This type of large lanterns is designed for lighting in open spaces. Such lanterns are already equipped with a large reflector, a separate handle, an adjustable support and a powerful LED.

Main characteristics

  • Model — РB-5200
  • Operating modes — 1
  • Luminous flux — 220lm
  • Light range — up to 250m
  • White Temperature — Neutral
  • Working time — up to 6 hours

Unpacking and appearance

The device comes in a branded cardboard box with understandable Russian inscriptions.

The instructions contain all the necessary technical and operational information, among other things, mentions the manufacturer’s warranty for a period of 2 years.

The complete package includes a flashlight, charger with 5V/500mA output, USB-A -> 5525 cable and a strap with metal carabiners.

The flashlight-spotlight is made in the classic form factor for this class of flashlights — a large body, a wide reflector, a handle. Case material ABS-plastic, black elements with soft-touch coating. On the case there are ears for attaching a complete shoulder strap with carabiners. On the top of the handle is a rubber button with tactile feedback and the only function is ON. and OFF.

On the back end there is a removable insert with the manufacturer’s logo. Under it are rechargeable batteries.

On the side there is a rubber plug covering the socket 5525 for connecting a 5V/500mA charger. The flashlight cannot be turned on while charging. The total measured dimensions are 160x130x98mm. The weight of the flashlight is small — 373 grams.

The lantern is equipped with a lower folding support for installation on a flat surface and thereby changing the angle of inclination of the light.

The reflector is smooth, 66mm wide, in the center there is one 3W LED. The color temperature is in the range of 4500-5000K, which is in the neutral white ranges. The front lens is plastic.


The flashlight runs on a simple transistor assembly, and a rechargeable lead-acid battery provides voltage and current.


The flashlight does not have the ability to focus the beam of light, so it is combined and consists of an outer border of light for close range and a central bright spot for illuminating objects at medium and long distances.

The illumination angle is in the range of 90-95°. The illumination in the region of the central bright spot from a distance of 1 meter was 5609lx, and the voltage on the LED was 3.35V (with a fully charged battery). As the battery discharges, the brightness of the light gradually decreases. After 7.5 hours of continuous operation, the illumination in the region of the central spot of the LED from the same distance drops to 64lx, and the voltage on it is 2.58V.

At the same time, the lantern is therefore not exposed to heat.

The LED is always supplied with a constant voltage without using PWM, so the light does not flicker and the ripple coefficient is at the level of 2%, which complies with the SanPiN 2.2.2 / 2.4.1340-03 standards.



This flashlight is as simple as possible to use, but copes with its direct task. Among the shortcomings, a proprietary battery can be noted, which simply cannot be replaced with a widespread 18650 lithium cell and the lack of SOS / strobe modes — those would not hurt here. In all other respects, it is an easy-to-use working device without frills.


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