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The choice of a person who is looking for an inexpensive camping lantern on Aliexpress is bleak. In 10 cases out of 10 it will be a disgusting cold light and control, where an invigorating strobe is sewn to 2-3 main brightness levels. Of course, even among this fecal abundance, you can find something with a good price-functional ratio, and I have already done it review $5 mini camping light with built-in battery that is worth every cent.

The more I was surprised to find a good-looking flashlight with long-lasting power from 3 * 18650 batteries (important), warm light (very important) and power bank mode (not very important, but good).

Packaging and appearance

The packaging design turned out to be even better than I could have hoped for such a price. As long as you throw it away anyway, it doesn’t matter.

It is immediately clear that there are 2 options, designated 30 and 20 watts (9900mah 6600mah). In general, abstract numbers from which one can conclude that one version has 2 batteries, the other 3.

In the kit, in addition to the lamp, there are: a short charging cable, a piece of paper covered with hieroglyphs and a metal square with Velcro backing.

The light fixture itself looks and feels, albeit on a budget, but definitely not like an overtly cheap basement. And it’s definitely, definitely not small. Because of this, as well as extremely modest moisture protection, I would not consider it for serious tourism. Here it is more justified to take something reliable from Nitecore Fenix ​​(see my compilation camping lights). But for a simple outing into the forest, fishing or hunting, not to mention the cottage, it will do just fine.

Thick dark blue plastic without molding defects. Doesn’t stink. Of the clearly budgetary, there is only a lurid orange pair of buttons and plugs. But the same honeycombs look very stylish here! From the implicitly budget — tiny gaps and misaligned corners. For 17 bucks, you don’t give a damn about all this.

So, on top are the fasteners. This is a magnet ring and a suspension hook. The magnet is strong enough to securely hold the lamp.

On the side are the mentioned button and plug. Not the thickest and most reliable, to be honest. There is also a window of a 4-segment indicator next to it.

The coolest part in design, the honeycomb behind which is the heat dissipation metal (nonsense for an ultra-budget) disk.

The plafond slightly misses, which is a plus. Much less likely to crack when dropped. It is effortlessly removed, exposing a disk with soldered LEDs.

Oppanki, thermal paste is zero here! However, due to the rapid drop from maximum brightness, the disk only manages to heat up to “just warm”, nothing more — I checked it by holding it in my hands.

And one more “oppanki” is that, according to a good tradition, almost any super-budget product from aliexpress, the battery capacity is lower than stated. And here we see 2500mah through the heat shrink, which in total gives the undeclared 9900mah.

Ease of access and design does not prevent the sufferer from replacing accs with the same cheap lithocalopanases and adding not superfluous, to put it bluntly + — 2000mah capacity.

If you add something with better current output there, then, I’m sure, you can improve the situation with drawdowns on the chart. And if the seat were also symbolically longer, it would be possible to shove a trinity of 21700. But this is a completely unattainable ideal.

I do not presume to comment on the circuitry, but the work schedules make it possible to understand that everything here is extremely simple and expected, without stabilization.

In general, quite, quite good for such a price. Significantly higher than what I expected.


Usually it’s worse, the inevitable stroboscope here is still stuck separately and released into the wild by holding the button.

The rest of the brightness goes like this: High-medium-low-off

This at all not cool, you will definitely go blind at night. you will have to press the lamp with a ceiling lamp to the belly and unwind the brightness down

Starting from the minimum brightness would definitely be more practical. Yes, and turn off by holding, so as not to go blind, climbing into the maximum lumens every time you need to turn off the lamp.

how it shines

In terms of operating time, everything is decent, 7500mah is actually a lot. The maximum mode is comparable in brightness to a 50-watt incandescent lamp, but drops to 55% in a couple of minutes. In general, any (except Sofirn LT1) camping lantern will give you the same drop. But don’t treat it like a normal short-term turbo, falling to the undeniably bright MID level will last about 50 minutes. During this time, you will have a really bright light, and then the flashlight will also work at a good level.

At minimum brightness, you will have more than two days of continuous work. Visually, this is something of the order of 20-30 lumens, that is, quite good.

But for the rest … Here is the most relish. Combination of two winning features:

a) This is actually a bright camping lamp. Even with a short maximum brightness.

b) This is a camping lamp with warm light.

For the most part, branded camping lamps (now these are Fenix ​​CL and Nitecore LR) give that way 5000K color. This is definitely head and shoulders above the cold abomination of any camping chandelier from Aliexpress. But there is no comfort, there is no comfort!

