In my opinion, this is the best night light that can be placed next to a child’s bed. For a year now, this exceptionally atmospheric thing has been registered in my nursery, another one for my niece, and another one was ordered for a friend’s daughter. During this year, the lamp has shown itself so well that I decided to do a quick review — the lamp really deserves it.

Packaging and appearance.

The night light was packed in a fairly thick cardboard box, survived the trip without breakage.

The kit included the lamp itself, instructions and a charging cable. And the lampshade was covered with a film.

The ceiling seems to be holding up well, but still I would not dare to hang it on a hook from above.

Actually, from the point of view of an adult, this is a rather simple thing: both externally and constructively. But as soon as my daughter saw it, she fell in love with it. It’s a real house with a lawn. There is Totoro, and a rabbit, and a mushroom with grass.
The ceiling opens and, if desired, you can increase the number of residents or add some of your own decor element.

What I didn’t like was a non-standard charging connector, like an old Nokia. could make a normal usb, what gag did they put the usual pin charging on? such a usb-pin cable will still have to be looked for in which case, but there is not much desire to solder such a trifle.


It’s simple, but it’s exactly what you need.
Management: there is a switch. The first position is the sensor, i.e. 1st brightness level-2 level-off.
the second and third off the highest brightness. In fact, it’s quite convenient, we’ve had a sensor by default for a year now.

the charging current is about 0.3A, something about 500mah flows in.

It seems to be a little, but at the highest brightness the lamp works for 2-3 days in a row. And on the younger one, I didn’t even try to measure it.

That is, the lamp is portable and this year it has not participated in any games and has not highlighted any puppet tea parties in the blanket house.

The brightness is not so hot, it is clear that with such a duration of operation from such a battery, it will be symbolic. But! just like a night light, this brightness is exactly as it should be. Brighter would be too much. And if you need dimmer, then you can turn on the 2nd level. It turns out the most pleasant warm (the light goes through the orange carcass of Totoro) light. Cozy and childish.

I think the picture shows it all very well. If a child wakes up in the middle of the night, then this brightness is enough to move around the room without bumping into something.

Summing up my impressions, there are actually only pluses.

+ small price
+ simple and convenient control: conventional and touch
+ extremely long run time
+ the most cute appearance
+ 2 brightness modes
+ cozy warm light.

the only one potential The downside is the pin charger. If the cord does not break, then there will be no problems. I have a year (upd. already 4 years) it does not break. And I don’t think that this will happen, if no one drags him anywhere almost.

For kindergartners and elementary school students — the most it. For their children, grandchildren, or as an inexpensive and useful gift for children of relatives and friends. So for 10 bucks you can’t really buy anything, all the toys are almost disposable. And here is a useful thing that will work for a long time and please.

Sincerely ready to recommend. In principle, read the reviews for this product, they are all full of the same emotions.

In daylight, this lamp may not evoke obvious emotions, but in the dark, you just have to turn it on and it immediately becomes a kind and cozy contraption like a lamp. I repeat, after the initial order for my daughter, I had to order 2 more pieces, this night light was so impressive.

You can buy it on aliexpress here

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