I have been waiting for this versatile flashlight for a long time! Bright near and penetrating high beam, capacious power supply from 3 * 21700 batteries, built-in fast Type-C charging. It turned out that what is constantly asked in the comments, namely a flashlight that can shine both near and far. The same workhorse for all needs at once.


  • LED: 12* Nichia 519a / Samsung LH351D for low beam + 1 * Luminus SFT40 for high beam

  • Maximum brightness: 12000 lumens for Samsung LH351 and for Nichia 519A

  • Maximum range 637 meters

  • Driver: FET (low beam) + Buck-boost (high beam)

  • Beam Angle: Far 7°, Near 78°

  • Standard preset brightness modes stepless brightness adjustment

  • Working voltage: 2.7V-4.2V

  • Power supply: 3*21700

  • Built-in Type-C (supporting PD fast charge protocol)

  • Size: 132.4mm (length) x 62.4mm (head diameter)

  • Weight: 435 ± 1 grams (excluding batteries)

  • Flashlight housing: aluminum

  • Waterproof IP68

Packaging and appearance

Traditional Sofirnovskaya no packaging. Just a beige cardboard box with zero gift. But, as usual with Sofirn, the contents of the box are much more interesting.

UPD! Now the box is quite decent.

And inside we have a flashlight itself, a charging cable, o-rings, a manual and a warranty. Removable handle and 3 batteries are optional, then you decide whether to buy them or not. I will say this — I don’t see the point of taking it without a pen at all.

While the pen is on its way to me, I can only limit myself to the photographs that the manufacturer provided me. They will come to me, I will reshoot and add my own.

And here is the flashlight itself. It is made in the popular “soda can” size and its design, as usual for Sofrin, is frankly simple, according to the principle “do you want to checkers or go?”

Here is the assembly with the handle from Acebeam X50.2

Here, for example, another flashlight with the same combined light and the same power supply — Imalent MR90. It is much larger and more expensive. I will tell you about him soon. Or maybe I won’t tell you — this is Imalent and the manufacturer may decide that it’s easier to write off the review sample for losses than to reveal the truth about their next wonderful invention.

Here is another clear comparison — I had another representative of this kind of flashlights on my hands. Thoroughbred, elite, insanely bright and 4 times more expensive Acebeam X50.2, which I recently reviewed.

The difference in price is colossal, agree, well, is the difference in design to match it? Not that the SofirnWurkkos audience was interested in all sorts of design frills, but is it really difficult and expensive to play around with knurling?

As you can see, the flashlight has a wide flat tail, it confidently stands as a candle and, in the presence of a diffuser, can become a good source of light in the room. Although you can just bang the reflected light into the ceiling.

The knurling on the case is tenacious, thanks to the longitudinal grooves, and the grip here is comfortable, I like the diameter of the case with 3 * 21700 batteries more than the good old 4 * 18650.

But if the flashlight heats up quickly at higher brightness, then it would be appropriate to make a hole for the lanyard, it will come in handy for those who will use the flashlight without a handle. Now the hole for the lanyard is only in it.

The handle is comfortable, with ergonomic recesses for the fingers. But the difference in design is visible here. The grip is comfortable and without a handle, but holding the flashlight like this will be justified only when working at low brightness.

Until the pen arrived, for the review I used the pen from Acebeam X50.2

If desired, the flashlight can be fixed on a tripod, since the thread here is standard

As is usually the case with this kind of flashlights, it is divided into a head and a “glass” for batteries.

If you unscrew the tail cap, you can see the reverse side of the board with contact springs. The latter are thick, shunted. From the side of the head, as usual in such cases, there is no spring — there is a slip ring

Medium sized thread, trapezoidal and anodised.

Cheers cheers! Sofirn put in something that was lacking in other similar flashlights, namely an adapter for flathead batteries. The bulk of 21,700 batteries are just the same flat-headed.

By the way, to my surprise, the flashlight worked perfectly fine even without the ring. But here it is better to let it be. I admit that without it, the ring can eventually wipe the heat shrink and short the battery

The head is large and wide, perfectly harmonious looking on the same large and wide body.

