Remember my review of the monstrous 2kg flashlight with 50,000 lumens Imalent MS12? Since then, Imalent has not changed the main principle by which they develop their flashlights: to make the brightest flashlight in the smallest case for this brightness and spice it up with a good portion of marketing noodles. Other characteristics important for the user are taken out of the brackets of this simple marketing formula. Practicality and convenience, most often. The quality is worth noting, too.

By virtue of the latter, I refused to deal with Imalentov’s handicrafts: the final verdict of the review would put an end to cooperation with the manufacturer or store. But the characteristics of the MS06 seemed impressive enough to me and I decided to take a chance. Let’s see what came out of Imalent’s desire to make another wow flashlight.

The very first promo picture excites the buyer’s wallet with the well-known combination «tiny monster» and calls the flashlight nothing less than tactical! So reviewImalent MS06.

Model name MS06
Light-emitting diode 6 * CREE XHP70.2
Batteries 3 x 4000mAh 21700 Li-ion
Light: 25000 lumens 65800cd
Range 513m
Modes Turbo / High / Middle II / Middle I / Middle Low / Low /
working hours
Turbo (25000 — 4000 lumens / 70s + 120min)
High (9000 — 4000 lumens / 2m + 130min)
Middle II (4000 lumens/ 2h 18min)
Middle I (2500 lumens / 4h)
Middle Low (1200 lumens/ 8h)
Low (200 lumens / 31h)
Dimensions 56(head diameter)*51(body diameter)*119( length) mm
Weight 364572g
Moisture protection IPX-8 ( 2 meters)
  • Imalent MS06
  • 3x Imalent 4000mAh 21700 batteries
  • Lanyard
  • Case
  • Proprietary charging cable.
  • 2 O-rings
  • Management

Packaging and appearance

The flashlight costs 200 bucks and for this amount you get a wonderful gift package that works off every cent of this considerable price tag. If you buy as a gift, it will look expensive, rich without quotes.

Under the flashlight is a flat velvety cardboard box, which contains: charging cable, manual, o-rings, lanyard, case.

The cover covers only the top of the flashlight. In general, quite good.

The flashlight is not that compact in general, but very compact for the declared brightness, in specific brightness you get a kind of pocket supernova. And marketing just focuses attention on this obvious to everyone. But the next minus from the ratio of size and brightness is completely unobvious for the vast majority of users. We are talking about the lightning-fast heating of the case and the operation of the thermal cut-off.

As for appearance, the flashlight is an 11cm black cylinder. Quite heavy and well designed. When you take it in your hands, you immediately feel that this is not a toy at all. In this regard, I absolutely have nothing to complain about, the flashlight looks good.

As usual with Imalent, all information about the model is on the tail.

As you can already understand, the flashlight stands up effortlessly as a candle, and stands securely due to the low center of gravity. In the presence of a diffuser, or if you direct it to the ceiling, you get Very bright camping light. Of course Sofirn LT1 will much more practical, but it’s a specialized solution versus a simple «oh, that’s good too!»

Unlike non-separable huge flashlights such as DX80 and MS12 18, this one is disassembled into two parts and makes it possible to replace the batteries. This is a huge plus.

Inside 3 seats for 21700 batteries. They work in parallel, so the flashlight works even with 1 battery. However, due to the current consumption in the two older modes, I would not climb above 4000 lumens in this configuration.

The springs at the bottom of the «glass» are very thick.

There is no spring on the side of the head, there is a contact pad.

Inside is a trio of high-current protected button-top batteries with a capacity of 4000mah. And only a few charges can accommodate them. If you have a question about how to charge 21700 batteries, then see my compilation such chargers.

The threads in the imalent MS06 are the longest I have ever seen. It is necessary to make 7 (!) revolutions until full contact. Despite the fact that it is well lubricated, a slight creak is heard when twisting and twisting.

Lubrication even in excess, which has a bad effect on contact. I strongly recommend wiping the corresponding end of the “glass” with batteries.

The knurling is quite deep and definitely reliable.

I do not have the largest palm, but even so, I did not feel the discomfort of the grip. For people with a big paw, a flashlight will generally fall like a glove. Of course, with this weight, you should not ignore the lanyard.

The head occupies, in fact, half the size of the lantern. But you can’t call it massive.

The cooling fins are quite deep, but their influence should not be overestimated. In order to effectively remove heat in the maximum mode only due to the fins, the lantern should be the size of a 1.5L bottle, no less. But in lower modes they should definitely help.

There is also a lanyard hole.

