He is Astrolux MF02S. For me personally, in terms of the combination of price and functionality, this is the best powerful searchlight for all the time of the reviews. This is best illustrated by the fact that even if I don’t use it at all (no need), I simply don’t raise my hand to sell it.

There were long-range flashlights, there were brighter flashlights. But it is this model that lies at the crossroads of these characteristics. Usually, if it is bright, then it is not long-range, and if it hits into the distance, then the side illumination makes the flashlight not particularly convenient for use near. By the way, you can read about all the nuances of how to choose a flashlight here. This text will definitely allow you to buy an LED flashlight of exactly the characteristics that suit your needs and not fly by with another «super bright flashlight 100,000 lumens torch fire fox night» from aliexpress.


DEPTH 84mm
HEIGHT 189mm
WIDTH 84mm

Packaging and appearance

The packaging is absolutely simple in design, a large white box with golden embossed outlines of a flashlight. As a gift, not very winning … until you open it and turn it on.

The bundle is decent, because in addition to the usual set of flashlight manual sealing rings case lanyard ) a shoulder strap was added here. Well, I was smart enough to understand that carrying such a bandura in my hand for a long time is not enough joy, after all, 800g only without accs, it will pull a kilo with them. .

But the manual here is monstrous. This is a poor parody of the manual, frankly. Complete bestiality. It may not be visible in the photo, but here is ordinary paper from under the printer, and even half-printed.

The cover is normal, except that it would be better to make a double strap (velcro + sewn) than sewn, as it is now. This was probably done due to the weight of the flashlight. Well, it’s not critical.

Well, here’s the flashlight itself.

What to hide, his carcass is fair in size, 19 cm long, and 8 and a half reflectors. So now there are powerful LED lights and more, on 8×18650 batteries. By the way, I advise you to look at the review of Lumintop BLF GT70.

Only in my opinion these dimensions put the real use of these clubs in serious doubt. after all, carrying such a one and a half kilogram fool is not enough joy, except that a tripod can save or, again, a shoulder strap.

Actually, to compare the dimensions, I chose the Imalent RT70, little known to the masses, as a functional competitor and the h03 of the well-known standard. .

The knurling squares interspersed with deep grooves are quite tenacious. Despite its exceptionally imposing appearance, the MT70 sits comfortably in the hand and some time it can be used as is, without the belt.

True, a lot here depends on the dimensions of the user, suddenly there is a palm like an excavator bucket …

The tail cover is flat, the flashlight stands confidently as a candle. Given the diameter of the carcass, this may make practical sense, since by attaching the same plastic cup on top, you can make a bright camping light with good duration. As a rule, 200-300 lumens are enough for the eyes, and for this, a flashlight such brightness is just a sneeze.

upd. At the end of 2019, a chic Sofirn LT1 4 18650 LED camping lantern went on sale, with smooth adjustment of light and color temperature. Very I recommend.

Here is the flashlight itself in the analysis that did not include the tail cap, it itself easily enters the thread, removing and tightening it is no problem.

Yes, here again you can’t work with flat-headed cans. You can stir up a spacer from magnets, but there is a chance to get a short-circuit prospect as a bonus.

The cassette, in general, is neat, I have nothing against it. 1 in 1 like everything seen before, only the cassette differs from Fenix ​​TK75 (2018)

What surprised me is that there is a spring, not a contact pad. I don’t see any functional difference.

The ring can be twisted without problems, if there is an interest to dig deeper with the driver.

There is a tripod thread, but there is no easy access to it, it was necessary to drill a seat a cm closer to the tail, but now the tripod platform simply rests on the head and there is no way to twist it. Obviously everything is sharpened under the ball head for a tripod. In general, the idea of ​​​​mounting on a tripod was implemented mediocrely.

The button on enough more, with illumination. She has a convenient placement and it will not be difficult to search blindly. There is an indicator light.

The ribs here are deep, excellent.

Teeth, in general, will fit here only to put the flashlight upside down and see if the light is on or not.

The reflector is smooth, with XHP70.2 on the bottom. The bezel sits on glue, you can’t make it out without warming up with a hairdryer. The diameter is considerable — 84mm.

The overall impression is exceptionally good. There are no designer frills, this is a purely masculine utilitarian contraption. The performance quality is good.


Can be blocked with a lapel tailcap.

There is a mode memory.

ON click, OFF short hold
click through modes
access to hidden modes strobesosbeacon 3 clicks, iterate between them with one click

(time) blocking from OFF, about 1 second by holding the button. I don’t see the point in this, the chances of accidentally pressing the button for one second are very high, they could do at least 3-4 seconds.

to turbo — 2 clicks from any state.

