In this review, I would like to touch on the topic of sanctification. Probably, each of us had a need for repairs, no matter whether it is an apartment, a house, a summer house or a garage. And everyone asked himself the question: “What to do with lighting when working in a poorly consecrated place? Why not build a new lighting line for the sake of a small repair? In solving this issue, rechargeable searchlights help us. It is the rechargeable LED spotlight PHOTON WPB-6200 that we will consider today in detail.


  • Case material: ABS plastic with softtouch coating
  • Light source: LED
  • Power: 20w
  • Luminous flux: 1500 lm
  • Color temperature: 3000k
  • Dimensions: 240x30x230 mm
  • Protection: IP54
  • Weight: 1kg
  • Battery capacity: 4.4 Ah
  • Operating modes: 50% and 100% power

Packaging and equipment:

The spotlight is delivered in a nice cardboard box, which contains a photo of the spotlight itself, technical specifications, dimensions, and the features of the PHOTON WPB-6200.

The package bundle of the device is modest and simple: the device itself, instructions and charging cable.


The PHOTON WPB-6200 looks good, when folded it is a small “suitcase”. On the front we see the LED block itself and the inscription «photon».

On the back side of the spotlight there is a charge indicator, there is a power button, technical specifications and a rubber plug, under which we find a micro USB connector and a full-size USB for using the spotlight as a power bank.

The case is made in black and orange color and has rubberized handles. Losing such a lantern in a large room is not easy — the bright color is clearly visible, so it will not be difficult for builders who leave it turned off to determine where they left it. The 360-degree swivel mechanism allows you to install and hang the PHOTON WPB-6200 in a place convenient for you and consecrate hard-to-reach places. It is convenient that the swivel mechanism provides good fixation in a given position, and flexion-extension allows you to find the desired angle of inclination.

By double-clicking on the power button, you can reduce the light power and set it to only 50%. This mode will help extend the operating time.

Operating experience and general impression:

The lantern shines brightly, the 5×6 room illuminates well at 50% power. I will only note that with a small charge — about 15 minutes before the full discharge, the flashlight begins to gradually dim and sometimes interrupt. The workmanship is of high quality, the flashlight is quite compact and easy to carry and store. A 4.4Ah battery lasts for about 4-5 hours at medium brightness. Charges in about 3.5-4 hours. Also, if you wish, you can charge your phone or any other electronics from the spotlight, which is very convenient.

My wife and daughter use the PHOTON WPB-6200 as a bedside lamp. It is convenient for them that the spotlight can be installed as it suits them — hung on the back of the bed or placed on a pillow — and the light falls only on the area that needs to be illuminated. At first, my daughter enjoyed walking around the dark apartment with the lantern on and illuminating the rooms: a rather large beam of light lays down gently and does not hurt the eyes. With this use, the device lasts an average of two weeks at 50% power.


PHOTON WPB-6200 for its price provides the user with decent performance and excellent workmanship. This «lantern» is suitable in many areas — from repair and installation, to camping and traveling by car. It doesn’t take up much space, but there is enough autonomy to make simple repairs or a couple of evening gatherings in a tent before going to bed.


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