Well, do you want to see the brightest key flashlight? I was very skeptical about this model, after all, such brightness in such sizes could well result in something frankly marketing (remember MH23 where the declared 1800 turbos are present nominally, for the first couple of seconds up to 50% peak). But no — Nitecore made a completely functional flashlight.

I specifically reminded mh23 above so that there were no complaints about the bias of my Nitecore TUP review. On the same YouTube, there are a lot of under-reviewers who, due to misunderstanding or self-interest, lick frankly mediocre models. There are so many flashlights passing through my hands that I can afford to write openly about what I like and what I don’t. And I liked the Nitecore TUP.


Packaging and appearance

Quite a gift package with a good design that falls out of the usual bumblebee palette. For the sake of diversity, Nitecore washed down a black box with a laconic and uncolored design. In my case, it was slightly shabby in the corners, but solely due to the fact that in the package with this box there was a hell of a lot of everything else.

The kit is quite expected and, in addition to the flashlight, it includes instructions, a warranty card, a charging cable and a carabiner for attaching to a bunch of keys.

The appearance of the flashlight is very unusual. In general, Nitecore is not alien to experiments (which is good news), and in terms of interface and control, Nitecore TUP is very, very similar to the expensive TM10K, which I also wrote down in advance in useless toys before the review and was glad to make a mistake.

In other words: a key? debatable. compact flashlight? clearly.

The Nitecore Tup is reminiscent of dimensions … well, something like an 18650 battery, perhaps, with a thickening in the head area. And so with the key switch it can be positioned with a stretch, after all, the dimensions are too big for such use. On the other hand, keychains are different, on some it will look quite appropriate. For me, it comes out in dimensions exactly between the classic key switch and the AA flashlight.

By the way, looking like a sort of steel bar, the flashlight leaves a strong feeling of frivolous lightness. Taking it in your hands you expect some kind of respectable solidity. But it turns out that by weight he is a real key switch.

Well, here it is in the scale of the palm of your hand.

Due to the squareness and the clip, the grip is excellent, reliable.

On the tail there is an eyelet for attaching to keys or a lanyard, the same, in fact, as in a tube or tiny.

In principle, the clip can be removed and the bolts can be screwed back, unless it may be necessary to lay some thin washers under the thickness of the clip.

The cover of the charging cable connector is small, it is not always possible to pick it up the first time. But I’ll write this down as a plus, I’d rather fumble with my fingers for an extra ten seconds than the lid will open itself, exposing the delicate giblets of the charging connector. With Tiny, nightcore was so screwed up, at least they did it like a human.

The buttons light up blue while charging.

A pair of TIR lenses and XP-L HD V6 are responsible for the light. A very good combination. It’s a pity, you don’t have to wait for a traditional Nightcore neutral, it doesn’t give those magical numbers of brightness.

The flashlight is simply disassembled, opening access to the giblets. Fans of dismemberment pictures below.

There are two batteries.

In general, the offal is neat. There is no feeling that stuffed inside anyhow. But I would have liked the version in copper or stainless steel more. Here it would be better with a heat sink, and the flashlight would be heavier. Given the current price, I think that the difference would be within the feasible 10 bucks.


As mentioned above, the control is fairly similar to the TM10K: here you have two buttons, a display, and the control algorithm itself. This, again, I will write down as a plus, this two-button feature does not jar me at all, in live use it showed itself from the best side.

The display is a big help. It is also a potentially weak point, since anything can happen. Here we are not talking about the fact that the display can crack from falling, I think that the weight is not enough here. It’s about what you can push in your pocket with something. So it is not directly displayed, it is protected from above by a layer of transparent plastic embedded in the case. But after all, anything can happen and I should note this in the review. Although, I press my finger on this external screen — it doesn’t miss, the plastic is still quite thick-walled. So maybe I’m worrying for nothing.

The display is quite bright and informative. Everything you need is here — the operating time in each mode, the type of lock, the unlock progress bar, the brightness level. Yes, the voltage is still displayed, I forgot to add this photo to the block. Actually, upon reaching 4.2, the flashlight can be removed from charging.

Otherwise, the controls are simple and you get used to it minimally. Here you have bookmarks for extreme modes, and a sane two-level blocking.

Flashlight at work

In the video review there are examples of live work, you can more clearly appreciate how the flashlight shines

The light is cold white, there is no PWM flicker in any mode. But, cold white is cold to white discord. See how the combat classic in the face of s2 + looks blue against the background of Tup, and the light distribution is different. I think that there is something about 550K. I tried to dig up the exact value for this bean, but did not find it.

charging current 0.5A, full charge takes almost three hours. adjusted for losses during charging, as much as necessary was poured in.

heat sink. the turbo for this size is serious and the flashlight warms up in about 30 seconds. since the brightness in the turbo has thermoregulation, the temperature does not reach uncomfortable values. The turbo keeps at the same level quite well — for a minute, because thermoregulation reduces the brightness to a level that is feasible for such a carcass.

Stabilization good, the duration of the work is similar — very good.

As for the range and brightness, the flashlight here shows itself at a completely adult level, even brighter and farther than the full-sized convoy S2 + XM-L2. The brightness in the turbo is enough for the eyes for absolutely all household needs, high will be quite capable of working at a garden-dacha distance, when you need to shine across the entire plot, 15-20 meters away. Well, the rest of the modes will also find their niche, since here their spread from ultralow to high is quite dense. I would probably dilute the gap between high turbo with something in between. But as it is, for such a flashlight, everything looks very good.

General impressions

The flashlight left me with extremely positive impressions. For this size, the brightness is not decorative at all, the duration of work at stabilized levels is worthy. The same high, which is more than enough for most needs, gives a reserve of almost 4 hours — and this is enough for any walk.

I didn’t have any (except for the weight) feeling that Nitecore released some kind of craft. This is a natural development of the idea that started with Tube. Not a dead-end branch like Thumb, but quite mature, in my opinion, a flashlight. Right now, as it is, I don’t see any functional disadvantages in it (I don’t take into account the built-in acc — this is a feature of the shaper with its own + -). I would like the optional choice of neutral and faceted shooting optics, but this is something that Nightcore stubbornly ignores.

Unfortunately, the price tag at the level of full-sized models will not make the Nitecore Tup as popular as it could be, which is a pity. Again, this flashlight is very nice to me. In principle, from the standpoint of the same price appearance functionality gift packaging, it can be completely given — there will be a convenient light source for all needs right away.

Where buyand how to save

You can buy Nitecore TUP on Aliexpess or Yandex Market

You can also save on the purchase of this and other goods with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block

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