Today we will consider a large flashlight with great brightness.



Instruction in English:


model: W590
charging method: Micro-USB;
body material: plastic;
waterproof level: IPX4 (splash proof);
Light-emitting diode: XHP70;
dimensions: length — 27cm, front diameter — 11.3cm.

The body is made of cheap plastic, the build quality can be compared to unhewn wood. In general, it will fit for use: a comfortable handle, a rubberized button with a distinct pressure, but you don’t experience any special tactile pleasure.

The power button is on the handle.

On the left, under the plastic cover, there is a Micro-USB port for charging and a USB port for using the flashlight as a power bank. There are also three LEDs that display the battery level and a button that activates these LEDs (when the flashlight is on, they will also glow).

The tripod is made of the same plastic, it is possible to adjust the level of tilt of the flashlight along one axis.

Lantern internals:

Most likely, the battery consists of three 18650 batteries.

The flashlight has four modes of operation: maximum, medium, low brightness mode and strobe mode. Turning on, switching modes and turning off is carried out with one button. It is impossible to skip any mode or turn on the third or fourth at once, after switching on there will always be the first mode.

As for the lighting, the flashlight shines in white with a well-defined hotspot and a large backlight. Thus, the flashlight copes well with the illumination of distant objects, while at the same time having a large angle of illumination.

The flashlight perfectly illuminates objects within a radius of 100-250 meters (we are talking about maximum brightness). At a greater distance, the light is scattered and the illumination is noticeably weaker.

Lighting examples (three brightness levels):

See video examples of lighting in the video review, starting at 1:11.


When using the flashlight at maximum brightness, a full battery charge lasts for 2 hours and 20 minutes.

As the charge decreases, the brightness of the flashlight decreases. At the minimum charge level, the flashlight still shines brightly enough, but turns off.

Charging takes 2 hours 10 minutes. While charging the flashlight, the corresponding LED blinks to indicate the charge level, and when completed, all glow. The flashlight can be used while charging. You can also charge another device and use the flashlight at the same time.

A full charge of the battery is enough to charge the battery of the Xiaomi Mi Max 3 (5500 mAh) smartphone from 4 to 90% (in 3 hours 10 minutes).

Video review:


• well defined hotspot and wide side illumination;
• excellent illumination within 100-250 meters;
• the possibility of using it as a power bank;

! cheap plastic and average build quality;
! no carrying case.

You can buy here:

• Banggood (now flash sale of this lantern)
• AliExpress


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