As expected, unless the lazy one is now trying to skim off the wonderful combination of Osram’s ultra-long-range LED and capacious 21700 batteries. Olight is no exception, and has upgraded its two-year-old Javelot Pro to a Turbo version. The capacity, operating time, range and, alas, the price have seriously increased. The latter makes the Olight Javelot Turbo one of the most expensive modern long-range flashlights. I propose to see what a buyer who is ready to fork out for $ 250 should expect.

Important! The review reflects the author’s point of view. In the course of real long-term use, nuances may appear that, in general, cannot be revealed within the framework of a “sofa” review.


Light source — LED OSRAM KW CULPM1.TG 6500 K (in reality it is warmer).
The life of the LED is 50,000 hours (about 5 years).
Luminous flux power: 1300 lumens.
Range of a light stream: 1300 meters.
Luminous intensity: 422 500 Candela.
Lens — mineral glass with enlightenment.
Reflector — aluminum, parabolic, smooth.
Number of brightness modes 4: 1300, 500, 150 and 15 lumens.
Power supply: battery pack 2 x Li-ion 21700 3.7 V. 10000 mAh.
The Olight BPJT-Turbo battery pack is charged by magnetic USB charging with a current of 2000 mA.
Turbo mode is recommended for use in a well ventilated area.
Metric anodized thread ensures long life.
The blue PVD-coated stainless steel impact crown will protect the flashlight from damage if accidentally dropped and can serve as a means of self-defense.
The durable ergonomic body is made of aircraft grade T6061 T6 aluminum with hard anodizing of the 3rd (maximum) degree.
Comfortable ribbed knurling of the body allows you to hold the flashlight even in wet hands.
FL1 Standard shockproof (drops from a height of up to 1 meter).
The increased tightness of the case according to the IPX-8 standard (immersion under water no more than 2 meters for 30 minutes).
Manufactured to US Army Mil-spec: MIL-STD-810F.
Certified by European standards CE & RoHS Certification.
Dimensions: 25.8 mm. x 63 mm. x 259 mm
Weight: 408 g. (with battery)

Packaging and appearance

To put it bluntly, significant external you should not wait for the previous model, the main differences are inside.

The lantern is packaged in a sturdy and great looking case, exceptional in terms of gift giving and overall practicality.

Inside, the foam rubber contains the entire modest set of a flashlight, charging cable, case and manual.

Good case with magnetic closure

The flashlight itself is made in a now unpopular long format. 25cm is not much at all. On the other hand, you get a comfortable grip and twice the run time.

The design is the same as it was, that is, amazing. The difference, which is not obvious from the outside, will manifest itself only in a symbolic change in the knurling on the tailcap and an increase in the diameter of the body. The flashlight has its own instantly recognizable appearance.

The lantern is disassembled into three parts: head, tail and battery pack

The tail button, as mentioned earlier, is two-level. As in other Olight models, it serves as a contact for magnetic charging and a remote button.

In the PRO version, the button was flat. Now the standard is a button with three prongs.



Charging is implemented strangely, a current of about 0.3 amperes is supplied even when the battery is, in fact, charged. It makes sense to periodically take off and put on exercises so as not to waste time.

There is a spring-loaded contact on the inside of the tailcap

On the side of the head is a conventional spring

Contact in the battery pack

The knurling is unimaginably tenacious. The flashlight sits in the hand like a glove.

The head is sufficiently (but not excessively) massive.

720 javelot head

The button is convex and rough, very convenient for blind search. Has a charge level indicator

720 Javelot LED
720 indicator

In the same part of the head there are three fairly deep cooling fins. In principle, taking into account the low brightness, the head should successfully remove and dissipate excess heat without their help. Like it or not, we’ll see.

The bezel is made in the signature Olight azure. With an abundance and sharpness of teeth, it resembles some kind of cutter.

Under it is a smooth reflector, at the bottom of which the hit of the season is hidden — a tiny and ultra-long-range LED OSRAM KW CULPM1.TG.

In PRO, let me remind you, there was another classic long-range standard — XHP35HI.

Unlike its budget competitor Sofirn SF47T, the LED is perfectly centered here. Below you can see what you get by going to the budget segment. However, here everyone decides for himself which model is more suitable in terms of price and functionality.

Outwardly, nothing new: excellent design, wonderful packaging and, although it’s not so easy to get inside, you should expect high quality workmanship.


I really like the idea of ​​a two-level tail button, I was unpleasantly surprised to see that the simplest interface from Fenix ​​was attached to the side button. That is, you lose the instant low-turbo when accessed through the side button. I don’t think that this is critical if you have such access through the tail button, but regular Olight users will have to get used to it.

The Olight Javelot Turbo flashlight has different modes of operation of the end button: light or full pressure.

