If $15 is the price limit for a flashlight for you, but at the same time you want to shine far, then this review is just for you. Pocket-sized, with the simplest control, 18650 power supply and range, which is to be expected from a model well over $50, this flashlight will be a real discovery for those who even consider buying a Sofirn C8G as a threat to their budget. Well, or simply, if you don’t need a flashlight, but there is just an interest to indulge and see what the most long-range modern LED is capable of and at the same time pay the minimum entrance ticket for this acquaintance.


as such it is not, I will write from myself

nutrition — 18650

Light-emitting diode — Osram CSLNM1.TG 6000K

lumen: 1050LM

driver: 4*7135 with 2.8A

operating modes: 5%-40%-100%5%-40%-100%-Strobe-SOS

Control — tail button

Size: Length 142mm x head diameter 44mm x body diameter 28mm

Focus Angle: 2°17′

Voltage: 2.7-4.2V

Packaging and appearance

In one case, it was not there at all, in the other there was an ordinary white coffin made of thin cardboard.

Actually, Wainlight is made in the classic C8 + case. And if it were not for the declared ultra-long-range LED from Osram, then it would have remained for me another outbred clone of an unfading budget classic.

On aliexpress you can see a similar looking Convoy C8+, it will feature a more powerful driver and a price of about $10 above the wainlight. The price tag turns out to be the same as that of the M21A, and therefore I don’t see the point in such a purchase.

Actually, I repeat, in everything that does not concern the LED driver, everything here is absolutely the same as in the classics.

The same classic 8×7135 at 2.8A. Once again, the Convoy versions have a more powerful driver, here the option in the M21A case with the declared 6A is interesting. True, and basking at 100%, it will be much stronger. As well as the duration of work will decrease due to the greater current consumption.

And a reflector.

But the most important thing. In the classic Convoy C8, there was far from the most long-range XML-2 LED with a silicone dome. With the upgrade to the C8+, the LED has changed to a marginally brighter and noticeably longer ranged XPL-HI. Wainlight NM1 received on board the smallest and longest-range LED from Osram.

From left to right Sofirn C8G XHP35 HI —> Сonvoy C8+ XPL-HI —> Wainlight NM1




That’s all for this one. No frills, the ultimate simplicity of construction and design. But the minimum possible price, the simplest repairs and modifications.


Classic set of two groups: a) 3 modes + strobe and b) only three modes without strobe

There is a mode memory. Technically, you can put it under a gun, since there is also a remote button for the C8

The switchover did not deviate from the well-known original canon. Turn on the minimum brightness, wait a few seconds until a single blink and click at this moment

How the Wainglight NM1 shines

The flashlight consumes 2.8A at 100% (the driver here is classic at 8×7135), so you should not expect full stabilization, but the graph is quite gentle and for its money it is completely acceptable in everything except for the unpleasant squeak of the driver. If you need it right now, you can pay extra $10 and buy the version with the M21A case from the link above, there is 21700 power, thermal cutoff and stabilization, and a significantly higher driver power.


a) with the release of Sofirn C8G Osram, this option will be of little interest, sofirn has a more convenient control.

b) And the same SST40 that is on board the Sofirn C8G is now sufficient for almost all needs. The price tag, I remind you, is the same. The difference in ease of use is enormous.

So what do we have.

Exceptional center focus with virtually zero sidelight. Honestly, I did not even expect such focus. The light, of course, is cold. The focus difference from the classic C8+ XPL-Hi is enormous.


nm1 720 50m


nm1 200m 720m


nm1 720 250m


nm1 720 450

Well, as the crown of all this, 750m is the distance to which they penetrate far, far from all long-range lights. And if we are talking about such pocket sizes, then they can probably be counted on the fingers (I only got my hands on Acebeam L17 Acebeam L18 Olight Warrior X turbo)

I shot at this distance just in case. As it turned out — not in vain, the flashlight obviously finishes up to this distance. And for a budget flashlight, this is frankly unexpected.

nm1 720 750m

I couldn’t expect something like that from a $15 flashlight. Subjectively, the flashlight is not much different from the much more expensive Acebeam L18 with the same LED. It is clear that the difference in price there also gives the mentioned 21700 power, and complete stabilization and excellent control, not to mention the amazing appearance. And, by the way, he is expensive only against the backdrop of Wainlight. For a novelty from a very good brand, Acebeam L18 has a frankly raising price.

Actually, what to say, see for yourself the full review of Wainlight NM1 on the video.

General impression.

Wainlight NM1 has the lowest possible design and price. It is extremely primitive in management and everything has been sacrificed for the sake of a penny price. Everything but range. The flashlight gives an amazing beam in terms of range, which you do not expect at all from a flashlight at this price.

To be fair, the Wainlight NM1 stands apart in an already quite specific category of long-range flashlights due to zero side illumination. Far, that’s far from everyone, I’m sure, the need to drive the beam to the left and right will suit to highlight something outside the illuminated part. And here, in pursuit of range, you can hit the convenience of the backlight. The aforementioned Acebeam L17 L18 with the same LEDs circumvented this problem due to the interesting TIR optics, which made it possible to add some peripheral illumination to the range.

It’s kind of like a laser pointer. For some it may be just right, for others it may not be useful at all. And this is good — the more lights for a specific need, the better.

In general, then, in general, a penny price makes it a good option, but just to play around. In fact, that’s exactly how I bought it. Purely out of curiosity. I didn’t have time to really try it — I left for NG gifts. Then I ordered again to do a full review. His range is impressive. Not the same as the most long-range flashlight, which I talked about in the last review, of course. But for a price of $ 15, it is unprecedented. And if you want to pleasantly surprise a person with a flashlight, laying out for it minimum price — Wainlight NM1 is just the right option.

If you want to keep the same size and range, work with maximum ease of control and stabilization — pay attention to Acebeam L18. This is a fresh release from one of the best brands, and the price is far from what you would expect for a combination of these two phrases.

What are the alternatives? If you need to work within a hundred meters, take S11. A little further — C8 + or M21A (the same, but with a capacious 21700 and full stabilization). Well, better Sofirn C8gif you want the management to be human. Well, if you wanted to buy the most affordable and as long-range flashlight as possible, Wainlight is your uncontested choice, at least until the release of Sofirn C8G with Osram. Before replacing the XHP35 HI LED in this flashlight with the less long-range SST40, it was my unconditional choice among budget long-range flashlights. However, if you are satisfied with working within a radius of 300 meters, then, as I said above, Sofern is still interesting now — flexible control and 21700 power have not gone away.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Wainlight NM1 on Aliexpress (attention! There are versions somewhere for $12-13. This is an incomplete DIY kit. You need something around $15-16. They sell out quickly, so I’m just giving a general link to the search. )


You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author»


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