Nitecore is developing a line of tactical flashlights with a native capacious 21700 battery in every possible way. And now the P20iX fell into my hands, a very, very bright (4000 lum turbo declared!) A fresh representative of the updated good old P20 series, about which I will tell you. If you’ve been looking for a bright, wide-beam tactical flashlight, you might be interested in this one. And maybe not… In order to decide, I suggest reading the Nitecore P20iX review.

Packaging and appearance

Excellent quality and reliable black box, typical of the most expensive Nitecore flashlights.

The kit includes the flashlight itself with a 21700 battery and an adapter for the latter, a plastic case, a lanyard, a charging cable, a manual and a warranty card.

Optionally, the model is compatible with a variety of appropriate mounts and accessories, from a tail cap with indicator light to a remote button with a Type-C connection. The latter, by the way, I really like.

The design of the flashlight is consistent with the spirit common to modern Nightcore models. Externally (except for the optics) it is a complete clone of the original P20i. In short, in my opinion P20iX looks very nice.

But the dimensions are completely normal. An ultra-compact and ultra-light flashlight will be for those who unconditionally believe in promotional pictures. And if it were like that, then for a combination of such brightness and control it would only be undoubted minus.

A bunch of tail buttons (on-off) and a flush-mounted rocker (mode switching instant strobe) are responsible for control. Nitecore use it in almost a lot of modern models. Someone will like the decision to make a button at the level of the body, someone will not. It’s a matter of taste.

There is no spring inside the tail cap, but there are three symbolically spring-loaded contact petals.

On the side of the head, there is a spring-loaded contact pad.

To me extremely I do not like that the P20i line only supports Very an expensive proprietary battery, in which both + and — are displayed on each of the poles. Since you can get the same functionality by simply inserting an additional tube, all this is just an extremely unfriendly to the end user pumping money out of wallets by the manufacturer.

Due to the exceptional length of the battery, only a few chargers will be able to accommodate it. The same ones from Nitecore, of course, and maybe a couple of Xtar models. A conventional sleeve inside the case would allow the use of conventional batteries.

The P20i included an adapter with 18650 batteries, which, of course, greatly simplified the power supply situation.

But the P20iX comes with a frankly useless adapter with 2 * CR123. It is clear that Nitecore want to sell more batteries, but this is the step I, I repeat, I think extremely unfriendly to users. How many people would be willing to buy a spare battery for 1/4 the price of an undeniably expensive flashlight? As well as in general to be interested in a flashlight with such specific batteries.

Numerous turns of fine threads are perfectly missed

Knurling — classic rhombuses and deep tenacious grooves of seats for a clip or tactical ring. The grip is reliable and comfortable, the lathe is impeccable.

The middle part is somewhat smaller in diameter than the tail and head, due to this the grip is strong and comfortable.

The head and ribs are medium in size. «Nut» on the head prevents the flashlight from rolling

There is also a type-C charging connector on the head. The cap is very thick and secure.

There is also a tiny charging indicator. The charging current is good — 2A.

I really like the proprietary ability of Nitecore flashlights to blink off the battery voltage, it’s actually quite convenient for estimating the remaining operating time.

The bezel is, of course, toothy. And 3 more small silicon nitride cullet balls are inserted into these teeth. It doesn’t look as impressive as the classic spikes, but the flashlight won’t scratch your pocket.

Glass, as usual, with enlightenment. Below it are 4 small smooth reflectors, at the bottom of which there are 4 * XP-L2 LEDs.

Actually, this part is all. The flashlight looks very thoroughbred, I don’t see any jambs of manufacture. I appreciate the replacement of the adapter from 18650 to a decorative one with CR123 exclusively negative.


Quite a good control, there are normal and tactical modes.

How the Nitecore P20iX shines

Flashlight gives about 20 seconds of turbo. Not much, but this is the expected combination of size and brightness (you can read more about this and other nuances of choosing flashlights here) + you can run a couple of times in a row and increase the total operating time.

Higher at the declared 1800 lum, is also expected to be not constant and after a maximum of 5 minutes it will fall to a stabilized average level of 850 lum, which will already hold normally without a drawdown. Quite good brightness and quite a decent battery life.

As for the light, the Nitecore P20iX has a wide, comfortable near light. Cold of course, visually somewhere around 6000K. However, the functional disadvantages of cold light appear when working at a distance. And with such optics and LEDs, the declared 200m range is nothing more than abstract numbers. At its short maximum brightness, the flashlight will close well somewhere over a hundred meters, no more, and from half a hundred meters at a non-sagging High of 850 lum. All this is quite expected for a lantern with a wide wash light. Its goal is to shine with much greater comfort at close range: both wide and bright. So here everyone chooses for himself what suits him best. If you need to work at a distance, then there are nightcore flashlights with different optics and LEDs for this. If you need to work at close-to-mid range, then the P20iX will be quite convenient here.

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General impressions

As part of its P20i lineup, Nitecore P20iX is quite a good and interesting representative of it. It has a huge brightness for a tactical flashlight, an excellent set of modes, relatively good control and a long operating time thanks to a capacious 21700 battery. Unfortunately, the latter is the weakest point of the line. After all, the flashlight will work only with native, proprietary battery. The maximum that you can do in order not to give a third of the cost of a flashlight for a separate spare battery is to find somewhere an adapter with an 18650 battery or make one yourself from a bundled one. It is, of course, if you found $120 for such a flashlight, then there are $30 for a spare battery. But anyway, I categorically do not like either the proprietary battery itself or the lack of a complete adapter from the usual one.

I am sure that in an attempt to cut down more money on the sale of additional batteries, the manufacturer, on the contrary, cuts profits. Few people want to tie themselves to the monstrously, unreasonably expensive i-line batteries.

As for the light. Once again, the flashlight has an excellent illumination width, it is convenient for working near and at medium distances, because of this, the flashlight has a frankly modest range and it would be naive to expect it with such optics and LEDs. And once again, I console myself with the hope that someday nightcore will still begin to install LEDs that are normal in color temperature. I am convinced that large manufacturers in general and Nitecore in particular are only losing money on all those who refuse their flashlights because of the uncontested cold light. If you think not only about the amount of light, but also about its quality, it will pay off. At least for a rather large audience of advanced users who are well acquainted with small brands that provide a choice of LEDs and color temperatures.

In the meantime, there are almost no tactical flashlights with a really wide beam on the market, so this specificity of a flashlight will surely help it find its buyer. I hope my review of the Nitecore P20iX tactical flashlight will help you in choosing a powerful tactical flashlight. At the same time, I advise you to familiarize yourself with my guide to choosing flashlights, all the nuances are detailed there that will help you buy exactly the flashlight that suits your needs.

Where to buy and how to save

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You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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