Universal flashlights have always attracted me with the presence of additional functions. Agree, it’s nice when the flashlight not only shines, but can, for example, recharge a dead phone. The FOTON PB-6000 rechargeable searchlight, which will be discussed in this review, is just one of these models: it charges external devices, works in the high-beam, diffused and emergency light mode, and has a comfortable ergonomic handle. And all this — in a waterproof case.

  • body material — ABS;
  • directional light LED power — 10 W;
  • scattered light LED power — 3 W;
  • operating modes — directional (100% / 30%), emergency mode, scattered 100%;
  • battery — lithium-ion 4000 mAh;
  • operating time on a single charge — up to 5 hours;
  • charge time — up to 4 hours;
  • operating temperature — from — 15 to +40 degrees.
Packing and scope of delivery

Like all the manufacturer’s products, the device is packaged in a branded cardboard box with color images and detailed technical specifications. On the reverse side of the instructions for work and information about the manufacturer.

The package includes: a flashlight, a charging cable and a small instruction. Instruction with characteristics and description of possibilities. This flashlight has an extended 3-year warranty with a unique code on the body. To return, you just need to apply on the official website or by phone number.

Power cable in a plastic sheath with USB / micro USB connectors and no more than 50 cm long. It is not designed for high currents, and the charging current does not exceed 1A. In reverse mode, when charging external devices, fast protocols are not provided.


Lantern in a plastic housing in black/orange. The device is designed so that the bottom surface serves as a stable stand.

In the upper part, there is a convenient ergonomic handle with additional stiffening ribs, so you don’t have to worry about safety. The handle is one-piece with a common body. The grip is comfortable for both large and small hands. On the handle there is a physical power button with an additional rubber seal. The pressure is clear with a characteristic click, so there should be no accidental operation.

In the back, under a transparent cover, there are power interfaces and LED indicators. The lid additionally received rubber seals that protect against moisture. The charge level of the built-in battery works only at the time of charging or powering another device, so the lid is open at these moments. The wish of the manufacturer would be to view the residual level without connecting external sources or consumers.

If you look closely, you can see a small protrusion on the handle, which provides additional support when installing the lamp on the shank.

In the working area, behind a plastic window, there is an annular diffused light matrix consisting of 22 LEDs. Between the transparent window and the retaining cover is a rubber seal to protect against moisture and dust. A soft rubber ring is installed between the cover and the body, thus, protection against moisture is achieved, although this item is not declared in the characteristics.

In the center of the matrix-ring is a directional light LED with a mirror smooth reflector. The reflector angle is small, so a direct directional light with a decent working range is created. From a distance of 1 meter, a spot with a diameter of 10-12 cm is formed on the wall.

Upon closer examination and removal of the front part from the case, you can see pin spring-loaded contacts, and a little further in a separate compartment, a battery is installed. Quite an unusual way of transmitting a signal. Inside the head, again behind a sealed cover, there are matrices of LEDs and a control board. LEDs have aluminum substrates and power is supplied through wires. The battery is declared for 4000, and is set to 4400 mAh.

Examples of work and measurements

The flashlight has 4 modes of operation: directed 100%, directed 30%, directed emergency and scattered. All modes are switched by a single short press of the button. There are no hidden modes or memorization.

The operating range was measured by the manufacturer according to the ANSI FL 1 standard, which is mentioned on the box. We will carry out standard measurements of the glow range in the dark.

Aimed at 100% and 30%. In addition to the direct beam, there is a slight light around the spot, so it is convenient to move around with such illumination in the dark, including immediately switching to the illumination of distant objects. If you roughly calculate the range, then at maximum brightness it turns out about 250 meters, and at 30% about 150 meters.

Ambient light is most suitable for moving through dark areas, as it creates an even illumination over the entire covered surface. The angle of the created coverage reaches 150-170 degrees in front of the lantern. With such a backlight, it will be convenient to highlight the work area.

The built-in battery is charged with a current of about 1A. External devices are charged with the same current, and when 1.5A is reached, it goes into protection and reboots. During charging or discharging, the charge level indicator of the built-in battery lights up.


Rechargeable LED spotlight Photon PB-6000 is quite a successful spotlight with several modes of operation. An additional nice feature was the ability to charge external devices. Moisture protection is organized at the proper level. Built-in batteries can later be replaced with more capacious ones.


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