The cooling fins are numerous and quite deep (although I think that the lower ones could be made deeper). However, I strongly doubt that they will be of any use in older modes. A much greater influence on the heat sink here should be given by the metal array itself in such a rather big case.

The pad with buttons is neat, but quite budget-friendly. Buttons ruin everything. Metal ones would be much more attractive. But that would have been a completely different price tag. However, from the position of functionality, protruding buttons are much more convenient than a flat and pretty metal round. Well, again, it’s a matter of taste.

Between the buttons are 4 small indicators of charging-battery capacity.

On the opposite side of the buttons, as usual, is the charging connector. The cap is thick and secure. No matter how I crawled over it with my fingers, I didn’t manage to accidentally open it — wonderful.

6 hours is not bad for 3 * 21700, but it could be done faster

If necessary, the flashlight also works in power bank mode. 45 watts * hour from complete batteries. 2A discharge

The bezel teeth are wide and not at all aggressive. The dog was not afraid.

Glass with enlightenment and anti-reflective. Below it are a dozen LEDs (brighter XPL for the average user and less bright but better light LH351D for gourmets).

By the time the review was released, information appeared that it was possible that the XPL version would not be on sale after the initial print run was sold out, only the LH351D would remain. But! New Nichia 519A may replace XPL

In the center is a relatively compact (for a long-range flashlight) smooth reflector with an SFT40 LED. However, this is a good bright and fairly long-range LED, which knocks out 85.5 kilocandels that are quite good for a reflector of this size.

UPD Now there is also a Nichia 519a version on sale, it is on the left

As a result, we get another Sofirn / Wurkkos i.e. a flashlight that in most cases is as inferior to the hyped fat expensive models in design as it is superior to them in functionality.


Classical Sofirnov control. It is quite convenient, and the fact that it is duplicated in two buttons makes it possible to set different modes for each light, conditionally LOW + MID.

OFF-OFF — on click

Hold from ON — change brightness

Hold Off — Firefly

2 clicks — turbo

3 clicks from ON toggle between step and step

4 clicks out OFF lock

How the Wurkkos TS32 shines

The main beam is stabilized in all modes below turbo, the low beam is not.

In reality, we get the following.

The near one enters the thermoregulation saw when cooling in HIGH and the far one in TURBO without cooling. Important! In the period from October to April (and especially in winter), the situation can be radically different.

Here is a closer high beam in turbo mode, almost 3 hours before the brightness drops by 50%, it’s quite decent, if you remember that 2000 lum is declared for 100%.

In other modes, the far is stabilized and will shine for a long time. Almost 7 hours of HIGH is really a lot.

Well, the light

Don’t expect the low beam turbo to last long — 10000+ lumens in such a case warms it up very quickly and when turned on from a warm state (i.e. almost always in real use) it will swoop down. But still, due to even half a minute of such a dive, this is not bad due to the high brightness. You will succeed in quickly flooding everything around with light. If the Wurkkos TS32 had an Anduril interface, it would be possible to raise the thermal cutoff threshold in order to increase the turbo time, but Anduril would become an unbearable challenge for the general public.

Yes, and with HIGH you will have 4 minutes before resetting to about 1200-1500lum. It’s definitely not that much for ~3000 lumens in this case.

For example, the low beam MID already heats up the body to the temperature limit for bare hands

And this MID is enough for your eyes. Wurkkos TS32 will normally digest this brightness and for the whole mass of everyday needs it will be the very demanded light.

And so, given the fact that there is a pen, it would be possible to raise it to 60-65. But this would already make it impossible to work without a pen, and someone will buy without it for sure (although, why?).

In general, if you do not abuse the turbo, then there are chances that you will not encounter a thermoregulation saw. Especially in winter.

Everything in the world is wonderful. Wurkkos TS32 has the very versatile light that many users want so much. There are only a few models with such light on the market, and they cost much more. Well, do not forget that they have no alternative with cold light, and Wurkkos TS32 also offers the LH351D version with lower brightness and neutral color temperature, the light quality here will be much higher.