But in the lamp, the review of which you are reading, the light is about 4000K no higher. And it’s really cool. I remind you that in terms of size and light there is an analogue from the Bright Beam, the link to which I gave at the beginning of the review.

There is also a minus — the minimum brightness is too high for comfortable light in the «firefly» mode. Due to the price, the brightness here is probably regulated through PWM, and if you lower it to a level of about 1 lumen, then the light will decompose into hertz ripples, mold and linden honey. I hope that Sofirn, to whom I gave a link and pushed the idea of ​​a deep OEM modernization, will solve this issue.

Well, the most interesting thing is how does this hiking lamp with aliexpress shine? Yes, it shines amazing. Perfectly shows itself in suspension. No matter how enchantingly cool Sofirn LT1, its shape gives light to the sides, leaving a dead zone below. But at the saucer, of course, the opposite is true — the light goes down.

For comparison, from right to left: 50 watt incandescent lamp lamp from the review $ 5 remnant

Well, brightness modes. Here in the album gifs that better show how the brightness changes. But it’s best to watch the video review.

As a result, it turns out that in summer the average brightness is enough for your eyes in order to not bad (you can play cards without discomfort) to highlight the same gazebo actually until dawn. The other day, the lights were turned off in our SNT, and until late in the evening a considerable company of people reveled and cut themselves into a «goat» precisely in the medium mode. There was definitely enough brightness to illuminate the 4 * 3 gazebo.

At a height of a meter from the table, you can read comfortably for the eyes.

Alas, the lower mode is definitely too bright for a night light. In the gazebo, he will give a cozy twilight, maybe even brighter. It depends on how high to hang and what size gazebo. In the same garage, you can move freely, everything is perfectly visible. But it will work in this mode for 2 and a half days. Well, look at the video, everything is clear there.

General impressions

Of course, this camping lamp with alixpress is not without flaws. He has an extremely primitive and rather uncomfortable control. It has a significantly overestimated capacity and insufficient reliability for serious tourism.

But! All this pales in comparison to its advantages, the first of which is a cozy neutral-warm light. Any other budget camping luminaire will have uncompromisingly nasty cold light. And in order to get something with at least a decent color temperature, you either need to use a flashlight with a diffuser, or buy an expensive branded model. And that, believe me, the rarest exceptions (again Bright Beam Camping Chandelier 6) will still not have such a cozy light. And yet (with the exception of only one — Sofirn LT1) unconditionally merge according to the duration of work.

The second advantage is the price. 17 bucks (and even less with a coupon or promo code) is just a gift. Absolutely everything that you can buy for this price will be worse in everything: operating time, control (catch the strobe after maximum brightness), and, in fact, light.

By and large, one such lamp is enough for your eyes. For one full night she will give wonderful according to the brightness of the light. But! Personally, I’m leaning towards getting two. For nature, such brightness will be redundant, destroying the magic of nighttime outdoor recreation. But in the gazebo or in the country (and just as a source of backup light in case of a power outage), running two pieces at once in medium mode will allow you to achieve really a high and long-lasting brightness level for a more than affordable overall price tag.

I want to remind you that Sofirn is interested in the price-functionality ratio of this model, it is quite possible that after the upgrade they will offer a much more interesting model for a small difference in cost with the original. At a basic level, I see improved management and the installation of better batteries in terms of capacity and current output. In deep modernization, stabilization is quite real. And if it’s absolutely ideal, then 3 * 21700.

For such a version, it’s no longer a pity to put two current price tags, anyway it will be at the level of junior camping lights from FenixNitecore.

If you want to choose an inexpensive camping lantern from aliexpress, and even with good light and duration, then I think that now this is the best choice. Anything cheaper is much worse. And much of what is more expensive will lose according to some of the indicators. In short, as for me, this is an ideal option for the average user. Dacha outing fishing-hunting — this camping lamp should show its best side here. If you need red light, interchangeable batteries and more convenient control, look at the model from a bright beam. It is more expensive, but it is a feasible difference.

Where to buy and how to save

With a price tag of $ 15-17 (1100-1300r), I did not hesitate for a second and immediately ordered this lamp for aliexpress in this store

UPD now there is a much more interesting version at 3 * 21700 (review)

It should be noted that there is a fairly close functionalanalogue from the Bright Beam — Bright Beam CL-360a «Camping Chandelier 6». There is the same warm light and 18650 batteries. True, there are two of them, but they interchangeable. The brightness goes from bottom to top + there is a red light mode. Well, fast delivery + warranty. You can buy on Yandex Market or Citylink

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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