Do you want to buy a powerful and long-range flashlight on aliexpress? Compact, with built-in charging and capacious power supply? Please: Cree XHP 35 HI with 2000 lumens of maximum brightness, Type-C, 184500cd and the price tag is dramatically lower than the competition. I wrote a review of the Lumintop ODL20C because I think that, in terms of its functional characteristics, this is the best long-range flashlight for those who want something more powerful and more convenient than the usual Convoy C8 +, but are not ready to pay hundreds of bucks and more for it.

By the way, if you want something less long-range, but budget, I highly recommend Sofirn C8G

Packaging and appearance

The most common lumintop package, the simplicity of which is compensated by reliability — here the lumintop has a significant advantage over most other manufacturers, even if their packages are invitingly full of colors.

Inside is a standard set: a flashlight, charging cable, lanyard, warranty and instructions. Optionally, a 26650 battery can be included in the Lumintop ODL20C kit.

As for the dimensions, they (147.5x59x35mm, 300g) are quite common for a long-range flashlight powered by 26650.

But the appearance of the Lumintop ODL20C is definitely much more interesting than most truckers. It was quite unexpected to see such a pleasant knurling and overall elegant design in a mid-range flashlight. Here the lumintop is right on the level of such masters of lantern elegance as Mecarmy.

Immediately striking are the wide knurling tiles inscribed in rounded cones. For some reason, this evokes associations with all sorts of Meso-American ornaments and films about the Predator for some reason. Externally, the flashlight is actually attractive.

Accordingly, due to its overall dimensions, knurling significantly adds to the convenience and reliability of the grip.

The indentation at the end of the tail does not prevent it from standing as a candle, should such a need arise.

The spring in the tailcap is thick.

The carving from the side of the head, that from the side of the tail is generously smeared. In order not to get confused where which side should be guided by the red sticker at the tail.

The head is moderately massive, with excellent deep ribbing.

The metal round button protrudes about a couple of millimeters.

Of course, as it is now established in decent models, the button is indicator. Red-blue in charging mode, purple in button light mode.

On the reverse side is a Type-C charging connector. The plug is normal, thick enough and deep. The flashlight calmly submerged to the bottom of a 3L jar, it was dry under the cap.

The reflector, of course, is smooth and deep. Bezel, alas, on the glue. Glass with anti-glare, well, the standard of enlightenment-hardening-anti-glare is always declared here.

Dedominated on the bottom (i.e. without silicone dome) XHP35 HI

Well, that’s all. The design pleases, it is clear that they tried. This is clearly not the luminop that was once. Boring in appearance and functionality. In terms of design, there are no complaints either, except that the sealed bezel can upset someone.


ON on click, OFF 1 second hold

mode switching on click
direct access to ECO (hold from OFF) and TURBO (2x pressing from ON).

blocking: from OFF 4sec press (ECO starts, as soon as HIGH lights up you can release)
unlocking — break contact by spinning the tail.
during a hold lock, LOW is triggered.

I find this option convenient — you can highlight it on occasion without leaving the lock. Or play morse code there. Yes, with a high probability, somewhere in the backpack, the button can be pressed and LOW will shine constantly, but for such transportation, nothing prevents you from unlocking the flashlight in the old fashioned way by unscrewing the tail.

STROBE starts by 2x click from ECO. Technically, this is not instant access, but ECO activation and the next 2 clicks take about a second and a half to two. From on for a second more, this second is required to turn off. Of course, the combo «long press-short press-2x click» can fail when you need to turn on the strobe instantly. But, I suppose that then it’s already possible to light up simply by turning on the turbo by pressing it 2 times from ON, it also won’t seem enough.

MAYAK-SOSafter you have entered STROBE, are switched by clicking.

mode breathing makes it easier to find the button blindly, activated by holding it for 4 seconds in ECO mode.

In general, management is good. It doesn’t disgust me. It fits perfectly into the recently developed general concept of management at Lumintop.

