The Fenix ​​line of industrial flashlights has been expanded with two models, the versatility of which lies in the adjustable head angle for the WT25R and the optional diffused side light panel for the WT16R.

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A feature of the WT25R is the ability to adjust the head angle within 105°. The lantern can be used as an ordinary hand-held lantern, or hung on the chest, setting the direction of light convenient for you. The magnet in the base allows you to attach the flashlight to a metal surface.

The flashlight is powered by a 18650 battery and has a built-in magnetic charger. The maximum brightness is 1000 lumens. It is worth noting the controversial decision to install a dedominated (i.e., devoid of a silicone dome) LED, which is controversial from the point of view of convenience of working near. Such an LED has a more focused long-range beam with little side illumination.

It is worth noting that this model confirms the trend towards a clear improvement in the situation with brightness stabilization.

For example, you can compare the review of a new headlamp Fenix ​​HM61R with the top and still current model of 2019 Fenix ​​HM65R

Unlike the all-aluminum Fenix ​​WT25R, only the head of the Fenix ​​WT16R is made of metal. The rest of the body is made of impact-resistant polycarbonate. Another difference is the built-in battery with a capacity of 2000mah. This relatively small capacitance is compensated by a relatively small brightness. Taking into account the fact that the specifics of the use of such a flashlight implies work at short-middle distances, this is not a problem — both brightness and operating time are enough. The above graphs show that after the expected drop from the maximum level, the brightness completely stabilizes in all modes.

The advantage of the Fenix ​​WT16R is the unusual combination of the main light with diffused side light. The latter will be convenient if you attach a flashlight to your chest. In addition to two levels of brightness, the side light has a signal mode of yellow flashes. Like the WT25R, the flashlight has the ability to magnetize it.

It is hoped that there will be an opportunity to get these flashlights for review in order to explore them in more detail.

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