To illuminate the working area and work objects, floodlights should be used. In this case, the FOTON FL-30W6K65-PIR searchlight has an adjustable motion sensor that allows you to correctly select the trigger conditions, and therefore it will work only at the right moment and at a certain time. And this will save on electricity. The projector comes with a 3 year extended warranty.


  • power consumption — 30 W;

  • consumption current — 145 mA;

  • illumination level — 10-2000 lux;

  • operating range — up to 8 meters;

  • turn-on time adjustable — from 10 seconds to 7 minutes;

  • luminous flux — 2700 lm;

  • color temperature — 6500 K;

  • dispersion angle — 120 degrees;

  • dimensions — 164 * 184 * 52mm.

Packaging and equipment

The LED spotlight comes in a branded cardboard box with a picture of the device, listing the main features and brief technical specifications on the back.

Inside, the glass face of the spotlight is covered with an additional cardboard protection that forms support for the motion sensor. The scope of delivery includes a lantern, a self-clamping terminal and a product passport. The product passport was developed immediately for 4 models of the manufacturer’s LED spotlights and also includes a detailed setting of the motion sensor.

Self-clamping terminal AWG28-12 for quick mounting of the lantern. The terminal block is designed for wires with a cross section of up to 4mm2 and a maximum current of up to 32 A. Each line has its own color marking, and you also have a decoding of the polarity of the wire installation on the back side. Clamp with a stranglehold, I could not pull out the wire without damage


The FOTON FL-30W6K65-PIR network LED spotlight with a motion sensor is made in an aluminum compact body only 21 mm high and painted with thermosetting paint. On the front side, behind a heat-resistant shock-resistant tempered glass, there is a 30 W LED matrix capable of operating in a wide voltage range of 100-265 V. without much change in the brightness of the glow.

The aluminum case on the back is made in the form of a radiator that increases the cooling area during operation. There is also a metal guide on which the spotlight is suspended during installation. The fixation is secure and blocked by growers. In addition, you can immediately see a sticker with nutritional characteristics. The power cable and motion sensor are located under the spotlight, which further reduces the chances of water getting inside.

The power wire made of copper conductors has the corresponding section of the declared power, and the stripped ends are already crimped into brass sleeves, which greatly simplifies the moment of connection to the self-clamping terminal block. On the wire there is a marking of the correct connection to the mains.

The motion sensor has the ability to adjust with a rotation of almost 360 degrees, both vertically and horizontally.

On the bottom there are 3 motion sensor adjustment knobs. What is responsible for what can be understood from the pictograms. To adjust, rotate clockwise to increase power or range, and counterclockwise to decrease.

SENS — is responsible for the sensitivity of the range sensor. Turning to “+” increases the range of operation, but this parameter may depend on weather conditions and decreases or increases depending on the outside temperature. The maximum operating range is 10 meters.

LUX — adjustment of sensor sensitivity according to light levels. Allows you to select from 10 to 2000 lux.

TIME — selection of the operating time after switching on. The regulator allows you to select a time from a range of 10 seconds to 7 minutes, after which the spotlight will automatically turn off.

In work

Before use, we mount it on the surface, set the motion sensor in the corresponding direction of movement and set the sensitivity and time. The flashlight perfectly withstands negative temperatures, while it quickly turns on and the motion sensor works adequately.

The backlight is uniform, without dips in brightness.

Measurement of power consumption in idle mode. Does not exceed 0.4W and 0.046A

After switching on, the power increases to 31 W and 0.154 A, which corresponds to the declared one.

Heating in an apartment is within the normal range, the LEDs will not overheat. A large aluminum heatsink allows efficient heat dissipation from the LED matrix, especially noticeable on the rear side of the spotlight. The maximum temperature of the spotlight after 30 minutes of operation did not exceed 65 degrees.

PWM is present, but it is quite low.

Viewing angles are declared as 120 degrees, but it seems to me that the light is much larger and is at least 160-165 degrees both vertically and horizontally.


Network LED searchlight FOTON FL-30W6K65-PIR with a motion sensor greatly simplifies the movement around the service area. The long range of the motion sensor allows you to cover a large area, while the operation time can reach up to 7 minutes. The declared power fully corresponds to the declared characteristics, the spotlight heats up within the safe range. The motion sensor has quite extensive settings that allow you to select the sensitivity of the sensor by the range of operation, the sensitivity by the level of illumination and the operating time after switching on.


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