Sofirn SP40 quickly took the place of the folk headlamp. For only 20 bucks, the buyer gets a neutral light, built-in charger and a magnet in the tailcap. The next model according to this set of characteristics — Skilhunt H04 costs at least 40, and everything that is cheaper than Sofirn SP40 is catastrophically inferior to it in everything. In fact, the only functional drawback of Sofrin SP40 is the lack of stabilization, and, in part, the ultralow mode with a tab for it.

And for 20 bucks, all this can definitely be forgiven. So, a couple of months after the release of the SP40, I began to strongly recommend that the manufacturer make a version of this headband with a 21700 battery. The list of advantages from such a transition was tangible enough that Sofirn became interested in my proposal and began to develop such a model.

For some unknown reason, they decided to sell the finished model to Wurkkos, a new brand for which they produce flashlights in-house. However, the de facto is Sofirn.

Many people would like to buy an inexpensive and bright headlamp with a 21700 battery and separate power supply, so it is not surprising that the announcement of the Wurkkos HD20 definitely caused a rustle at BLF, the largest international lantern forum. Unlike other brands, Sofirn reached out to their end customer for help in choosing LEDs and controls.

Technically, and now you can find a 21700 headlamp with good brightness on relatively affordable price. For example the same Fireflies PL47 Gen II. Cool thing with huge brightness for a headlamp. The issue is that Anduril’s controls are too flexible and will turn many off. And, unlike Sofirn HD20, there is only one type of light and there is no built-in charging.

In general, after almost a year of development, the model was released. With some probability, there will be some other minor improvements that I will add to the review as it comes out. But now this headlamp has acquired a finished look and I am happy to offer you a review of the Wurkkos HD20.


Emitter: 1x Samsung LH351D 5.000K 90CRI + 1x Cree XP-L HD 5.000K 70CRI

Working voltage: 2.7V — 4.35V

Battery options: Li-ion battery 1x 21700 or 1x 18650

Size: 122mm (length) x 30mm (head diameter)

Weight: 130g / 0.28lb (without battery)

Flashlight body: 6061 aerospace grade aluminum alloy, CNC hard anodized to military grade III specification, anti-abrasive coating for a durable housing, design provides drop protection and improves heat dissipation from the LEDs.

Waterproof. IP-68 (up to 2 m / 6.56 ft underwater)

Protection against improper battery installation.

Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: ATR automatically reduces the brightness level when the driver temperature reaches 60°C to prevent overheating

Low voltage warning

Important! The manufacturer wrote that the kit comes with a 4800mah battery, not 4000mah as in the photo. The second point — the flashlight is designed for flat-headed unprotected batteries, long ones will not allow to close the contact

2 important articles: how to choose the right flashlight | how to choose the right headlamp. They will answer many questions.

Packaging and appearance

Pretty decent packaging for a budget brand. Anything is better than anything you get when you buy something in the Sofirn-Convoy category. You can already not throw this one away, it will come in handy to put something together.

Everything you need is in the kit — the headlamp itself, head mount, clip, o-ring, manual. The battery and charging cable are optional when purchasing the full version.

The head mount is quite affordable. No gel strips inside, no reflective elements on the outside. However, the fabric itself is soft and pleasant. It would be great if the mount was quick-release, like what Olight did. But this is definitely a completely different price category.

Wurkkos HD20 definitely Not small. This is both a plus (better heat dissipation) and a minus (it is still worn on the head). 12 cm in length and 200 g of curb weight will not suit everyone. If you are not looking for brightness, separate light and are ready to give up the total operating time, then it makes sense to look at Sofirn SP40.

Actually, something else could not be expected with such nutrition and layout. It would be possible to save the previous dimensions only by leaving the head from the SP40 aligned with the case for the 21700 battery.

Even with the T-shaped layout of the 21700, a split-light headlamp would be far from compact and light, here is an example of the world’s brightest headlamp Acebeam H30. By the way, it is more than twice as expensive.

