There are two categories of reviews that are easy to do. The first ones are abusive and everything is clear here, everyone is ready to talk about the shortcomings. And, expectedly, on the contrary: the reviews are laudatory. It’s really easy to talk about a good thing, and I had no problems with reviews of flashlights from Acebeam. In a couple of worst cases, the models that came into my hands were just not bad.

And in general, I consider Acebeam the most interesting manufacturer of flashlights for one simple reason: they have the most reasonable ratio of marketing component and usability on the market. We are talking about the mass consumer, of course (this is the issue of zebralightfireflies and other meteors).

So, Acebeam L18, I will say in advance — an excellent flashlight and it is a worthy continuation of the previous long-range model Acebeam L17, which I talked about in the summer. As an older version, L18 has a longer range and more capacious power. Let’s take a closer look at it.

Packaging and appearance

As usual, excellent packaging with good printing. If you buy a flashlight as a gift, you will not be ashamed.

The kit includes: flashlight itself, charging cable, case, lanyard, spare button and o-rings.

Important! branded 5000mah 21700 battery with charging connector is not included!

But you can safely take pieces 4-5 ordinary Liitokala 21700 — their current is enough. But they will be shorter than branded and rattle a little. However, during normal use, even with strong shaking, the contact does not break. But so that the recoil from the shot does not break the contact, you can partially compensate for the difference in length with a pair of magnets on both poles, or completely with a pair of drops of solder (do not forget that Li-Ion Very afraid of overheating).

There is no adapter 18650-21700 either, which is strange. However, at the price of Litokalov’s 21700, I would not take a steam bath.

The cover is good. In general, Acebeam always has good cases.

And here is the flashlight itself. With its 154mm length, it fits well into the dimensions of a relatively compact long-range flashlight. There are, of course, models that are shorter, but there are also larger ones.

In terms of design, the L18 looks much more interesting than the previous L17 in my opinion. I liked that the manufacturer moved away from the usual knurling on the body and made a specific spiral, which allowed the flashlight to acquire an immediately recognizable appearance. And the aforementioned familiar knurling with rhombuses went to the head. It does not play any role other than decorative, but the flashlight looks and feels very nice in the hands without any reservations. However, Acebeam is able to give the flashlight a good appearance even without knurling — L17 is a confirmation of this.

As in the case of the L17, the tail button is in a recess here, but it sticks out. And with this in mind, I do not see any practical sense in deepening. To be fair, it doesn’t bother me. The button stroke is short, tight, with a noticeable click. Direct click.

If desired, you can install a remote button with instant access to both turbo and the last used brightness. Few? Also to the strobe too!

The spring in the tailcap is thick, as well as on the side of the head.

An additional sleeve is pressed inside the main body, which serves as a signal conductor.

Thread medium size, rectangular, well lubricated

But the clip could be made double-sided.

As I mentioned, the knurling has changed a lot with respect to the L17. In fact, she showed up at all. Unusual, spiral and quite tenacious. In fairness, the grip is quite normal and strong even without it due to the combination of a clip and an emphasis ring. The latter could not have been made round, so that the flashlight would not ride like it is now.

The aforementioned sleeve makes it possible to turn on the flashlight using the side button even when it is turned off using the tail button. The button is small and flat. The move is shallow with a slight click. I would prefer it to be just in the recess. But due to the fact that it is located on the flat part of the body, it is difficult to find it.

On the side of the case is a small indicator eye.

  • Green — more than 30% charge
  • Red — charge 30% — 10%
  • Red blinking — the charge is less than 10%

It is worth noting that the complete 21700 battery has a built-in type-C charging connector with a simple red-green indication of the charging process. By the way, Olight Nitecore prefer to do without a sleeve and tie the user to expensive branded batteries. Acebeam L18 works without problems with any third-party 21700. And this is a huge, huge plus!

The head is big enough. But it is by no means bulky: for all its width, it is quite short.

Cooling fins are quite deep

As I mentioned, on the head there is a purely decorative wide knurling with classic rhombuses. Despite the fact that the flashlight is not positioned as a tactical one, its teeth are quite long, like those of a full-fledged tactician.

Instead of a reflector, a shooting gallery, which I had never seen before, was installed here, which made it possible to shorten the length of the head. Live looks great!

And, it seems, Acebeam L18 is the first Acebeam flashlight that came into my hands, in which you can easily disassemble the head. So catch an excursion from the world of offal)

The lens is covered with glass with enlightenment

Behind it is the undisputed hit of the season, an exceptionally long-range LED — Osram CSLPM1.TG

That’s all. As usual for Acebeam — that the design, that the visible workmanship are at the highest level.


Really pleasant and convenient control. As it happens in most cases with Acebeam.

Physical locking with a slight flap of the tailcap

tailbutton only works to start the turbo.

