Convoy M3 is by far the brightest budget flashlight from aliexpress. High brightness and relative compactness are an undoubted trump card of flashlights powered by 1×26650 with XHP70XHP70.2 LEDs. Such a flashlight can easily fit in a jacket pocket and gives out about 3000 lumens of brightness, which is more than enough for almost any need. A lot of branded models of this type have been released, but the price tag there is around 80-100 bucks. So, taking into account the traditionally democratic price tag, the Convoy M3 may well become what the Convoy L6 once became — a flashlight that is bright and accessible to the masses. With it, as well as with a good bright 26650 Convoy S11 flashlight, I will compare this model below. So, a review of the Convoy M3

If this is the first, or one of your very first flashlights, then I recommend reading my text on how to choose the right flashlight. It’s all about lumens, candela, range, color temperature and everything else, without understanding what there is a chance to buy something completely different from what you are counting on.


traditionally convoy laconic.

Packaging and appearance.

The packaging is symbolic. Plain white box with model name and color temperature sticker. All.

Inside there is a flashlight and a pair of adapter rings for 18650 in a bubble.

As for the flashlight itself, to me personally, outwardly, it looks like a damn grenade from the Second World War.

Be that as it may, the flashlight looks quite convoy-like. Brutal black carcass with a bunch of cooling fins and massive knurling. This is a purely male flashlight, and not some kind of wick like DQG Tiny or Imalent DN35

As for the size, the flashlight is clearly beyond the pocket. So, of course, you can put it in your jacket pocket, but it will be very significant to delay it. After all, the total weight with a battery is 389g (293 without it) and, if desired, such flashlights can also break glass in a car. Other dimensions: length 150mm, diameter (head carcass tail) 48.1 35.6 38.1 mm. In general, a flashlight is large enough for a 1×26650 power supply.

For comparison, the recent bright and more compact 26650 Convoy S11 flashlight (you can read my review here, the flashlight is also very, very good) and the well-known Convoy S2 +. The difference in dimensions is obvious.

However, there are flashlights against which the L6 looks unattractive. How do you like that? BLF GT70 (my review).

The length of the flashlight could also be reduced by removing the side from the tail, which is needed only for the eyelet for the lanyard.

The spring on the tail side is of medium thickness for such currents, but this is compensated by the fact that it is shunted.

But the walls of the carcass are just very, very thick.

The knurling is tenacious, with large squares.

The grip is quite comfortable, both straight and reverse.

The threads on both sides are normally coated with graphite grease. Turner, though without frills, but neat.

The spring on the side of the head is the same as on the tail, 0.8mm and similarly shunted.

The head is massive and, as I mentioned at the very beginning, with good ribbing. Yes, for something long-range on the XHP35, such massiveness could be excessive, but taking into account how much heat is released from the XHP70.2, such a difference in weight will play into the hands of heat dissipation.

The button is medium in size, moves deep enough with a noticeable click. Blind search is not difficult since it is located on a flat area. It would be nice to also make an indication for this button, I don’t think that this would seriously increase the cost.

What I liked about the head design is the longitudinal grooves.

The wide bezel twists without problems, so if you want to get to the giblets or change the reflector, it will not be the slightest effort.

At the bottom of the textured reflector (dimensions at the beginning of the review) is XHP70.2.

Convoy M3 outwardly quite corresponds to all other convoys I have seen. No elegance, all for the sake of affordable price and functionality. However, it is in this model that simplicity seems to be a conscious design decision. Convoy M3 looks like a purely masculine flashlight. Uvestisty, strong and reliable. Structurally, everything in it suited me, except that I would add a button backlight.

upd. Now there are versions with built-in charging, the link in the review will be directly to it.


exceptionally simple.

ON-OFF with a click.
switching modes on hold 1-10-40-100%. There is a mode memory.

What pleased me was the instant access to 1% brightness by holding the button in OFF.
second tab is 2x click to access turbo (again from OFF)

I was quite satisfied. It could have been done better, but let’s look at things reasonably — this is Convoy. and for the Convoy, management here is quite acceptable.

It became

appeared biscotti interface

1. Press the button ——> the flashlight will turn on with the last brightness ——> press the button, the brightness will increase ——> release and press the button again, the brightness will decrease
2. The flashlight is off, press the button ——> moonlight mode 0.01A (0.2%) [Эта яркость не запомнится]
3.Flashlight on/off, 2-button ——> turbo 100%
4. Flashlight off, 3-click the button —> Strobe
5. The flashlight is off, press the button 4 times ——> tactical mode, only 100%, press the button 4 times again to exit the tactical mode.
6. The flashlight is off, 5-click the button —> voltage detection (* means «flash», *** pause ******* means 3.7V,)
7. The flashlight is off, 6-click the button —> normal ramp mode switches to 4 modes 1%-10%-30%-100%
8. The flashlight is off, press the button 10 times ——> lock mode. The flashlight will flash once during any operation, which means the flashlight is locked. Press the button 10 times to exit lock mode. Please note that this is the only way to unlock.
The flashlight has low voltage protection and temperature control protection.

How Convoy 3 shines

So, the nature of the light distribution here is different for everyone. Despite the same LED, M3 and L6 are pretty different. The latter has a much more noticeable hotspot, which is not surprising — it has a much larger reflector.