In terms of appearance, this headlamp looks good. Yes, big brands would make the design more attractive. But as it is, I think the Wurkkos HD20 looks quite nice. Ultimately, the Sofirn audience

The tail has a magnet strong enough to hold a fully equipped flashlight horizontally.

Thick spring on the inside

She is also from the side of the head

Wurkkos is disassembled into 3 parts

The thread is neat, it is worth additional lubrication

The clip is double-sided. This is where the great advantage of L-shaped headlamps comes in — with the help of a clip, such a flashlight can be attached to the strap of a backpack and it will be great to illuminate the path ahead.

The head is really massive, in fact it occupies only a little more than half of the body.

On the reverse side is a type-C connector. It is located deep, the plug is thick — everything is in order here

The included cable is very good.

A review of the Wurkkos HD20 showed that this bright headlamp works great as a power bank.

Charging current 1.9A,

The discharge current in the power bank mode is declared 1.6A. I lost an adjustable load somewhere, from 2A the voltage dipped to 4.7-4.8V. In any case, this is more than enough to quickly charge the phone in case of urgent need.

The kit comes with a 4000mah 21700 battery, the same one that is in the wonderful budget long-range flashlight Sofirn C8G. But I consider it justified to buy a more capacious 21700 battery from aliexpress, the same 4800mah (this is the real capacity, the declared 5000mah is not here) Liitokala will cost mere pennies.

The power button, slightly recessed into the case, is located on top, it contains an indicator light that shows that there is a charge: green> 30%, red> 3%, flashing red — urgent replacement.

Two TIR lenses act as optics here, one for the near, the other for the high beam. Glass with enlightenment. At the bottom of the Samsung LH351D (low beam) and Cree XP-L HD (high beam). A perfectly reasonable choice. And Samsung LH351D in a budget model is generally wonderful.

Glass with enlightenment

Choice of near, far and both

That’s all. The headlamp looks nice, has no visible manufacturing jambs. will be good in the hand from the position of a flashlight. The question is only in dimensions, not everyone will be satisfied with a forehead of this length.


Quite decent and convenient management. Initially, it was somewhat different, but in the end it came to this.

I took the classic olat-trunite interface as a basis, and added Lupintop access to the moonlight from the lock to it

How Wurkkos HD20 Sofirn HD20 shines

The light here will suit anyone — it is necessary into the distance — it will enlighten into the distance, it is necessary in breadth — here is a wide one for you. Light distribution for every taste, color temperature of 5000K (which I like more than 4000K), you can combine near with far at different brightness levels. Everything is really good here.

720 hd beam

But with stabilization, everything is exactly the same as with sofirn SP40. In fact, this is the only thing that jars me about this model, it would be cool to see full stabilization here. But, as in the case of Sofirn SP40, for such and such a price and other functional advantages, this can be forgiven. And the eye will never see a drop in brightness of 1% in 3-5 minutes. The eye adapts and visually the brightness seems to be the same until a certain moment when it really dries down. Taking into account the fact that you can buy a spare capacious 21700 battery for aliexpress for a penny, I think that you can turn a blind eye to this. If you want full stabilization at this price, take the Skilhunt H04. With a shorter duration of work and versatility in terms of light (the version with a shutter caused a lot of criticism).

To make my review of Sofirn HD20 Wurkkos HD20 as informative as possible, I made a bunch of gifs that clearly make it clear how all modes are related to each other in different versions: near, far and both. Well, a comparison with Sofirn SP40 to the heap.

If we compare which headlamp is better: Sofirn SP40 18650 or Sofirn HD20 Wurkkos HD20 21700, then the latter loses significantly only in size. At the same time, he is much more interesting in light and control.

He much it is more convenient for close-up work, and farther away it will strike much further than one would expect from a headlamp.

