Exceptionally, extremely rarely, flashlights enter the market, where an additional side light is added to the main, classic light from the end. After Sunwayman and Rofis gave oak, only Lumintop dares to take risks with such a decision. I offer you an overview of their latest model. 21700 battery, 5 lines of modes, additional light — it looks interesting. But how will it turn out in reality?

Osram? Interesting…

Declared characteristics:

LED: Luminus SST40 on the front and 8*NlCHlA on the side.
Brightness: 1600 lumens
Range: 280 meters.
Charging and discharging USB Type-C with built-in indicator.
Built-in overcharge, overdischarge and reverse polarity protection.
Powered by one 21700 or 18650 Li-ion battery
The locking function prevents accidental activation.
Magnet in the tail
Aluminum housing with Ill HA premium anti-abrasive finish.
IP68 waterproof

Packaging and appearance

Modest and neat white box. To put it bluntly, I liked the asceticism of the old beiges more to my liking. Be that as it may, it looks nice, but the gift potential is not the strongest.

The set is minimal, does not include a case and a battery. The latter is rather a plus, since they would still put some kind of UG at the price of a normal can, which we could see in the review of a very nice compact long-range flashlight Lumintop D2. I, without a doubt, would rather choose and buy the right one myself. to me battery.

The flashlight is never small. Luckily, if you’re interested in this combination of main and side light in a smaller body, Lumintop has the E05C at 9cm long. The manufacturer, by the way, pretty screwed up in promotional materials: both the size they have is indicated from another model, and the LED suddenly became Osram.

In general, the size at the level of convoy s2 + is quite acceptable and the flashlight is simply not compact, but this does not mean that it is too big. Flashlight like a flashlight

The design is unusual. The body is as simple as possible, without any of the usual diamond-shaped pineapple knurling. And it stands out from the rest of the mass of lanterns with a long white rectangle of a diffuser. In general, I did not like the design. It is not faceless — you will not confuse it with anything else Lumintop E21C. Simply, he is not admirable I personally have and this is not a reason to call the design bad, everything is subjective here.

It seems that there is nothing to complain about — the flashlight has its own zest. But in my case, I repeat, the design did not touch any heart nerves.

The grip due to the size and shape of the case is quite comfortable and reliable.

The paint from the ring for the suspension in the tail began to peel off even in the harshest viewing conditions. It is to be expected that in real use it will very quickly leave the ring all

The magnet at the end needs to be quite strong to support the 12cm arm of the case with confidence. And yes, he can handle it.

There are springs on both sides.

The type-C plug of the charging connector is thick and reliable. Charging current close to 2A is undoubtedly good. Also, if necessary, you can use the flashlight as a backup power source, it works in power bank mode.

The protruding button has an indicator light and will not cause any difficulties in blind search. The course is average, with a noticeable click.

Important! Button Very sensitive and I highly recommend blocking the flashlight every time so it doesn’t turn on in your pocket — and without blocking it will turn on 10 out of 10 times. Frankly, I’m not used to this and the need to do things that I usually don’t do with other flashlights made me feel frankly annoyed.

The rest of the button is good. Once again, it is easy to find by touch.

The rest of the case under the button is occupied by a diffuser panel, under which 8 Nichia LEDs are hidden. The panel does not bulge, there are no visible backlashes and gaps.

Under the bezel ring is a shallow, smooth reflector with SST40 at the bottom.

In general, everything is neat and good, but the design did not cause any emotional excitement in me. The button is, of course, both very easy to find blindly and accidentally pressed. I don’t like having to block it every time.


Management is quite primitive.

Inclusion on click, shutdown by retention.

Brightness selection on click

Switching between side and main light — 2 clicks from ON

Mandatory (time) blocking takes 5 seconds of hold, so you will definitely lose the ability to quickly access the light.

Selecting Mode Groups: 10 clicks off, flashlight flashes 5 times. 1 blink — the first group of modes, the second blink — the second, and so on. Let me remind you that in the flashlight there are two groups of three modes that differ from each other in brightness.

By default there is 1 group low1-mid1-high1
Group 2: low2-mid2-high2
Group 3: mid1-high1-strobe
Group 4: sos — breath (soft, barely changing light) — beacon
5: Turn off and turn on the mode memory.

In general, you can use. But for me, three modes without an instant firefly and a turbo are frankly not enough.

I think that control is the weak point of this flashlight. With its straightforwardness convenient for the average user, it resembled the Fenix ​​interface and this is likely to repel an advanced user. That’s just to this straightforwardness, understandable to anyone, the manufacturer screwed a still non-obvious and not the easiest choice between groups of modes.

That is, for an advanced user, there will be no problem climbing these groups, and no interest in 3 modes.
And for the average user, the pleasant ease of operation will be complemented by the need to keep in mind all these 5 groups of modes and the way to switch between them.

In short, you can use And even the logic in the management is somehow visible. But there is no particular joy.

