This new Olight Array headband is a continuation of the Olight H16 wave model released a year ago. Despite its specificity, I liked that model. Let’s see what comes with the update.

Packaging and appearance

In fact, there are two packages. The first is an ordinary white cardboard with a good design. Inside it is a black and blue plastic shell. And I find it definitely a handy solution for a wired headband. A shell with a browband inside will take up only a little more space than he himself.

The kit consists of the headband itself, a charging cable, two additional wire clips and a manual.

The appearance of the forehead is peculiar. In fact, these are removable head and battery packs + head mount.

Fastening soft, with reflective stripes. Could add a gel strip inside.

The headband is really lightweight, 124 grams — quite comparable in weight to the usual 18650 headband. Immediately, this weight is distributed between the two parts, and Array does not burden the head at all.

The head unit is really tiny, comparable in size to a key switch, only 45x23mm.

Small black aluminum case with turquoise border. Looks unusual and attractive. The tilt angle is adjustable within 180 degrees.

There are cooling fins, and here they cannot be made larger either in size or quantity.

The wire coming from the head unit has a regular USB input. This, and the fact that the head unit is removable, allows you to use some kind of external power source for the latter. Of course, this must be done carefully. In the usual case, a special metal clamp provides a tight and tight connection.

The headband is designed for runners, and I love that Olight has included a light on the battery pack. It works both as a charge indicator (each light shows 1/8 of the charge), and as a beacon that allows you to see the runner from afar.

For charging, the same well-known Olight magnetic patch is used. Charging current — 0.75A.


Simple and quite convenient. Unless I would make instant access to the minimum brightness. However, for a headband, which is not positioned as a tourist one, this is not critical at all.

How Olight Array shines

Visually the light is around 5000K. Due to the combination of two TIR lenses, the light distribution is convenient, with comfortable side illumination and sufficient range in the center for its size. When running a single dipped beam, its brightness and light distribution are quite suitable for the respective needs.

400 lumens for such a small head unit is a lot of brightness. I expected a significant drop in brightness due to thermoregulation — but it is absent. Yes, the stabilization is not perfect, but definitely better than one would expect from a headband of this type, and here I think that it can be safely rated positively.

At the same time, the duration of the work is quite and quite good and coincides with the declared one.

important point! If you have a power bank, you can power the forehead directly from it (this is not officially documented and I suspect that it is not recommended by the manufacturer). Consumption currents:

1+1 LED

1A- high
0.5A — Low

1+0 LED

0.25 — high
0.12 — Low

Well, actually how this headband shines. Here I have nothing to complain about, with its small size, the Olight Array shines very, very well.

720 da4a1
720 da4a2
720 da4a3

Traditionally, there is a video review to better see how this new Olight browband shines.

General impressions

This is a kind of headband, for specific purposes. My sports interests are limited to a short run around the wrestling mat during the warm-up, so I’m not ready to evaluate this forehead from the position of the target audience. Be that as it may, when simply jogging, the Array sits comfortably on the head and does not burden it at all. Considering that this is already the third type of such a headband, it seems that it is actually in demand and popular.

What I can appreciate is the light. Yes, Array does not show off the usual 1000 lumens of maximum brightness for many headbands. But! Not a single 18650 headband will keep this level, after a short time the brightness will still drop to a level that will not differ much from what this new Olight model stably gives out.

And, most importantly, the light of the Olight Array at this level will be more than sufficient in terms of brightness, and in terms of range and duration of work for its purposes — namely jogging. Of course, no one restricts you from using it for other purposes. As a rule, headbands are needed for close work, and here 100 lumens for 7 hours from 1 low beam LED is enough for many situations.

I’m not ready to say how good Olight Array is, let me remind you — I’m not a representative of its target audience. So all I can say now is that I have no reason to consider him a bad forehead. And how good it is for you personally … decide for yourself, for this I did the review.

Where to buy and how to save

you can buy Olight Array from an official dealer here ► YANDEX-MARKET ►SBERMEGAMARKET

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block

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