I, in fact, recommend buying it, I don’t see any sense in the wall of cold light from XPL2. Although, from experience, there are people who, on principle, buy flashlights with cold light. Well, again, it is worth considering that by the time the XPL2 review is released, it is no longer on sale at all and it is not a fact that it will appear.

Otherwise, the dipped beam is a classic wash light, from a firefly to exceptional brightness in a turbo. Good comfortable light for walking, working indoors. Taking into account the ability to mount on a tripod also as a photo light (LH351D is good, but they promise an even better version with Nichia 219C)



Here it will also be cold — namely, the main beam. It is quite sufficient light for absolutely all ordinary needs and will make it possible to highlight anything within a radius of 300m. At 200m, it gives a wonderful light in brightness. How often do you have to shine further?

Here, in turn, go HIGH and TURBO of each of the flashlights.

But the biggest advantage is the ability to turn both lights on together at the right level for each. This makes the Wurkkos TS32 an exceptionally interesting searchlight that will allow you to shine both near and far at the same time. However, for me, such general light is limited to MID + MID modes, brighter ones will already heat up the flashlight and start “sawing”. But visually MID+MID is delightfully comfortable. The near one here is already bright enough to illuminate everything around well at a distance of 15 meters, and the far one confidently breaks through a hundred meters.

I am sure that from these gifs it will be possible to understand absolutely everything that is needed.

As you can see, there is some kind of light at 650m, but that’s exactly what it is. However, with respect to the overall dimensions of the reflector, this is not bad. Most high-beam needs, I’m sure, lie at much close range.

UPD. The Nichia 519A version got to me. As soon as the weather permits, I will shoot. While it looks nicer than 351d, less green. Although this is a matter of taste. In the summer with plenty of foliage, things can look the opposite in favor of the 351D.

General impressions

Now I will sing praises, because for me Wurkkos TS32 has become one of the most anticipated flashlights this year.

It’s too tempting to get a truly versatile flashlight with convenient controls, great brightness and range, with great runtime and built-in charging. And most importantly — for not just a small (although some subscribers from my vk group managed to snatch it with coupons just for a gift), but frankly a reasonable price. Something similar from a major brand would cost no less than 2 times higher and not the fact that it would be better. Of course, for this price you can take two separate ones from SofirnWurkkos, for near and far. But you can take one flashlight at once for all needs.

So, I’m sure that almost anyone will like the Wurkkos TS32. You want to shine into the distance. If you want, shine close. If you want, you turn on the near and far.

You can shine on a float fifty meters away from you, and then switch and comfortably shine under your feet.

You can fill a whole hangar with light and you can reach the top of a neighboring mountain with a beam (by the way, I’m sure that in the Caucasus such a flashlight will generally be in the subject). There is no use from him in the city and on the scale of the garden.

But if you go hunting or fishing, if you have a large plot of land, if you need to keep an eye on the animals on the pasture, the flashlight should show its best side.

In search activities, again, he must also become the same jack of all trades.

In short, this is the very rare case when universality does not become crutches. The flashlight is fully capable as a source of low and high beams. It will not scare either the price or the complexity of management.

The best recommendation would be that I leave the LH351D version for my needs, although it is far from certain that I will need it at all. Simply, I think that such a universal flashlight should be in the household. And I hope that my review convinced you of this too. Of course, it will not be the only one for the average user either, the Wurkkos TS32, with all its advantages, is untenable from the position of a pocket flashlight and here you need some small and unpretentious add-on like Sofirn SP35 or Sofirn SC32, if we are talking about a very compact flashlight. Not to mention the forehead … But for all other needs, it will actually become a universal choice in a good way.

Probably the only thing I would change is this:

  1. made the charging more powerful, so that each battery went that way for 2A

  2. I would raise the thermal cutoff threshold higher. anyway, the flashlight should be used with a pen

ps The abundance of such positive is quite a reason to suspect me of bias. If you bother to read my other reviews, you can easily find frankly critical ones, from the same budget Sofirn to expensive Fenix

Where to buy and how to save

You can buy Wurkkos TS32 at aliexpress(take a coupon, don’t forget) | Yandex Market | SberMegaMarket

You can also save on the purchase of this and other goods with coupons and promotional codes from my discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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