End button:
  • Permanently on — minimum mode: To permanently turn on / off the flashlight in the minimum mode of 15 lumens, lightly press the end button without clicking.
  • Momentary on — minimum mode: To briefly turn on the flashlight in the minimum mode of 15 lumens, lightly press and hold the end button without clicking. Release the button to exit the mode.
  • Permanently on — Turbo mode: To permanently turn on / off the flashlight in 1300 lumens turbo mode, press the end button until it clicks.
  • Momentary Power On — Turbo Mode: To briefly turn on the flashlight in 1300 lumen turbo mode, press and hold the end button until it clicks. Release the button to exit the mode.
Side button:
  • To turn the flashlight on/off, press and hold the side button. The flashlight remembers the last selected mode if it was turned off using the side button.
  • When the flashlight is on, press the side button once to change the brightness level. Each subsequent press of the side button will change the brightness level in a circle: minimum — medium — maximum, starting from the current one. When the flashlight is on in turbo mode, press the side button once to enter the minimum mode of 15 lumens.
Remote magnetic button (additional option):
  • The remote magnetic button can be connected to the end button of the flashlight through the magnetic charging port.
  • To permanently turn on / off the flashlight, press the remote button once. To briefly turn on the flashlight, press and hold the remote button.

Note: when using the remote magnetic button, the flashlight only works in Turbo mode. The brightness can be changed with the side button.

How the Olight Javelot Turbo shines

Reducing the maximum brightness seriously reduced the heating, respectively, the work in the turbo improved. Well, the transition to a pair of 21700 5000mah batteries significantly increased the overall duration of the work. Everything is fine with brightness stabilization, even the turbo sags slightly when cooled

With a decrease in brightness by almost half, from 2000 to 1300 lum, the flashlight grew by a third by candelas, the declared range increased from 1080 to 1300. The difference between the Javelot Turbo and the budget analogue Sofirn SF47T is also manifested in the price — the latter is noticeably colder. While the color temperature of Olight turned out to be quite tolerable. This is far from ideal for long-range 4000K, but, I repeat, it is quite tolerable.

In terms of light distribution — a long-range awl, with clearly better focusing compared to the budget Sofirn. Side illumination here is frankly symbolic.

Within a couple of hundred meters, you can get by with MID, but for most purposes, HIGH is enough, which lasts almost 6 hours.


720 Javelot 200


720 Javelot 250


720 Javelot 450


720 javelot 650


here the angle is good, and the beam becomes wide enough to show how well the flashlight copes with work at such a distance. Live, believe me, there is almost nothing to see.

720 javelot 750


According to the specification, this is the limit, by the way, the distance. In my experience, it is usually worth talking about useful range at 2/3 of the declared distance. In the same case, I think that a live lantern can stretch even more, even one and a half kilometers. Without optics, you can’t see anything at all here, but the flashlight fulfills the maximum declared range with unambiguous confidence.

720 javelot 1300

Of course, the video review contains many more examples of how this modern long-range flashlight shines.

General impressions

Throughout its history, the Olight Javelot series has successfully developed the main quality of a long-range flashlight — in fact, range. And in my opinion, the Olight Javelot Turbo has reached a limit that will be difficult to cross in the near future. Replacing the LED with an SBT90.2 in a reflector of this size would give an increase in side illumination, but the range would not increase. On the other hand, power consumption and heating would increase significantly (see the review of the most powerful long-range flashlight Imalent UT90). In the meantime, with all its low brightness, the flashlight shines exceptionally far. Once again, the brightness dropped by almost half, while the range increased by a couple of hundred meters. Taking into account the replacement of batteries with radically more capacious ones, this makes it possible to shine far and long. With an OSRAM KW CULPM1.TG flashlight on board, you can work freely within half a kilometer at a ridiculous 500 lumens with a 6 hour headroom.

It is difficult to say who needs to shine further, at a greater distance the eye simply does not distinguish anything. But if there is a need, this long-range flashlight will successfully cope with it.

If desired, it can be fixed under the barrel, since there is a remote button. Another thing is that not everyone will agree to hang such a marker lamp under the barrel.

The controls have changed and I don’t see the logic in abandoning the proprietary side button interface in favor of a simpler phoenix-shaped one. There are no complaints about the control of the two-position tail button.

Switching to 21700 is a logical step. Unfortunately, Olight again limited the user to a battery pack without the ability to change batteries. Even though the huge battery life allows me not to worry about the fact that the batteries will quickly run out, I would still prefer to be able to replace them freely.

And here, Sofirn SF47T, made in the same size, wins as much as it loses in design. For me, of course. For some, built-in charging will be more important than the ability to change batteries.

And here comes the last moment. Price. Yes, the price is going up. But even so, even taking into account the fact that this is a new model, I consider the price tag exclusively large even by the standards of the always non-budget Olight. Structurally, there is nothing to justify such a price. So far away, well, in general, not everyone will be ready to vote with a ruble for this new long-range flashlight from Olight, when the same Sofirn SF47T can be taken for $50-60. Yes he looks much simpler, it does not have built-in charging with a two-position button. It has significantly colder light and worse focusing. But he has let some smaller, but still excellent range and the ability to change batteries.

I think that in this scenario, the Olight Javelot Turbo audience will decrease to a small number of buyers who are not limited in finances, who want and can afford an uncompromisingly top branded long-range flashlight in this form factor. That is, with the most capacious batteries and with the most long-range LED.

In fairness, there are no competitors here except Sofirn SF47T And Speras T1 (and then, it is at 2 * 18650) is not here — at the time of the release of the review, all other lights with this LED work on the same battery.

  • range
  • appearance
  • package
  • control
  • duration of work
  • stabilization
  • built-in charger
  • very good color temperature for this LED
  • non-removable batteries
  • price

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Olight Javelot Turbo from an official Olight dealer in Russia Olight-russia.ru


You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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