It would seem, where are the pens and where are the lights … But no, the audience is asking and the manufacturers have long mastered the production of not only tactical pens, aluminum and titanium, but even pencils! But somehow it’s impossible to master the combinations of a pen with a flashlight in large quantities. There are only a few models, and one of them fell into my hands. And, from no one, but from Olight — one of the market leaders. Looking ahead, I will say that quite a lot of flashlights came, in fact, all the novelties of this brand.



  • Length: 145mm
  • Case Diameter: 12.7mm
  • Stem Tip Diameter: 0.6mm
  • Weight: 38g (including battery and rod)

Declared brightness levels:

  • hjgh 1: 120 lumens / 20 minutes
  • MID 2: 60 lumens / 50 minutes
  • low 3: 20 lumens / 140 minutes
  • moon 4: 5 lumens / 10 hours

Packaging and appearance

The packaging is white cardboard, the same as for all other Olight models. Good, without feeling cheap. But no more.

But inside there is an excellent quality hard plastic case containing: a pen, a short Type-C charging cable, a spare rod, a manual. Without a doubt, this is the best way I have ever seen to package the contents of a box. It may not be visible from the photo, but, believe me, every non-obvious little thing is thought out here.

In general, the pen looks like a pen. There are no overt design tricks such as unusual knurling (do not consider this spiral unusual), slots in the case and the like. No brutal tact, the appearance is quite conservative and strict, it will be quite appropriate for a suit.

Since the knob in the cap of the pen controls the light, then, by analogy with the Knightcore models, a movable peg, like a bolt on a rifle, is responsible for extending the rod. Tactilely, this is a rather entertaining activity, no worse than a spinner.

The button protrudes from the case by about 4-5 mm, the stroke is soft.

The clip is rigid, non-removable, not without the azure ring typical of olight. I would make the clip more flexible.

There is also the second most important functional part of the hand — the LED. Which one is unknown, the model page is generally very stingy on the characteristics. Scraps of information suggest that one of these

The LED is covered with a TIR lens window

The lantern, that is, the handle, is disassembled into three parts and, in general, there is nothing unusual here.

The rod is inserted through the «nose», the opposite part is deaf.

In the adjoining part of the head there is a type-C charging connector. During the charging process, the LED window is illuminated in red, the illumination stops when charging is completed. The battery, for sure, is a tiny 10180. The capacity is 110mah. Charging with a current of 0.2A takes about an hour.

That, in fact, is all. The packaging is excellent, the pen itself looks just fine. There are no special design solutions that someone would like very much, but someone would not like it very much. In this regard, I think that the pen has complied with a certain design standard that is equally close to everyone.

Kosyakov did not see the quality of manufacture.


Extremely simple and, in general, convenient.

We press the button or hold it from OFF — the light turns on, starts from LOW, because MID-HIGH-TURBO. At the second cycle of rewinding the LOW brightnesses, their list disappears and three subsequent modes remain.

2 clicks — start the maximum brightness.

Unusual, but logical solution. If you turn it on in complete darkness, then starting from LOW will allow you not to go blind and you will stop immediately on it. And if you do not need it, then you will choose from larger brightnesses to find the right one for you.

As Olight O-Pen 2 writes

As for the rod, there is nothing new outwardly. Obviously not some German-Swiss premium, this is some third-party rod ordered and branded for Olight. I remind you that a spare one also goes to the one already installed in the handle.

There are a lot of complaints about this part of the functionality. People write that the pen stops writing. I have carefully read the reviews wherever possible. I tried it myself. What can I say

and if very fast lead with a pen — the ink does not have time to settle on the ball of the writing unit. The option to quickly draw a meter line disappears.

If you write at a normal speed, there are no questions, the pen writes.

it can be seen in the photo. fast-fast from below, normal speed from above.

b) stock of ink. here is a disassembled photo of the rod from one of the reviews, where the author complained that there was a lot of ink — but the pen did not write.

When I tried to write with a spare refill, he stopped writing after actually two words. That’s exactly what I said when I saw it. But! I remembered one of the comments on Amazon where the author said «shake“, one magic word, full of simple, handed down from father to son, male worldly wisdom. Shake the rod — voila. He writes, writes, writes. And he doesn’t stop doing it. It doesn’t run out of ink, but it’s probably a little thicker than usual. And you have to shake the pen before you start writing, if there are problems with this. It was enough for me to do this once for a spare rod. There were no problems with the one in the handle.

Actually, Olight obviously did not choose the best rod supplier. But my personal experience of using the pen as part of the review showed that just shaking the pen is enough to make this problem disappear. Not that I liked it. But there is a solution, and it is extremely simple.

Well, for sure, you can put some other rod, they are in bulk on the market and they are all, in general, standard. I’m out of town right now and can’t check which one will fit.

In general, a fairly smooth move, black ink, the rod does not walk.

How the Olight O-Pen 2 shines

Cold white light. Very scattered. And quite a bright one, with a good margin in case of emergency. 120 lum is really a lot, in general, this is almost the maximum for key switches. So for 20 minutes you will have an excellent supply of brightness to illuminate everything within a radius of 4 meters that way. This is more than enough for emergencies. In order to simply shine under your feet, some junior mode is enough.

I remind you, the modes are below: 120-60-20 lumens. Although the brightness is not stabilized, the result is decent for a 110mah tiny battery.

road 2

General impressions

As mentioned above, the pen has a wonderful gift potential in terms of appearance and packaging.

But in terms of functionality, the model is quite contradictory. There are no complaints about the light at all, it is comfortable, with a good range of modes and access to them.

There are questions about the quality of complete rods. The ink inside is obviously too thick to get onto the nib quickly. So yes, at a normal writing speed, this does not appear. And when I was faced with the fact that the ink in the spare refill instantly ran out, I just shook the pen and the problem went away. Well, changing the rod to some standard bic parker schneider should generally solve it 100%. Nevertheless, of course, this is unexpected for a manufacturer of the Olight level.

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Olight O-Pen 2 from the official Oligh dealer in Russia ► YANDEX-MARKET ►SBERMEGAMARKET

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