The Chinese field of experimentation continues to bear fruit. Nitecore have released an unusual camping flashlight. Unusual not in shape, of course: the flashlight is made in a vintage lamp-cozy retro design. It is this combination of a long-forgotten design with a modern filling that is unusual.

Nitecore LR40 is made in the classic form of a hanging lamp. It is worth noting that there are two well-established standards for camping lamps. This is, conditionally, a “barrel” with its light going to the side and a “saucer”, which, due to the light going down, is convenient to hang.

117x96mm is a frankly small size, Nitecore LR40 will be symbolically larger than the budget hit Sofirn LT1S

As you can see, a distinctive feature of this flashlight is the grill that protects the lampshade. It also serves as a support on which you can put the Nitecore LR40 — this is what is usually lacking for “dishes” shining down

The built-in 4000mah Li-Ion battery is used as power, which will be charged via the Type-C charging connector. If necessary, the camping flashlight can be used as a power bank, for this there is a USB-A output.

Nitecore is the brand from which you do not expect any light other than cold. So I was frankly pleasantly surprised to see here the opportunity to choose a color temperature. Warm light, cold light, neutral when both types start, cold light. As a rule, cold light is brighter than warm light.

Therefore, I am inclined to assume that the specification here is traditionally evasive and promises a maximum of 100 lumens specifically for cold light.

The second reason to be pleasantly surprised — smooth brightness control. Surprisingly, the largest players in the lantern market stubbornly ignore this most convenient functionality. The same Sofirn-Wurkkos have long been making flashlights in which smooth and stepped brightness control can be switched to your liking. Compact bright flashlight Wurkkos TS22 a vivid (literally) example of this.

And now the Nitecore LR40 breaks the established rules and makes it possible to choose not the brightness that the manufacturer considered suitable for you, but which you yourself find convenient.

The Nitecore LR40 can’t be described as a really bright camping light. 100 lumens is a relatively small maximum brightness, whatever one may say. Here the LR40 completely merges the budget king-saucer with aliexpress (see photo).review)

However, the question still remains whether the Nitecore LR40 will be able to keep this brightness stabilized at all or will it fall to the conditional 40lum in 10 minutes. This is what will determine for me how practical the new product from Nitecore will be in general. If 100 lumens are constantly kept here for 8 hours, then this is an excellent indicator, which means that the lantern will be enough for a full overnight stay.

On the other hand, if you hang a flashlight over the table, then it will be more than enough to illuminate it entirely. It is enough for a tent. And for some situations, it will generally be redundant. In this regard, 100 lum would suit me quite well.

And if I am quite calm about 100 lumens of maximum brightness, then 10 lumens of minimum brightness, on the contrary, I find too bright. Often, a camping flashlight is used as a night light. And here 10 lumens will no doubt be too bright.

Let’s hope that in the near future it will be possible to personally check all the questions that interest me and provide readers with a review of the Nitecore LR40.

Now it is appropriate to give references to the two previous models, Nitecore LR50 And Nitecore LR60

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