Nitecore takes full advantage of the 21700 batteries that have become a lifesaver for flashlight manufacturers. The capacity of traditional 18650 batteries definitely limited the user potential of single-battery models on the new bright and voracious LEDs. The appearance of 21700 removed this problem: the dimensions increase symbolically, by mere millimeters, and the duration of work is drastically.

Nitecore have decided to update some of their previous models with a brighter LED and this large battery. One of these models was the Nitecore P20, which was updated first to the v2 version, and then to the P20i that I reviewed.


Packaging and appearance

In order for the review of the Nitecore P20i to be ready as soon as possible, the manufacturer sent me a flashlight for review before the packaging was ready. Kit includes everything you need from seal ring to 21700 and plastic quick-release tactical holster

Optionally, the model is compatible with a variety of appropriate mounts and accessories, up to tailcap with indicator light.

I already had such a case in the Nitecore P12 review, so I can show it.

The appearance of the flashlight is quite attractive. You can immediately see that in front of you is a branded tactical flashlight.

As I said, switching to a capacious 21700 battery does not affect the size in any way. In this case, we have before us a fairly compact tactical flashlight, quite ordinary in size.

A bunch of tail buttons (on-off) and a flush-mounted rocker (mode switching instant strobe) are responsible for control. Nitecore use it in almost a lot of modern models. Someone will like the decision to make a button at the level of the body, someone will not. It’s a matter of taste.

There is an optional interchangeable illuminated tailcap

There is no spring inside the tail cap, but there are three symbolically spring-loaded contact petals.

However, Nightcore assures that there will be no problems with recoil when fired.

The flashlight uses an expensive proprietary battery, in which both + and — are displayed on each of the poles.

Using a conventional battery in tactics would force you to put an additional sleeve in the body in order to conduct a signal from the rocker. And this would increase the case by 3 millimeters. In general, there are pluses and minuses of such a solution.

I remind you that for those who are not ready to buy the original Nitecore 21700 battery, there are options to give up battery life, but take full advantage of your stock of 18650 batteries, for this there is an adapter in the kit.

There is a spring on the side of the head, everything is fine here, the recoil from the shot will not break the driver.

Numerous turns of fine threads are perfectly missed

Knurling — classic rhombuses.

Here de there are two smooth seats for a clip or tactical ring

The middle part is smaller in diameter than the tail and head, due to this the grip is strong and comfortable.

Medium sized head and fins

There is also a type-C charging connector on the head. The cap is very thick and secure.

There is also a tiny charging indicator. Charging current — 1.2A.

If you close and open the circuit, then it will blink off the voltage, which is very convenient for estimating the remaining operating time.

Not only that, the bezel, which of course, is toothy. So, 3 small balls of cullet silicon nitride are inserted into the teeth of the bezel. While it doesn’t look as impressive as the spikes, the flashlight won’t scratch your pocket.

Glass, as usual, with enlightenment. Below it is a medium-sized, smooth reflector with a SST40 LED at the bottom.

Actually, this part is all. The flashlight looks very thoroughbred, I don’t see any jambs of manufacture. Only the symbolic spring-loadedness of the contact group in the tail cap is confusing.


ON-OFF — pressing the button. Start always with maximum brightness.

Half-press works, it also starts the maximum mode.

FROM ON, the rocker switches the high-> mid-> low modes by clicking

hold triggers a strobe.

Considering that this is not an EDC flashlight, it will probably fit. For everyday use, this would be inconvenient.

The main thing for a tactical flashlight is here: instant turbo and strobe.

I would also like to see access to the minimum brightness, however.

How the Nitecore P20i shines

Oddly enough, in the P20i, nightcore has moved away from the usual cold light, here it is more pleasant, something about 5500k by eye. Bright center and tolerable side filling with traces of the bezel.

Despite the smooth reflector, this combination of LED and head size does not make the nitecore P20i frankly uncomfortable from the standpoint of an EDC flashlight. True, there is not the slightest reason to take it for such purposes.

Yes, for very close work it will be unpractical, but they can light up the path in front of them quite comfortably.

The brightness is fully stabilized and you can count on a good run time.

The influence of thermoregulation on the turbo is clearly visible, with cooling, the flashlight works in this mode significantly longer.

As for the modes as such, in my opinion, it would be worth adding some kind of intermediate one. Now there is a huge gap between 280 lumens mid, which is quite suitable for rooms and works within a radius of 20 meters, and 1800 lumens of maximum brightness. If you need to work in some kind of hangar-type room or just constantly shine at a distance of 50-75 meters, then mid will be weak here, and high will be redundant and consume battery power too quickly.

720p20i yard
720 p20i road

In general, the flashlight shines well. At maximum brightness, it will completely penetrate one and a half hundred meters, while giving quite good side illumination. At medium brightness, it can be used outdoors, the minimum brightness proved to be quite consistent from the standpoint of grassroots light.

Here are photos from only two locations, but the video review of the Nitecore P20i contains much more visual examples of what to expect from this flashlight.

General impressions

By today’s standards, this new tactical flashlight from Nitecore does not offer miracles of range or brightness, nor does it surprise with control flexibility and a wide range of modes.

By and large, the Nitecore P20i is an ordinary workhorse, definitely without any amazing features. Just a reliable and rather bright flashlight, for those who are used to relying on brands in general and nitecore in particular, and whose goals are quite enough with three levels of brightness, without something like a firefly and intermediate between 1800 and 280 lumens.

Nevertheless, it cannot be said that this flashlight is devoid of pluses.

He has them.

a) not cold light, which is unexpected for nightcore

b) high brightness. 1800 lumens are far from amazing these days. But only for today. Live, this brightness looks very impressive and, confidently covering most needs, 3-4 years ago would have made the P20i a flagship model, at least in terms of brightness characteristics.

c) complete stabilization

d) capacious 21700 battery. Taking into account the fact that the vast majority of medium-current batteries suitable for this brightness would have a capacity of about 3000-32000mah, 4000mah gives a third longer operating time. Although, what to dissemble, a 4800mah battery would be much more practical here.

e) Type-c with good charging current. Not the most obvious plus, but it’s there.

Where to buy and how to save

you can buy a tactical flashlight Nitecore P20i on aliexpress Yandex-market SBERMEGAMARKETSave on the purchase of this or any other product, you can use coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the block «about the author».


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