How Lumintop E21C shines

Unexpectedly, but the brightness stabilization of this frankly expensive flashlight is at the level of an ultra-budget line. In principle, this is not so bad in all modes except High — there the eye will gradually adapt to this drop in brightness and for it it will be stable, but the flashlight will shine longer. But if you turn on the flashlight on an already run down battery, then you can forget about the initial brightness.

side light

In short, unexpected and unpleasant.

Surprisingly, with cooling, you get a noticeable increase in operating time at maximum brightness, which in this case is no longer limited to 5 minutes. However, this should not be overestimated. With positive autumn temperatures, the body of the flashlight will cool enough to give you this bonus, but not enough to reach comfortable temperatures for your hands. In winter, obviously, this appendage of operating time at maximum brightness will be more convenient because it will not burn your hands.

It’s time to say something good about Lumintop E21C. Mediocre handling and no stabilization are compensated by very pleasant light.

To put it bluntly, SST40 is now used in a huge number of flashlights from major brands. AND absolutely in all models I have seen (from non-budget brands, I repeat) with this LED, the manufacturer joyfully sacrificed the quality of light for the sake of an extra handful of lumens. As a result, the user received a homeopathic appendage of brightness and an undoubtedly unpleasant cold light.

Ah, I remember a pleasant exception. Sofirn SP35 (review) just the same has an option with 5000K on SST40. However, this is a budget brand. You can wait for the manufacturer of the Nitecore Fenix ​​ Olight level to give you something other than cold light before carrot incantation.

I have not the slightest complaint about the light of Lumintop E21C, it is pleasant and comfortable.

The main light is good for working at medium distances, in case of need it will reach that way for a hundred meters for sure. But best of all, he reveals himself as a walking-grass light that way from 5 to 20 meters. Good color temperature, comfortable light distribution in this radius — nothing to complain about.

For outdoors, I would choose the default first group of modes, while indoors the second will be convenient.

The only question is, what was the gag behind dividing them into these two groups?

side light here Very bright. I think that this brightness is excessive (and not practical due to its rapid fall). But in some situations, its stock can help you out. And for ordinary needs there are junior modes

General impressions

Lumintop E21C is a frankly strange flashlight that leaves very contradictory impressions.

Three modes seem to be enough. And the brightness in these modes is fairly well spaced into two groups: for indoors or outdoors. But still, this only three modes and such an ascetic set is really annoying — any other branded flashlight of similar cost (not taking into account, sorry, LL) offers you 4-6 brightness levels suitable for each situation.

I believe that this idea with groups of modes did not add any convenience to the end user. And it will certainly scare away the inexperienced user. So I can’t bring control to an advantage. In fact, it is a variation of the well-known biscotti interface. I quite welcome the latter in $15-20 flashlights, but not in $60-80 flashlights. Well, a special “thank you” should be said for the inability to quickly unlock the flashlight. And it needs to be blocked. every once you put it in your pocket. I’m more than sure that it was possible to make normal handling without all these biscotti-shaped crutches. So that there was a firefly, and a turbo, and blocking, and side light. As an example — Wurkkos HD20 (review). Also 2 LEDs and one button control. Yes, and previous models with side light had quite sane control.

In short, that management, that stabilization here is at the level of frankly budget convoy models.

On the other hand, we have support for a capacious 21700 power supply with its good operating time, built-in charging with a good current. The magnet at the end and the suspension will clearly undoubtedly help to unlock the potential of side light.

And here the light itself is just on top. Lumintop did not waste time on trifles and the only major brands installed SST40 not with cold light, for which they are honored and praised. The flashlight shines brightly and is quite convenient for most everyday purposes. It won’t be as comfortable up close as Wurkkos TS21 and won’t go as far as Sofirn C8Gbut in most of those cases in which the average user uses a flashlight, the E21C will be quite convenient.

The side light is very bright and comfortable. There is plenty of both quality and quantity. In the presence of a magnet in the tail cap, this side light will be an excellent tool for any repair and maintenance work. In nature, there is nowhere to magnetize a flashlight, but it can be hung horizontally. In principle, if you need diffused light for close work, then you can turn on the side panel and shine under her feet.

So it turns out that what the flashlight should do — that is, shine, it does very well. The trouble is that the management here can not be called convenient. However, if you use Fenix ​​or Convoy, then I do not expect that it will cause you obvious dissatisfaction. But if you are used to comfortable control, the situation becomes definitely different …

As a result, I really like the idea inherent in Lumintop E21C, as well as almost the main thing in it is light.

But I definitely don’t like the other two features that can’t be ignored when choosing a flashlight: handling and stabilization. Neither one nor the other, the flashlight did not please me.

In general, if you wanted to choose a universal EDC flashlight, then the Lumintop E21C can be the one for you if you weigh the pros and cons sensibly for yourself. And I have to weigh it, because the Lumintop E21C has become one of the most controversial models that I have in my hands.

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