In general, the light is comfortable both near and at medium distances. But there is no reason to expect range from him. If you decide to put a smooth reflector to add it, then I will warn against it. The light will only get worse, parasitic rings will appear around the perimeter, while the range will grow quite decoratively.

I lowered the aperture a bit to make the difference between M3/L6 more obvious, look here.

It can be seen that at its 40% brightness, the M3 is only slightly dimmer than the S11 at maximum. To be fair, the difference in size here is also sizable.

PWMflicker not in any mode.

consumption currents — 0.046-0.7-3.2-10A
leakage current — 187 uA

I remind you that adapter rings allow you to put 18650 batteries, as long as they give out constantly 10A, which a fairly large number of batteries can handle. I think that a reasonable choice here would be 30q or VTC6. I strongly do not recommend buying them on Ali. Either stir up a collective farm and drag it with nkon, or go to a trusted vape shop. In short, for an ordinary user, this option is quite useless, it is unlikely that someone will have a supply of such accs and it’s easier to buy an inexpensive and capacious 26650 acc from the link above.

The S11 showed good stabilization, unexpected for a convoy, and I hoped that the M3 would perform just as well. I would not like to see here the usual smooth drop in brightness as the battery is discharged. Wow, didn’t see it. Everything is good here.

It can be seen that thermoregulation is working, I was pleased that after cooling, the brightness in the turbo can actually be raised to the original. Unfortunately, after 3.9-3.8v, it will no longer be possible to start the turbo. this is a minus.

Want something unconditionally long-playing and very bright — look at a significantly larger convoy 4x18a

It is appropriate to mention here (if I continue to compare with the L6) that the Convoy L6 turbo is much more stable. But this is a nominal plus, since you can hold such a hot carcass in your hands only in severe frost and in thick mittens.

The main two modes: 10 and 40% shine for a really long time. In the first, you can generally count on light throughout the summer night, and the light is bright. Yes, and 2 hours of stabilized, really high brightness by 40% is also frankly a lot. With a diffuser (if you can find one) equipped, you will have exclusivelybright camping light. On the scale of an ordinary room, it should not be dimmer than 100 watts of incandescent lamps.

Summarizing all of the above, for ordinary household purposes — more thanenough. People who have not dealt with something brighter than penny zooms or Era from Fix Price will be shocked by the combination of this brightness and the overall dimensions of the flashlight. Although, in fairness, by today’s standards, such brightness will not cause the slightest surprise among sophisticated users. But the price will pleasantly surprise you.

Well, let’s look at the most interesting. I took a lot of photos, so I’m sure that this review of the convoy M3 will give an opportunity to accurately assess the capabilities of this flashlight. At the same time, I added a comparison with other popular models, took them as reference and known to many.


15 20m small

As I said above, at its half brightness it is quite comparable to another novelty, convoy S11

15 20m vs S11 small

dvot vs s11 small
dvor modes small

50m. For clarity, this is how all these distances look live.

50m vs small
50m modes small

75m here it is already appropriate to add something from long-range combatants.

75m vs all small
75m modes small

175m, more precisely, somewhere around — 200 is already a frank limit on which you can use this flashlight. It can be seen that L6 is preferable here. Although with a smooth reflector the situation may well change.

150m vs all small
150m modes small
400m vs all small
400m modes small

Watch the video review of the bright Convoy M3 flashlight, there weight more illustrative examples of how this flashlight shines.

General impressions.

UPD. There were complaints about the shunt and the overall quality. Keep in mind. If there is no sight to drive 100% (which will not work so much, because the cut-off threshold is high), then there should be no questions to work at 40%. If you want to work at maximum brightness, you should weigh everything + —

upd.upd. The subscriber shared a good solution to a problem that sometimes arises and affects the work by 100%.

We take the spring from the contact group of the ignition lock VAZ 2101-2107. Worth a penny, sold everywhere. We change the staff to it and work, work, work.

Convoy M3 logically complements other models. It is larger and brighter than the Convoy S11, but the latter is still relatively compact (relative to the M3, to a greater extent).

At the same time, the Convoy M3 itself is smaller in size than another bestseller — the Convoy L6. Not everyone liked to carry such a club with them, and if there is no need to work at a distance beyond a couple of hundred meters, then the M3 is quite possible. Taking into account the fact that there are already a lot of 1×26650 flashlights with XHP70.2 on the market, the release of the same budget model is a good move and the Convoy M3 will surely find its customers. According to my impressions, it should not become the same unclaimed model as the C8 SST40 or the BD series there.

Buying a Convoy M3 won’t punch holes in your pocket, so it’s possible that for many it will be the first truly bright flashlight.

+ brightness
+ price
+ duration of work.
+ stabilization and the presence of sane thermoregulation in turbo
+ the ability to choose a flashlight for yourself (choice of color temperature and reflector)

— the weight and dimensions are larger than that of the mass of other competitors on 1×26650 power supply. (although this has a positive effect on heat dissipation)

Where to buy and how to save

Buy Convoy M3 on ALIEXPRESS (fresh model, already with built-in charger) ► YANDEX-MARKET ►SBERMEGAMARKET

Save on the purchase of this or any other product, you can use coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author».

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