Side button:

From OFF


3 seconds — moonlight. 5 seconds — electronic lock.

One click: switch to the last memorized mode

2 clicks: Turbo

3 clicks: strobe


Press and hold: switch brightness levels from the last saved Low->High mode.

1 click: off

2 clicks: Turbo

3 clicks: strobe

How Acebeam L18 shines

The flashlight is perfectly stabilized at lower levels and only symbolically sags at High.

The mentioned 21700 battery from Liitokala for $4 proved to be no worse than the branded one for $20.

Yes, the operating time is definitely different from the declared one. And, an important point. Turbo should be 2 times brighter than high (1500 and 750 lumens). In reality, the luxmeter shows that the turbo is about one and a half times brighter, that is, the brightness is about 1200 lum. But, as you will see below, even with this brightness, the flashlight gives amazing range, comparable to what could be obtained from an overclocked XHP35 in a much larger reflector, conditionally like an Acebeam T21 or Olight Javelot Pro

The flashlight turns off completely somewhere at 2.8v. Despite the fact that the graph shows that the flashlight turns off immediately, without switching to the low mode, you have the opportunity to turn it on again for a while, you will not be left without light at all.

Cold white light, here Osram CSLPM1.TG alas, it will not give a neutral light option with its best penetration of dust and fog. There is no green and red version like the L17 here either.

As expected from a long-range «awl», excellent focusing in the center. Side illumination here is very dim, but it is at least nominally present, unlike the Wainlight NM1 reflector, which I will tell you about a little later. The difference with the previous model L17 is also clear. As well as with the classic Convoy C8+ XPL-hi. It would be more justified to compare it with the Sofirn C8G, but since the wonderful XHP35 version is no longer on sale, it makes no practical sense for many potential buyers of both flashlights.

In short, the range is more than enough — MID I with its 10 hours of operation will give you clearly visible light at a distance of 200m.


720 50m


720 200vs

720 200m modes


720 250m modes


720 450m

750m (!)

720 750m modes

As usual, the Acebeam L18 video review contains many more examples of how this modern long-range flashlight shines.

General impressions

Acebeam L18 is a logical step up from L17. Due to a slight increase in size, the flashlight received a dramatically more capacious battery. Management has become much, much more convenient, keeping all the necessary bookmarks for turbo and firefly. For those who are looking for a powerful long-range underbarrel flashlight, Acebeam carefully made a 3-button remote button (sorry for the tautology), which gives full access to everything in general.

Aebeam did not go down the crooked path of Nitecore Olight and did not tie the user to some of their super-expensive batteries. If you want to buy a branded Acebeam battery, if you don’t want to, take any cheap one, if you are not embarrassed that it will shake due to the difference in length. Although there are simple solutions for this.

And, of course, the brightness has increased (although, according to my measurements, not as much as they promise) and range. And the Acebeam L18 has an excellent, amazing for its size and you don’t expect it from a flashlight of this size (just like in the case of the smallest long-range flashlight in the world, which I talked about in the past review).

The manufacturer calls 1000m, but I’m definitely ready to say that here the manufacturer is not disingenuous.

In general, in the vast majority of cases, you will not have any need to climb even in High, medium modes will cope with a bang at a distance of 200-300 meters.

What else is good? There is full brightness stabilization. However, this can also be a disadvantage in a number of situations — the flashlight pulls out the brightness to the last and will not go to a lower mode, but simply turns off, leaving you with a very short time to turn on the low mode again. So I definitely recommend taking a spare battery.

Well, the last plus, so desired by most. L18 like L17 have frankly affordable price for a branded novelty. It is clear that even so this is not a budget long-range flashlight, it is not a sofirn and not a convoy. But considering what you get in terms of appearance, convenience and functionality, Acebeam L18 will cost you significantly cheaper than what your main branded competitors would have been scammed from you.

If even such a price does not fit into your budget, but you still want to buy a two-button long-range flashlight, look at Sofirn C8G. After replacing the XHP35 with the SST40, it lost in range (however, it increased side illumination more convenient near), but remained with the same capacious power supply and flexible, convenient control.

And if you are ready to donate at all to all: capacious power supply, convenient operation and good appearance for the sake of maximum range and minimum price — your choice of Wainlight NM1, which I will tell you about in the very near future.

Acebeam L18 also has disadvantages:

a) not critical, but still unpleasantly far from error, the discrepancy between the declared operating time and the real one.

b) direct measurement with a luxmeter shows that the maximum brightness is also lower than the declared one.

c) it would be nice to make the clip double-sided, and the stop ring is not round so that the flashlight does not ride.

Where can I buy

► At the official dealer in the Russian Federation ► Aliexpess ► YANDEX-MARKET

You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author»


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