Today’s review is dedicated to the smart 6-watt WiFi lamp Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb, which has support for voice assistants. Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb is not just an LED lamp, it is a filament lamp that looks very similar to an ordinary incandescent lamp, however, unlike the latter, instead of filaments, it uses series-connected LEDs located on a sapphire substrate and filled with phosphor. This decision allowed the manufacturer to abandon the use of radiators at the bottom of the lamp. The device has a completely transparent flask.


  • Model: YLDP12YL;
  • Base: E27;
  • Luminous flux: 700 lm;
  • Power supply: 100 — 240 V, ~50 / 60 Hz;
  • Rated power: 6W;
  • Communication modules: Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz;
  • Life: 25’000 hours;
  • Dimensions: 60x60x116 mm;
  • Weight: 9 gr.

Packing and scope of delivery

The Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb smart lamp is supplied in a small cardboard box made in bright colors. The box contains an image of the device, information about the manufacturer and the main technical characteristics of the smart lamp.

Everything inside the box is well packaged. Above and below the lamp is fixed with cardboard inserts, the flask is reliably protected by a casing made of polyethylene foam.

In addition to the lamp, the package includes an instruction manual and a warranty card.


Smart lamp Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb looks like a classic incandescent lamp with an E27 base.

The bulb of the lamp is transparent. Inside the bulb are four LED filaments connected in series. It looks very impressive and stylish.

Due to the fact that the Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb lamp uses a completely transparent bulb (similar to traditional incandescent lamps), the manufacturer has significantly increased the light scattering angle when compared with most modern LED lamps, in which the lower part of the body is blank plastic.

In work

The Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb has a soft, warm light and a color temperature of 2700K. Speaking about the operation of the lamp, first of all it should be noted that Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb is a dimmable light source, i.e. a dimmer is installed in it, which, by converting AC to DC, allows the device to receive the required amount of energy, thereby smoothly adjusting the brightness level. Bulb weight 47.9 grams.

To estimate the power consumption, a simple test was made using a wattmeter. According to the obtained results, the energy consumption is as follows:

  • Device off — 1.0 W;
  • 1% power — 1.0 W;
  • 25% power — 1.4 W;
  • 50% power — 3.0 W;
  • 75% power — 4.1 W;
  • 100% power — 6.2 W.

Testing took place on the basis of the proposed, standard power characteristics, while the user has the opportunity to independently adjust the power of the device, in increments of 1%.

Traditionally for LED lamps, the device does not heat up much, even after an hour of continuous operation, the bulb temperature has not risen above +39 ° C, which allows you to unscrew the device from the ceiling at any time without worrying about getting a thermal burn.

I would also like to note the high quality of the controller, no flickering was observed in the entire tested range of the brightness level.

It makes no sense to talk about the traditional way of using the lamp. Two modes: on and off. Much more interesting to talk about its Smart features, to access which you need to install the Yeelight application, go through the registration procedure and add the device to the list of available devices.

There should be no difficulties with this procedure, it is important to clearly follow the instructions displayed on the screen of the mobile device, and do not forget that the Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb can only work with a 2.4GHz WiFi network.

If an error occurs during the pairing process, you will have to reset the lamp settings. To do this, according to the recommendations displayed on the screen of the mobile device, it is necessary to turn on / off the lamp five times, with a delay of no more than 2 s. If the procedure is performed correctly, at the end of this process, the lamp will flash and reset the settings to the default values.

By launching the application interface, the user gets access to several profiles, which, according to the manufacturer, are the most interesting and most in demand. By opening the bottom tab, which provides more advanced functionality for the user, it becomes possible to select one of the power levels of the device, set the timer to turn off, set the lamp operation schedule, and update the software.

For the laziest, the mobile application has a section with favorite scenarios.

For ease of use, the “administrator” of the device provides the ability to grant sharing rights to other users.

Of course, we must not forget that the Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb is able to work with the most common smart home assistants, such as:

  • Yandex Alice;
  • Apple HomeKit;
  • Google Assistant
  • smartthings;
  • Amazon Alexa.

All the user needs to do is add devices to the appropriate platform and see the list of executable commands. That’s all. You can easily control the lamp with voice commands.

Surprisingly, the ability to set the lamp to turn on smoothly in the morning, or to turn off the device at a certain time (or on a timer), turned out to be very useful. On a winter morning, when it’s time to get up for work, the device will gradually fill the room with light and the owner will not have to stumble in the dark to make his way to the switch.

The ability to adjust the minimum brightness modes in conjunction with the automatic shutdown of the lamp will be an extremely useful option for parents, because young children are often afraid to fall asleep in the dark.


  • Quality of execution;
  • Stylish appearance, due to the use of four inclined LED strips;
  • Full glass bulb, providing wide angles of light dispersion, like in classic incandescent lamps;
  • Built-in WiFi module Wi-Fi11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz;
  • Smart functions (timers, schedule, voice control, etc.);
  • The mobile application has Russian localization;
  • Lamp software update;
  • Compatible with devices based on OS Android and iOS;
  • Ability to manage the device by multiple users;
  • Soft, warm light, no flicker;
  • Luminous flux 700 lm, with a power of 6 W;
  • Claimed service life of 25’000 hours.




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Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb is a logical continuation of traditional incandescent lamps. A device that not only saves energy, but combines a number of newfangled functionalities. In order to turn on the Yeelight Smart LED Filament Bulb lamp, the user does not have to go to the switch at all, he does not even have to be in the same room / house / city / country … If the lamp is connected to the Internet and the user has a mobile device at hand, and the other option is not considered, because otherwise, it makes no sense to purchase such a device; you can control the lamp from anywhere in the world. A number of preset profiles, the ability to adjust the brightness of the lighting, a sleep timer and a flexible work schedule have turned an ordinary lamp into a sophisticated light fixture. And of course, we must not forget that the device is able to work with the most common mobile assistants, and can also be integrated into the operation of the Smart Home.


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