Camping lanterns are not only for outdoor enthusiasts, many also use them in the household, for example, to light up a barn or walk around the site in the dark. There are a huge number of various models that differ from each other in power, design and additional functions. In this review, we will focus on a small flashlight with sufficient bright lighting.


  • TYPE-C Models:

  • Material: ABS plastic

  • White color

  • Waterproof rating. IPX45

  • Service life: ≥ 3000h

  • Power: 320 Lumens

  • Endurance: strong light about 3.5 hours, weak light about 8 hours

  • Power Mode: Solar Energy, TYPE-C Charging

  • Availability of battery: yes

The flashlight is small in size, height 13 cm, width 11 cm, light enough in weight, made of smooth plastic. At the top is a small solar panel. On the rear panel there are two inputs and a power / mode switch button. The outlets are closed with a plastic door that snaps tightly, which is undoubtedly an excellent protection against moisture and dirt.

In total, the lamp has 4 modes of operation.
First mode : bright lighting, the light is cold, despite the modest size of the lamp, the brightness is enough to illuminate most of the parking lot, and if God forbid, you break a wheel on the road at night, then it will not be difficult to change it, the lamp will be able to illuminate the necessary area for work.

Second mode still the same cold, but dim light. Most likely, it is necessary for economical operation when the battery is low, or for lighting a very small area.

First full power mode

Third mode most reminiscent of a distress signal as the light flashes continuously, while the brightness is the same as in the first mode. Perhaps there is another purpose for this mode, but I don’t know it)

Last, fourth mode — the work of an external flashlight, in this case the light is warm, not very bright, the luminous flux is directed straight, in one direction.

In addition to lighting, this flashlight can also be used to recharge your phone. Charging is very slow, but again, if we consider, for example, some extreme situation far from civilization with a dead phone, then this function can be quite useful.

When you connect the cable from the lamp itself, the phone gives out such an inscription, while charging is still going on, albeit slowly.

The charging cable, as always, is from the “economy” series, only 50 cm long, i.e. you have to use it as a cord to connect to an outlet directly at home, where it is possible to place a lamp on a table, for example. If you use such a connection on the street, then you can’t do without a kilometer-long extension cord to the nearest outlet)

The lamp also has a convenient carrying handle with a metal hook. Thanks to him, you can fix the lamp on any surface.

The presence of a solar battery can be attributed to both pluses and minuses, it affects the power of the flashlight, the battery is charged without electricity, but its main drawback is that in the absence of sunlight, the work is completely reduced to zero.

In terms of packaging, there are no complaints, a thick cardboard box, the lamp was wrapped separately in a bag, plus a meter of bubble wrap, thanks to which everything came whole.

Conclusion: despite its modest size, the lighting power is quite good, plus its compact size and the ability to charge your phone. The price is reasonable, it is fully justified by the functionality.

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