How Lumintop ODL20C shines

The color temperature is 6000K, there is no PWM flicker in any mode. Yes, alas. cold white light … it seems that everything is for the sake of the maximum possible brightness. Indeed, for many, this indicator is important.

The light distribution is expected for a powerful long-range flashlight with a bright center and dim side illumination.

I expected the ODL20C to be on par with the UT02. But live brightness was superb. .

I placed ODL20C, UT02, C8+ at the same distance (7 meters) from the wall and compared the maximum brightness. Numbers (abstract parrots, which I will not translate, relativity is important here) — 42300 21200 18700. Unexpectedly and pleasantly impressive.

Charging current — well done again, really 2A, and even with so many still rare in Type-C flashlights. 3 hours of charging and the flashlight is ready to shine again. True, there is a symbolic recharge up to 4.21v. However, I don’t think it’s critical.

leakage current 0.05mA

eco — 0.021A low — 0.22A mid — 0.89A high — 3.7A

When it comes to fieldwork, the Lumintop ODL20C long-range flashlight delivers a very impressive range of light, especially for a flashlight in this price range.

It’s about 400m here, look at the photo above how small this house looks there, this is a really fair distance, with which the flashlight does a great job.

Similarly, we were pleased with the graphics — everything is normally stabilized, thermoregulation is completely sane without any follies and “saws”. In autumn-winter, well, or with a good wind, high will not fall in brightness at all.

And so, an adequate selection of modes gives the duration of work in fact half a day on the MID, which will be 100% sufficient for most common purposes. Within a radius of 150 meters, you can fully rely on this brightness.

And, of course, also a video version of the review.

General impressions

Definitely a successful model. A flashlight comparable in brightness and range from fenixnitecoreolightacebeam would cost fifty dollars more for sure. If you buy Lumitop ODL20C on aliexpress, then it will be released somewhere around $60.

For example, if you need something more powerful, then the closest similar-sized model that comes to my mind is the $150 Manker MK35. This will already be from the category of the most powerful long-range flashlights that shine per kilometer. For example like Acebeam T21 or Olight Javelot Pro.

For me, this model has only one drawback — cold light.

Of course, a year after the release, Lumintop ODL20c will not cause the same excitement as some new xiaomi released in August 2019. Yes, and for the majority of those who are looking for a simple and inexpensive long-range flashlight, Sofirn C8G at 21700 power is enough for the eyes. In fairness, with the same brightness, 80 kilocandels in Sofirn will not be pulled against 184.5 in Lumintop.

However, you buy a good flashlight once and for all. From the perspective of years of use, $60 does not look so terrifying. Since the release of this model, every time I was asked to advise a powerful and bright long-range flashlight from aliexpress, which would have the maximum duration of work with relatively compact pocket sizes, I recommended it Lumintop ODL20C. Here, by the way, is a comment from a real user, to whom I recommended.

Click to expand

+ appearance
+ compactness
+ no obvious jambs in the design and assembly
+ control
+ range
+ selection of modes
+ Type-C and 2A
+ stabilization and thermoregulation
+ price
+ compactness

— no version with neutral light. (although they seem to promise, I hope they don’t deceive)
— slightly recharges the bank.
A carrying case would be a nice addition.

If you think that my Lumintop ODL20C review is pompously named and there is some other long-range flashlight that will be better around 50 bucks — write. I’ll be happy to discuss.

You can buy Lumintop ODL20C at:

Lumintop Official Store Aliexpress Banggood (now discontinued so see sofirn link above)

And further. It is one thing to choose a bright, powerful and long-range flashlight for hunting, fishing or camping where such light would be an advantage. Another thing is to buy a flashlight for a car or a house/cottage. There, all this long-range light will rather create inconvenience due to a small side fill. And if you need something specifically for these purposes, then look at the first paragraph of my selection, here everything is laid out on the shelves with examples of light.

And, of course, I highly recommend my guide for review. how to choose a flashlight

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