Last year I reviewed Nitecore TIP2, an updated version of the highly popular Nitecore TIP flashlight. In the review, the flashlight showed its best side — in fact, it was and is the brightest key flashlight on the market. And now, Nitecore has released TIP SE, which combines the design of the classic TIP with the enormous brightness of the TIP2 for its size.

A year has passed since that moment, but the desire of buyers to buy a bright flashlight with a built-in battery has not gone away. And so the manufacturer decided to bring an updated version to the market. I offer you an overview of NItecore TIP SE.

In the new version, the flashlight acquired a classic design, Type-C charging, the LEDs were replaced by Osram ones with a declared total maximum brightness of 700 lumens.


Packaging and appearance

The packaging is very pleasant in appearance, it will definitely not be a shame to give TIP SE. The packaging, like the flashlight itself, is a mixture of TIP2 and TIP. But the latter, I remember, at the very beginning was generally supplied in a blister!

Inside is a white backing with a simple set: a flashlight, a manual, a warranty card, a ring with a carabiner. I think that it would be justified to put, if not a short type-c cable, then at least an adapter with micro-usb.

Someone, I’m sure, will consider the flashlight too big. But personally, I have been using the Scorpion Bright Beam of a similar size for many years now and do not feel any inconvenience in comparison with the classic AA flashlight. In general, it’s a matter of taste. Some inconvenience here can only be from a plastic clip.

However, if you still do not consider the flashlight as a key, then it will fit 100% in the smallest pocket, and at the same time you can count on light, which in most cases is enough both in terms of brightness and operating time. Those who prefer to use the Nitecore Tip as a super-compact EDC flashlight can attach it to their pocket with a clip. By the way, if necessary, it makes it possible to attach a flashlight to a baseball cap and get a kind of ersatz headlamp.

For the most part, the design has remained the same. A modern type-c connector for charging has appeared and two LEDs are now responsible for the light. As I said — a mixture of classic TIP and comparable in brightness TIP2

There are no gaps, backlashes, stamping defects — everything is exceptionally neat. The flashlight feels good in the hands and does not leave a feeling of some cheap stuff. And if you take it apart, you can see that everything is neat inside.
Both LEDs are mounted on a thick copper substrate, which is too small for such a huge brightness. And the contact area of ​​​​the ends of this copper with the flashlight body is also very small. The conclusion is simple — the turbo must be used without fanaticism.

Two moderately tight buttons respond to the control. If desired, in order not to accidentally press, you can place a clip on top of them.

Replacing the usual micro-USB with Type-C is a small but convenient innovation. The connector is closed only with a clip. Alas, if you do not use it and carry a flashlight on the keys, all sorts of dirt will fill up in the connector. Here it is worth buying a penny set of type-C plugs on aliexpress.

There is a simple red-green charging indication. 0.5A current is quite decent for such a capacity. The photo fit more, but this is expected with losses during charging.

Two shooting range lenses with an Osram LED under each are responsible for the light.

That, in fact, is all. Everything is neat and well put together.


Quite comfortable.
there is an off-on button (BB), there is a mode switch (PR)

by clicking on the BB, the last used mode is activated
on hold — starts the minimum brightness

pressing the PR change modes in a circle low-mid-high
holding from OFF starts the turbo. a short hold turns on the turbo as a permanent mode, if you hold the button for 2 seconds, the turbo will switch to the hold mode. Release the button and the light will turn off.

Quite convenient control with instant access to the lowest and highest brightness. That’s just due to the fact that the big one here is really big, I would definitely add a blocking function. Locking with a clip will not be convenient for everyone.

How nitecore TIP SE shines

I was pleasantly surprised to see a quite pleasant color temperature of about 5500K, unexpected for Nitecore, in contrast to the usual cold light of TIP2.

The light distribution is purely jellied, quite logical and convenient for this type of flashlight. The hotspot in the photo is visible only because the camera transmits light differently from how its eye sees. aspic. Although, I think, if there are two lenses, it could be justified to put one lens for maximum flood light, and the other for long-range. Or maybe not. The main thing is that and how it is, it is quite convenient. At the same time, you can see that a very small key flashlight gives light comparable to a full-sized 18650.

720 beam

As with the TIP2, the Nitecore SE is fully brightness stabilized. And in High mode (180 lumens) it is brighter than any classic AAA headphone. Even this brightness (which is perfectly visible in the photo, is enough to illuminate the road in front of you). I can’t help but note the following point — in my copy, the turbo mode periodically turned on at a level of about one and a half High brightness. I had to scroll through the modes in a circle to get the declared full-fledged turbo. And so he could turn on and on the bookmark from the off or on flashlight. Each time is different. What caused this is not clear. However, the brightness of the order of 250 lumens is also not bad.

I strongly doubt that you will be able to keep the flashlight in your bare hands all the time you work in the turbo, it heats up quite well. And in general, you should not abuse this mode. Usually a minute or even less is enough for all purposes.
720 yard 1
720 yard 2
720 road

The video review of the Nitecore TIP SE key flashlight contains many more illustrative examples of how this key light shines.

General impressions

In terms of light, TIP SE is definitely more interesting than TIP2. With the same (20 lumens difference can be discarded) brightness, its color has significantly improved, which is no longer cold. Instead of the classic mini USB, the flashlight boasts a Type-C charging connector.

The size of the flashlight makes it possible to use it as a key switch, and the only minus here is that, for good, this must be done with a clip on to prevent dust and dirt from entering the charging connector. Here in this, in the worst moisture protection, he definitely loses TIP2. And the worn clip already definitely adds extra size. On the other hand, dust can simply be blown out of the connector. And if you really want to use it with a clip, then the flashlight will become an ultra-compact EDC. For an hour and a half, it will give you light, which is quite enough to illuminate the road in front of you. And in case of need, you can count on brightness comparable to a full-sized 18650 flashlight. And it will be far from a decorative turbo flash.

The clip, if desired, will allow you to fix the flashlight on the cap and it will be, albeit not the most convenient, but very light and long-lasting headlamp.

As for the cons:

a) I do not see any reason why the manufacturer refused to block.

b) $30 is $30. Many people are generally not able to pay more than $ 10 for a flashlight. And certainly not everyone will be ready to buy a Nitecore TIP SE, because with this money you can buy somewhere around 3 pieces of the most popular Nitecore tube, the brightness of which is quite enough to shine under your feet on the way home or at the entrance. But if you’re looking for maximum exhaust in the smallest size, then the TIP SE is for you. Well, or TIP2

c) an incomprehensible situation with the turbo, which in my case periodically, for no reason, turned on at lower brightness levels.

d) I would definitely prefer a traditional rubber plug instead of a clip.

e) for one author of an English-language review, the charging indicator did not work on the blf. There are a lot of weird things like that. But with a full manufacturer’s warranty, I would not worry. I dealt with the support of different manufacturers and without any hemorrhoids they sent me new parts (lantern head or batblock cover) or repaired it. However, I cannot ignore this fact.

It seems that he mentioned all the pros and cons, and if you wanted to buy a bright key flashlight, you can understand whether Nitecore TIP SE suits you or not.

Where to buy and how to save

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