In general, everything will go except for the dubious blocking and the lack of instant access to LOW. what could be easier — 1 sec hold starts LOW, 3 sec — blocking.

Flashlight at work

I have a neutral version, I see no reason to take anything else for such a flashlight.

The light distribution is peculiar, the side fill and hotspot are bright. there is no either/or.

Graphics are decent. Turbo with a time limit + there is a temperature control at 55 degrees.
The graph shows how the brightness drops when the turbo is turned on over and over again with and without cooling. Actually. after cooling, we get the same brightness, only the work in this mode becomes shorter in time.

As a rule, the turbo in the mass of models is achievable only on 100% charged batteries, right there I turned it on time after time and got the same level. It is clear that after some point it will fall either in brightness or in duration, in fairness.

I did not like the large gap between LOW-MID, but with LOW you can safely walk like with the usual foot light.

MID however, it is already an adult search level, you can work quietly at a distance of 100m with a relatively low brightness, virtually all night.

As for the high-turbo… see the photo below)



here is an illustration of part of the distances below, how it looks to the eye.


to the trees visible at the end of the clearing exactly 200m


here is a video version of the review, I brought the most interesting things forward here, I tried to shoot live how the flashlight shines. in the first frames, in the forest, it was not possible to fully show this, but at the next location in the yard of the plant and the new building, you can already clearly see how it shines. I wanted to shoot more videos for clarity, but the rainy season loaded exactly on the day I bought 80-200 2.8, which I bought just for truck reviews — photos with photos, but I’m sure that the video is also interesting to watch. I think that in this part at the beginning of the video, which I managed to shoot before the rains on another lens, one can also judge the potential of the flashlight.

General impressions

Amazing in a set of brightness and range, a powerful search lamp with aliexpress.

In fact, he hits like a very good long-range hitter, not reaching the level of monsters of this class like TN42 and MK35 or T21. But on the other hand, it has a bright side fill as a bonus, which is not found in any “awl”.

It is worth noting that, in my opinion, the flashlight will show itself best in a modest distance of about 100-150. Here you will have both brightness and duration in MID. Of course, this does not negate the possibility of fully shining much, much further.

Almost all regular rangers and tacticians will be forced to work at high here — and this will not be for long. Yes, and their high will be mediocre against the background of the MT70. And there will be no side illumination, after all, the MT70 will also make it possible to see what is like there on the sides, in other flashlights you will have to intensively move your beak.

In short, the Mateminco MT70 shines wonderfully. It is convenient to work both near and far.

In my opinion, Mateminco MT70 is a smart choice in a situation where you need something more than Convoy M3 (see review). However, if you do not have a goal to work at a distance of more than 200 meters, then the M3 is the most reasonable choice for something relatively compact. If you are ready for something in the size of Mateminco MT70, then I advise you to look at a very bright LED flashlight Convoy 4x18A. Although the flashlight is new, I did not reveal any obvious jambs in the review. For its price, it is actually good.

Well, if you need both far and bright, Mateminco MT70 seems to me a good choice. It is worth noting that there is also a version of MT35 with XHP35 LED. It will already be pure long-range awl. The brightness will decrease, the consumption will decrease accordingly, the flashlight will shine longer and heat up less at maximum, the range will again increase.

In general, if for work or a hobby (fishing is the same) you need to get just such a light at a much lower price than competitors, then the search lamp with aliexpress Mateminco MT70 seems to me an excellent choice. The rest can take Convoy M3 as relatively compact and bright enough or Sofirn C8G as a compact long-range flashlight, you can’t blow it in your mustache, for its price you won’t find something better than it.

+ brightness
+ combination of range and side illumination
+ control
+ shoulder strap
+ price (for such functionality)
+ stabilization thermoregulation heat dissipation

— packaging and obvious budget of the manual.
— only button-top batteries.
— the lock is of little practical, with any long random press it will turn on.
— dimensions
— the thread will only work with ball heads.

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Where to buy and how to save

Mateminco, for those who are not in the know, is the manufacturer of the same Astrolux. So for all their obscurity to the general public, this is never some kind of basement manufacturer — they are actually known, just more under a different name. So there is an opportunity to buy a surveyed flashlight for a lower price, it will simply be called Astrolux MF02S and under this name it is also sold on BANGGOOD for $ 88.95 with the code BGSYT06

Well, on Aliexpress you can take it in the office store here

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