The development of LED technology has advanced greatly in the last decade and now on the flashlight market you can buy a frankly cheap flashlight with quite good characteristics that will satisfy the needs of most users. It was such a budget flashlight that came to me today for a review.

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Brief specifications

  • Body material: aluminum
  • magnifying lens: yes
  • LED type: Q5 + COB
  • Charging port: micro-USB
  • Battery type: built-in
  • Number of glow modes: 3

When placing an order, you can additionally purchase a plastic case for storing and transporting the flashlight. I must say right away that, in my opinion, it is absolutely not needed for a flashlight, I purchased it for use for other purposes. However, I will add that the case is made of thick plastic and has foam inserts inside.

The package includes a flashlight, a case and a charging cable. I note that based on the price, a flashlight and a case immediately give a good impression, but the charging cable is short and of rather low quality.

The whole package weighs 85 grams, and separately the flashlight weighs 52 grams.

The photo below shows the overall dimensions of the device. In the first two photos, the length of the lantern is measured in the base position and with the lens extended to focus the light flux. On the third and fourth photos, the diameter of the flashlight is measured on both sides.

The flashlight is compact and fits comfortably in the hand, and can be easily carried in any pocket.

From the front of the flashlight, when moving the lens, you can see the LED.

On the back there is a charging port, a power button, and a small fabric loop. With the button, you can select one of three lighting modes: turning on the main LED, stroboscope of the main LED, turning on the front LED.

When the flashlight is charging, the red indicator lights up, which goes out after the battery is fully charged.

The device, surprisingly, shines quite well, below are a few photos of the LEDs in different modes.

Operation of the main LED.

With maximum focusing of the light flux on the light meter sensor at arm’s length, the following indicators are displayed:

When the light flux is scattered, the luxmeter shows 1363 Lux at arm’s length from the flashlight.

Operation of the front LED.

In this mode, the luxmeter fixes approximately the following indicators.

You can buy here Cheaper with delivery from Russia Other budget models

Summing up, I want to note that for the money this is an excellent flashlight model for domestic use. Such a flashlight is convenient to carry and can help in various situations. It is also worth adding that I was really surprised by the brightness of the LEDs and the flashlight in general. I recommend considering this model as a spare lamp or as a home lamp. Well, that’s all, dear readers, thank you for your attention.

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