The button does not stand out from the body in any way, so for me personally it is rather inconvenient for blind search. Fortunately, right below it there is a switchable indicator, you can navigate by it. It, of course, works in the simplest way during charging.

The connector for the latter, as usual, is located on the opposite side of the button. The charging cable is native, specific and charges with a current of 2A. A full charge takes about 6 hours. It does not provide any advantages over Type-C other than tightness and space savings. I would prefer the much more versatile last one, and the charging current could be raised to 3A.

The native contact block is designed in such a way that it can only be fixed in the correct position. If you turn it upside down, then it will not touch touch both contacts. Well done.

Responsible for light are 6 XHP70.2 LEDs located at the bottom of shallow reflectors. Anti-reflective glass.

Let me remind you, promo pictures say that this is a tactical flashlight. Teeth are an integral attribute of this kind of lantern. Here they are missing at all.

In general, the flashlight looks good. I did not see any obvious jambs in the manufacture. I would improve the button, make it more embossed, concave, with an indicator in the center. And, of course, I changed the proprietary charging cable to type-C.


From OFF:

Press and hold For:

3 seconds: turn on/off the indicator under the button

One click: ON in last used mode (except turbo strobe)

2 clicks: Turbo

3x clicks: LOW

4x clicks: (time)-lock


Press and hold: switch modes L0W-> HIGH

1x click: OFF

2 clicks: Turbo

3 clicks: LOW

Low Voltage Warning:

When the battery level is below 3V, the indicator will flash twice per second.


You can activate the strobe by entering Turbo mode (double click) and double clicking again. Press the button once to exit the strobe mode.

Lock mode:

When clicked four times from the off state, the indicator flashes three times and then enters the lock mode. In this mode, the indicator lights up when the button is pressed. To unlock the light, click again four times or disconnect and reconnect the battery.

All in all, much better than expected. There is generally everything you need, I personally do not know what else to add here.

How Imalent MS06 shines

Cold white light, of course. A warmer and more pleasing to the eye light would hit the imalent’s main trump card — brightness.

  • Low: 439mA Middle Low: 1.66A Middle I: 4.06A Middle II: 7.44A High: 10A Turbo: 60A

But I was able to measure the work schedules. And in some ways they made me happy, in some ways they didn’t.

What didn’t make you happy? Technically, all of them except MID I correspond to the declared operating time. But I’m ready to forgive a sharp drop in brightness in Turbo — it’s clear that the heating is there fulminant. But why not stabilize? In DX80 this was not a problem, but the next bright model Imalent MS12 showed the same indistinct stabilization as here.

Well, then the good:

a) In all modes except turbo, of course, the eye will not notice such a drop in brightness, especially in modes up to MID II, the drop in brightness will be very smooth and the eye will adapt to it. And, frankly, the turbo visually also turned out to be surprisingly even in brightness mode before falling to some very low level.

b) I expected the turbo to run at maximum brightness only once, with fully charged batteries. But no, I achieved this brightness at least 4 times! (in the first edition of the flashlights there was a jamb with a driver, to restart the turbo it was necessary to open and close the contact. In the next editions, the problem was fixed)

c) fan cooling has worked. Explicit in high, where the flashlight was added to the maximum brightness for this mode for 30 seconds, and then after the brightness dropped, it worked without a drawdown at all, without cooling, the brightness subsequently dropped by another 10%.

And less pronounced in turbo, where the brightness dropped at the same rate (by 40% in 15 seconds). But then it slowed down at a level of about 35% and worked in it for some time.

and a little closer

The last two points.

a) Despite the significantly lower brightness, High with its 2.5 minutes is much more dangerous in terms of burns than Turbo diving down for a minute. Flashlight really warms up, and if you decide to play with high, then holding the flashlight with your bare hands will be frankly uncomfortable. There is nothing surprising here.

b) I can’t help but note that the same Zeroair measured 16 kilolumens instead of 25, and 7 instead of 9 in its own. And this discrepancy between the real and the claimed imalent didn’t surprise me at all — it was like that in all their large models. On the other hand, 60A in a turbo from 1lumen gives 10A per LED, which, it seems, is quite consistent with the declared figures. In short, in the absence of an expensive integrating sphere, one can only guess about real numbers. But, the most important thing is that the flashlight is exceptionally bright in general, and just crazy bright. for their sizes.

Well, okay, let’s look at the most interesting, for which, often, reviews of flashlights are rewound right down.

