The recently released new Nitecore MH40GTS is very interesting in terms of functionality and in everything surpasses its predecessor from 2018 Nitecore MH40GTR, a flashlight with excellent range and experimental control to the extreme.

In fact, in this new long-range flashlight, Nitecore has used every modern flashlight bells and whistles possible. Power here from a pair of capacious 21700 batteries. Ordinary, not specific and extremely expensive representatives of the i-series with pluses and minuses at both ends. These total 10000mah will be charged quickly, in just 2 hours and 45 minutes thanks to 18 watt charging through the Type-C port.

Management, which pleases, will be normal, through a bunch of end and side buttons.

However, it was not without experiments. Reach serious range in such dimensions (if we talk about mass models, and not extremely peculiar and expensive LEP lasers) is now possible with the help of LEDs from Osram. An example of such a flashlight is Olight Warrior X turbo . Alternatively, you can use a heavy duty Luminus SBT90.2 LED. Here review such an underbarrel flashlight Imalent UT90

Nitecore settled on the Luminengin G9 LED, which claims 570,000 cd at 1,500 lumens. The range in this mode according to the ANSI standard is promised at 1500m.

Another interesting feature of the flashlight is the vibration indication of the discharge, the flashlight body will begin to vibrate periodically at 10% charge.

The last interesting feature of the Nitecore MH40S is the wireless remote button.

It is to be expected that the brightness will be stabilized at all levels.

The flashlight looks very interesting in terms of functionality and we should expect it to be traditionally expensive. Those who are looking for a long-range flashlight with Type-C charging and 2 * 21700 power in a budget version should pay attention to Sofirn SF47T with an LED from Osram. Its declared range will be less, 1100m versus 1500 for the Nitecore MH40S, but this range is more than enough for ordinary needs. And the price and extremely convenient operation make it the first choice for the masses of buyers who want to choose a long-range flashlight with two batteries. Sofirn SF47T review can be read here

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