I have already accumulated about a dozen garden lamps, but these have hooked me with their unusual design, which, thanks to their warm glow, resemble small incandescent lamps from a distance. Panel 60*60mm on a sunny day can generate up to 80mA at 5V, which is enough to fully charge a 400mAh battery in a few hours

The box is unmarked, instead of a bubble wrap they used a regular package, but everything came whole. Inside was a solar panel, 4.5 meters of wire with 10 lamps, a leg for fixing to the ground and instructions

There are a couple of buttons on the back of the case, one turns the power on and off, the second is responsible for selecting the operating mode, of which there are 7 pieces. The lamps are collapsible, there is a 5mm LED under the diffuser, so in case of failure, replacing them will not be a problem

There are both calm, with a smooth increase in brightness and fading

So are a few strobe lights. I will not throw all modes with gifs, the moderators swear

Before placing in the garden, I dismantled the case to make sure it was tight. A Ni-Mh battery with a capacity of 400 mAh is installed as a battery, the elements are on the board on both sides, the marking is not worn. Moisture protection is not bad, a silicone gasket is installed (or flooded) around the entire perimeter, and the wires of the garland are additionally fixed with soft rubber inserts, so rain is definitely not terrible for the insides

During charging, the battery «absorbed» 570mAh, so the capacity of 400mAh is similar to the truth, the LEDs at maximum brightness consume about 55mA, that is, the battery will last about 7 hours, and even longer in the periodic fading mode

Well, from the outside it looks something like this. It does not illuminate much, but the interior can be emphasized, for which they are bought

Of course, it is best to use garlands with panels in the summer when the sun is bright and the days are longer, but in winter the daylight should be enough for several hours of glow at nightfall, and nickel is not as afraid of frost as lithium, so it is very likely to survive the winter . Several lamps with lithium batteries in the yard have been holding on for the third season.

You can check the price and availability here, on the product page there are sizes up to 9 meters and 30 lamps.


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