A friend bought this flashlight, supposedly in the car. He gave it to me for a couple of days, he says: test it like he does. I have already lost the habit of buying any game.

Ah, yes. The lot has delivery from a warehouse in the Russian Federation and several dozen positive reviews.

Ask for a price

In the lot, this miracle has several options for length and nutrition.
Length: 49-41-36cm
Power supply: 4 AA batteries — 3 AA batteries — 1 18650 battery.
And there is even a version with notches on hmm … the working part of the baton, apparently, for the sake of completeness.

Enough with the introduction, let’s get down to the short review.

Packaging and equipment

The flashlight comes to the user in an oblong cardboard box. Packed additionally in an air-filled film. Here is the 36 cm version and is powered by a single 18650 battery.

SHENYU YF1021 Package Contents
  • Flashlight
  • Lanyard on hand
  • Instruction in English



The lantern is made in an oblong anodized aluminum case. In the shape of a baseball bat, only smaller. Length 360 mm, diameter of the main part 34 mm. The reflector is smooth. Diode, apparently, fake T6.

Rubberized tail button. There is a notch on the handle, the diameter of this part is 23 mm.

The inscription «ON-OFF» with arrows is confusing at first, then the lamp is activated with a button at the end.

The mass of the device without a battery is small. Crushing bricks (as in the pictures on the product page) will not work without consequences. Yes, and the declared function of self-defense can turn against the user. The club should not be light and short.

Internal organization

The body of the lantern consists of three parts connected by thread. Some are equipped with rubber o-rings, so you can believe in water protection. Inside there is an aluminum spacer with seals to use one 18650 battery, without it it is possible to work with three AA batteries, but then the current and autonomy will be miserable.

I put in a regular 18650 battery and tested the flashlight with it. He keeps himself inside so-so, with sudden movements dangles.

And here is the driver. This is something very simple, the pros will tell you. The diode is on the plate. The body walls are about 1 mm thick. Sand needs to be filled in there for the flywheel mass!


The flashlight has three primitive modes: maximum-medium-strobe. In the second mode, flicker is clearly visible on the camera. The light is cold with a pronounced central spot.

I checked the current consumption by modes: 0.81-0.6-0.65 A.

And measured the illumination in comparison with my EDC flashlight Convoy S2 with the MASTECH MS6612S device (from 1 m). The numbers are about the same, but this is due to the YF1021 “hotspot”.

As a long-range flashlight SHENYU YF1021 did not show itself. 30 m to the birch — see for yourself. Even paler in real life. I like the «long-range» from Xiaomi NexTool, everything is in order with the light.


What is bad about universal solutions is that each individual function is performed poorly. As a flashlight SHENYU YF1021 is impractical: too long, cold «pseudo» long-range light, also batteries. Even more so as a means of defense: too short and fragile and does not shoot.

For a car, it seems to me, the best option is a headlamp with the ability to hang on a magnet. Well, a baseball bat, of course, we sell them in abundance, unlike baseballs and gloves. It’s a joke, if anything.

Thank you for your attention. Enjoy the shopping!


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