess what is inside.

And inside the garland itself, a manual and a remote control. The remote control, as you can see, makes it possible not only to choose not only how the garland will glow (the type and speed of the color transition), but also to turn on a particular color shade.

There are two versions of this garland, USB and 3*AAA powered. I have not the slightest interest in wasting batteries on a garland when there are much more capacious power banks.

So I chose USB power. In case the remote control is lost, there is a button on the plug that switches modes. You can’t choose a color for her, but she does the main thing.

By the way, (if this is ixbt, then it’s worth mentioning) the garland according to reviews works fine with WLED on ESP32 and ESP8266. You can arrange a real festival of light.

The garland itself differs from the rest even at the level of the wire with LEDs. If usually it’s some kind of shriveled 30AWG, then this garland is better on the head. There is something like a thick wire in a transparent screen. The difference is actually noticeable.

The LEDs are assembled into small balls, where RGB interferes with the shade you need.

By the way, with regard to consumption — at a maximum of 5m, the garland eats not only a little, so I really don’t see any reason to take the version with AAA (unless you just have a box of such batteries).

In principle, a standard 10000mah power bank should be enough for the whole night. If you take a 20m garland, then there is either a 30000mah power bank or just power it from an outlet)

Well, here is the most important thing, examples of light

How the garland shines with Aliexpress

Photos can not convey, here it is worth watching the video. This garland is by far the best I’ve ever seen on any tree. Read the reviews — they say the same thing.

Light sea transitions, you can choose a separate color, you can adjust the speed of the transition. The tree looks just magical.

This is how it looks in the light

And so in a combat position

General impressions

They are extremely simple. This is just a wonderful garland in terms of quality, light, and control.

5m is enough to decorate the Christmas tree. Decorate a room? Easy, there are 10 and 20m.

In general, there is nothing more to add. We have several garlands at home, but they are no match for this one. I recommend. I hope that the review of the LED Christmas tree garland from Aliexpress convinced you that it is worth both my enthusiastic words and enthusiastic comments on the product page.

Well, if you are looking for an inexpensive New Year’s gift for a child, a gift that will keep him occupied and then become an ornament, then I recommend review this constructor.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy this LED Christmas tree garland from Aliexpress here

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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