How does Imalent MS06 shine?

range, in general, no, which is not surprising. At maximum brightness, the flashlight somehow breaks through a couple of hundred meters. And here flash width very good. Of course, it is also wider. But personally, I like what it is. The illumination width is more than enough to see everything from the sides. At maximum brightness, the flashlight allows you to highlight everything in detail at a distance of about 100m in front and 30m from each side. The figures are conditional, because the brightness, as you can see in the graph, drops extremely sharply.

200 lumens is quite a suitable mode for shining under your feet and working indoors, it will be enough for almost two days of continuous work. The rest will show themselves in the open air.

For more or less prolonged use, you will have to limit yourself to MIDI. In MID II, the flashlight heats up to the point of «ouch, %*&, you should have put on gloves!» within 8-10 minutes. Not to mention HIGH. But MID I is more than sufficient in brightness for most situations at close to medium range.

720 da4a2
720 da4a1 2
720ms06 tree 2
720 ms06 road2
720 pole
720 50m

I advise you to watch a video review (I hope you will support my work and will not immediately rewind to examples of light), there is a piece where I launch TWO Imalent MS06 at once. I think it’s interesting enough)

General impressions.

I consider Imalent, first of all, as a manufacturer of Wow-models. They try their best to make something very big, long-range and/or bright. At the same time sacrificing, often, the logic and convenience of real use. Because of this, I am, how shall I put it, quite critical of what they do and have a liking for only a small number of their models. Imalent DX80 Imalent RT35 to be precise. Now I’m ready to add MS06 to this list.

The category of can-sized (i.e., the size of a can of soda) flashlights is quite popular and numerous. And Imalent MS06 is undoubtedly the brightest of them all.

The manufacturer wanted to make the flashlight as bright as possible in sizes that allow it to be called a pocket flashlight (in the sense that it will still fit into a pocket). And I think this is the best Imalent could do given what you can expect from them.

The flashlight is incredibly bright, and at the same time it Not decorative turbo puff. High shines for a really long time at a brightness that would have caused amazement about 3 years ago. Yes, and Turbo is here, even if it is falling rapidly, but this fall is expected — otherwise it simply could not have happened.

Of course, I am sure that the huge brightness will not be enough to make this model interesting for sophisticated lamplighters, who will be more interested in the most flexible control and quality of light, and not its quantity — Meteor reigns here for a year. Here are purely models for lantern gourmets. And, by the way, it’s not a fact that, with all their undoubted advantages, they will benefit in terms of working time in older modes..

But an ordinary inexperienced user with a tight wallet may well find this model just what you need.

What does an ordinary user need? To work for a long time. Yes, will work for a long time 3 * 21700 batteries will give the same capacity as 4 * 18650, but with a smaller case diameter. Stabilization will not, alas. Well, the average user does not know about it. Yes, and at those brightnesses with which it will be possible to work for a long time, the drop in brightness will be so flat that the eye simply cannot physically catch it.

Control? Here to the management, I think that there will be no complaints from sophisticated users. It’s not andurilnarsil, of course, but it’s not Fenix ​​either. Management is quite at the level of Olight \ Acebeam, with all the necessary tabs, blocking. I really have nothing to complain about.

Brightness. Well, something, but it’s definitely enough. Most likely, a flashlight with such a margin of brightness is not taken from the calculation of real use at the maximum, but in order to stun friends and acquaintances. Everyone will see the light, even those for whom the demonstration was not intended. And this is not a one-time exhaust on a full battery. When I played enough and sold both the DX80 and the MS12, both buyers stupidly wanted to buy the brightest flashlight they could get at that time. I think that MS06 is intended just for such an audience.

However, I cannot but note that the question of real brightness remains open. The experience of past bright models allows us to expect that the lumens were not filled up here. But also how to eat them more, more than enough, more would only be worse(remember about heating).

Price. Now you can buy a bright flashlight Imalent MS06 for $200 ($180 with promo code). And this is quite at the level of other top-end super-bright branded compacts, the only branded model from acebeams that is similar in brightness costs a third more.

The price tag is definitely not budget. But if you want to cross the threshold of 10,000 — 15,000 lumens, then there is no reason to expect anything else. If you want a budget flashlight, no problem, and there are good models (see my rating).

In short, the model is not ideal. But for its target audience, it is suitable and does not leave the feeling of some kind of clumsy craft.


terribly high brightness

21700 batteries



operating time in senior modes

price (for this kind of lantern)

no visible PWM flicker

chic packaging

good appearance

good selection of modes (with reservations)

  • no full stabilization
  • cold light
  • proprietary charging
  • no brightness below LOW

Where to buy and how to save


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