It is quite rare to find such a compact and at the same time powerful flashlight designed to illuminate the road or illuminate small spaces. The key fob received an improved LED Cree XP-G2 S3, a built-in 120 mAh battery and an aluminum housing with protection against moisture and dust according to the IP68 standard. And judging by the characteristics, it is one of the most powerful models among the presented classmates of the manufacturer.

  • LED used — CREE XP-G2 S3;
  • Luminous flux — 200 lm;
  • The maximum glow range is 49 m;
  • Maximum operating time — 6.5 hours;
  • Waterproof — IP68;
  • Built-in battery — 120mAh Li-polymer;
  • Series — E;
  • Operating modes — 2;
  • Size (length * body diameter * head diameter) — 48 * 15 * 14 mm;
  • Length — 48 mm;
  • Weight 15 g;
  • Housing material — aluminum;
  • Charge connector: Micro USB.
Packaging and equipment

The lantern is packaged in a stylishly designed cardboard blister with plastic windows for visual reference. All information is presented in English, but in the lower part the main features that distinguish it from the mass of others are highlighted: luminous flux, operating range and battery capacity. On the back side there is a table with operating modes, in which the glow time and operating range are deciphered in more detail. At the time of purchase, a 2-year warranty card is provided.

Inside there is a plastic blister in which, in addition to the flashlight itself, there is an instruction in several languages ​​(including Russian), a preview of the manufacturer’s new products and a micro USB cable. In addition, in the package you can see a spare silicone ring to increase the tightness of the case and a ring for mounting on keys or other media.

A worn rubber o-ring can only be changed through the shank, since the body itself is not collapsible.

Appearance and control

After unpacking, one-piece cast body of the flashlight turns out to be in the hands, and one can only guess about turning on and changing modes only by the side notches on the head. The body of the flashlight is made of A6061-T6 aluminum alloy with a special surface treatment that prevents scratches from careless use. The gadget is presented in 3 colors: bronze, blue and black.

The flashlight is quite compact and has a length of only 48 mm, so it is almost invisible in the hands, and when installed on a bunch of keys does not take up much space.

On the back side, you can see a small loop for installing a complete steel ring and subsequent mounting on a keychain or other carrier. The ring moves freely and does not bite. On the shank there are rings responsible for additional cooling and a comfortable grip with fingers during switching on.

A little higher there is an indicator pointing to the charging connector. And indeed, with the maximum unscrewing of the head of the flashlight, a sealing gum first appears, and then a micro USB connector. During charging, the current did not exceed 0.15-0.2 A, and it took about 1.5 hours to fully charge. The complete wire is only 40 cm long, but in comparison with the minimalism of the lantern, everything looks decent. The mini USB connector used is no longer new, but due to the lack of fast charging protocols, it will be enough. Moreover, with the transition to a more advanced Type-C, you may have to increase the case diameter.

On the reverse side there is an LED charge indicator that changes its glow from red to green at the moment of maximum level.

The flashlight head is movable and has 4.5 turns of rotation. If you go for unwinding, then after 1/12 of a turn the maximum mode will turn off, 3/12 of a turn the minimum mode will turn off. After 1 full turn, a sealing gum will appear. After 3 revolutions, the charging connector will become available.

Moisture protection is at a high level and even after being in the water, water will not get inside, and this is quite important in the autumn / spring period.

The head is equipped with a Cree XP-G2 S3 LED with a cold white glow temperature of 5000k-5700k, installed behind a plastic protective lens with a slight blur on the outer diameter.

Thanks to the installed lens, a directional glow is created, although not as narrow as used in long-range flashlights, but not blurry either. A narrow directional beam has an angle of no more than 20 degrees, and a scattered one of 110, thereby achieving good illumination at a slight distance.

how it shines

The capacity of the built-in 120 mAh battery is enough for 23 minutes at a maximum brightness of 200 Lm, but at a minimum brightness, the time can be stretched up to 6 hours of use. The results are not bad for such a little one, if we calculate the average use time. And there can be several options for development, from banal lighting during the ascent or descent of the stairs, when the minimum brightness may be enough or in a dark alley, where you can no longer do without maximum light. When used on average for a few minutes a day, you can forget about charging for a month or even more.

After a good warm-up for 15 minutes, I measured the case temperature at the LED, overheating is not significant and almost not felt.

Lighting the perimeter for the Fenix ​​E02R is not difficult, therefore, both at the minimum brightness level and at the maximum, it will be possible to walk along a flight of stairs, open the front door or reach the car. The range of the room is about 20 meters and the brightness is enough. Still, it’s not long-range.

If we consider a spot of light on the wall at a distance of about 1.5 meters, then the spot will be approximately 60 cm in diameter, in the maximum mode.

A small video in which you can see the brightness and range of the glow, as well as the absence of PWM LED.


Compact flashlight Fenix ​​E02R can be purchased from the official representative in Russia, Ukraine.

Fenix ​​E02R in juicy metallic colors is perfect even as a single-mode gadget with decent battery life at a minimum level of 15 lumens. The operating time with infrequent starts can be stretched up to a month of use and even more. At maximum brightness, it will be possible to illuminate objects at a considerable distance, but the operating time is significantly reduced. Nevertheless, the listed pluses in the form of operating time, compactness and moisture protection exceed such a moment as a built-in battery, all the more so, according to the manufacturer, the flashlight will be replaced with a similar one if it breaks during the warranty period of 2 years.


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