The scope of use of a headlamp is quite extensive from working moments to outdoor recreation. In addition, it will be simply indispensable at a time when the hands are busy, and there is no one to highlight. Therefore, the choice of a headlamp should be approached with all responsibility. Today I propose to consider the multi-mode baby Photon RSA-800 with a built-in battery, several light sources and comfortable straps, and these are not all of its good points. Switching between operating modes is not done with the power button, but with a rotary switch located on the right side of the flashlight.

  • case color: black/orange;
  • power: 3W;
  • luminous flux: 200 lm;
  • maximum distance of the light beam in the main mode of operation: 100 m;
  • degree of moisture and dust protection: IP54;
  • Operating time from a full battery charge: up to 6 hours;
  • battery capacity and type: 1200 mAh Li-pol;
  • case dimensions: 80*45*45 mm (W*H*D).
Packaging and equipment

Flashlight Photon RSA-800 is packed in a plastic blister with a cardboard shell, which contains all the basic information to familiarize yourself with the characteristics and modes of operation. On the front side, all this can be experienced right on the flashlight by turning it on through special windows. The idea is really good and you can check it before buying without unpacking it.

The delivery set is complete and includes the flashlight itself, a head strap, a power cord and an instruction manual. All products of the manufacturer have an extended warranty of 3 years, and when the warranty period comes, you just need to leave a request on the manufacturer’s website indicating the serial number of the device or contact the manufacturer’s hotline.

Power cord with mini USB connector and only 50 cm long.

Adjustable straps provide good stretch. There are 2 plastic buckles to adjust the girth. On the inside, there are 3 silicone strips along the entire length for a secure hold on the head, hat or helmet. When the strap is stretched to the maximum, the silicone bands do not fall off or deform.


A flashlight with an orange plastic case with rubber inclusions that protect the main elements from accidental drops or bumps. On the front part there are LED elements covered with transparent plastic windows, and the main LED is additionally enclosed by a rubber sheath. The main light has a small reflector, but even it is enough to create a powerful beam of directional light. A fluorescent ring is located around the reflector, which after turning off is highlighted for a while. On the sides of the main LED are two lines of 4 LEDs each. This is a diffused light that fills with soft illumination in front of the lantern, at the same time it can act as a signal with red illumination.

On the right side there is a switch for selecting the operating mode, by rotating which you can select the optimal level of light. During switching, a clear fixation is felt, and there should be no accidental switching. This method of selecting the operating mode is convenient, since the desired mode is already set when the power is turned off / on. On the other end, a regular holder is organized to regulate and maintain the angle of inclination of the flashlight.

In total, there are 6 modes of tilting the flashlight carcass, thus it will be possible to choose the best option. Changing the angle of inclination is carried out with little effort and is accompanied by a click, and spontaneous change is impossible.

On the top edge there is a power button protected by a rubber pad that protects against water and dirt. The button is flush with the main body, so accidental activation is excluded. The button does not have any additional illumination. In general, I liked this method of switching on, because you can always turn it on by hand and already set the desired glow mode with the rotary switch.

At the bottom there is a connector for connecting a power source and an LED indicator. All this is covered with a rubber plug, which additionally protects against accidental ingress of moisture and dirt. During the connection of external power, the red LED lights up, changing its glow after a full charge.

The base holding the flashlight body and holding it at the moment of rotation has small slots for installing rubber straps. The design is universal and a three-point strap can be installed. There is a small amount of information on nutrition on the back of the flashlight. The back cover is held by 4 self-tapping screws, and a silicone seal is used to protect against water and dust.

Work examples

The headlamp Photon RSA-800 has 6 modes of operation with sequential switching.

  • 100% brightness of directional light;
  • 30% brightness of directional light;
  • 100% ambient light brightness;
  • 100% brightness of directional and diffused light;
  • continuous red light;
  • pulsating red light (SOS mode).

Let’s start, perhaps, with a directional light with maximum brightness + ambient light. If we carry out rough measurements of the range, then it not only corresponds to reality, but also a little further. Since the distance between the pillars is 50-60 meters. The “distant light” directional has a rather narrow beam and a spot up to 15 cm in size is formed at a distance of a meter from the wall. At the same time, a rather large area is illuminated in front of the flashlight with a coverage angle of more than 90-110 degrees.

To understand the brightness, I give an example of working at 30% of the main light.

To understand the general picture of lighting, I propose to look at the «gif» for changing modes. Not all modes are shown.


The headlamp Photon RSA-800, having dust and moisture protection, can become a companion on the road not only for tourists, but also for repair personnel. In addition, the case is endowed with rubber inserts providing high impact resistance. Several modes of operation will allow you to choose a convenient light for comfortable work or walking in the dark. A full charge of the battery will last up to 6 hours of continuous operation. Remembering the last mode of operation will allow you to immediately start using it when you turn it on. The glow range is impressive for its price, while it is worth considering the multi-mode and convenience of location on the head. The flashlight can be bought on OZON or on Ali.

Even more convenient and practical flashlights in my selection.


  • separation of the power button and change modes of operation;
  • saving the last enabled mode;
  • tilt adjustment;
  • several modes of operation and brightness;
  • rubberized strap.


  • it is not always convenient to switch modes while wearing gloves.


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