Unfortunately, it was not possible to combine the mode memory for both channels in order to conditionally turn on the near high and lower low as in Bright Beam Panda 3.0 (see review), now both LEDs will shine in the same modes.

s — spot f — flood (far / near)

720 hd20 road flood
720 hd20 road spot
720 hd20 road sf
720 road vs
720 hd20 da4a1 flood
720 hd20 da4a1 spot
720 hd20 da4a1 sf
720 hd20 da4a1 vs
720 hd20 da4a2 flood
720 hd20 da4a2 spot
720 hd20 da4a2 sf
720 hd20 da4a2 vs

as for the range, the flashlight quite successfully closes half a hundred meters, I think that it will quite finish up to 75 with light that is normal in terms of detail. Since a long-range headlamp is generally nonsense (why — I tell in my leadership), then such a distance for the forehead is a wonderful result.

In this regard, the wurkkos HD20 Sofirn HD20 is clearly superior to the sofirn SP40, which has to blur the focus on the side fill as well. The novelty has a separate LED for the dipped beam, and here you can give out everything that is possible to the LED.

720 hd20 roof spot

The sofirn HD20 video review contains a huge number of examples of how this bright headlamp shines. So worth a look.

General impressions

In my opinion, although it could have been done better, the attempt to make a good inexpensive and bright headlamp with separate light and 21700 power was quite successful, albeit with reservations. There are only two of these clauses:

a) The headlamp turned out not compact at all.. Here in general. And I do not see any way that would allow to implement a bright separate light, built-in charging and power from a 21700 battery in an L-shaped case. If you want less, remove one of the variables and get a completely different lantern.

Since I started reviewing the Wurkkos HD20 a long time ago and did it for a long time, I periodically used this headlamp. And I can not call the difference in size and weight some kind of critical. Yes, if you carry Sofirn Hd20 on your head all night, then excess weight will affect sooner or later, but if we are talking about a shorter duration, then I don’t see a problem. Yes, and anthropometry cannot be discounted. The time after which the difference in weight with a conventional compact 18650 headlamp will be clearly different for a person weighing around 100kg and a person in the 70kg category.

In general, this is not a problem, but simply a derivative of the general design, and the advantages of this are obvious, and the minus is subjective. Although for many this will be enough — here the question of taste arises.

b) fairly budgetary and mediocre stabilization. I don’t like this, of course, I would like this headlamp to shine not so long, but without a drop in brightness. However, this minus is not critical for two reasons:

1) The drop in brightness in the most popular modes (MID for far and near) will be very smooth and the eye simply adapts to it, visually the brightness will be the same and the flashlight will work exceptionally long in these modes, especially with a 4800mah battery.

2) A spare battery costs a penny and takes up almost no space. If it were available, I would generally remove the issue of stabilization from the account.

The Sofirn SP40 has the same stabilization, and this did not stop this headlamp from becoming the best budget model. A lot of people use the SP40 and don’t break off at all.


And then the long list of benefits begins.

Wurkkos HD20 lasts a very long time Thanks to 21700 Power. The complete battery is actually a third larger in capacity than the one that comes with Sofirn SP40. And if you buy a penny Liitokala 21700 4800mah, then the duration of work will be a cut above what you get from any 18650 headlamp (except for models with remote units for 2 batteries). And these are really expensive foreheads, if we are talking about normal brands, and not about gonvozums.

Important! As for the paragraph above — the manufacturer wrote thatComes with 4800mah battery not 4000mah as pictured.

Here, by the way, the minus of mediocre stabilization turns into a plus — the brightness sags, but the foreheadthe flashlight stays on longer.

Size The L-shape allows for great versatility and comfortuse this bright headlamp as a hand torch. And due to the clip, you can use it as a camping light by attaching a flashlight to your chest pocket or backpack strap and thereby relieve your head.

Wurkkos HD20 has split light. This is far from being a unique solution for headlamps in general, but I have not seen this in an L-shaped format. All such solutions were in the classic T-shaped case. And the diffused low beam there was just a nice addition, limited both in maximum brightness and in the number of available modes. Not to mention the ability to fully combine both types of light. The only exception I know of is Panda by Bright Ray.

It’s actually bright headlamp. There are models and brighter, what to hide. The problem is that these models (from Klarus and Olight, for example) are almost twice as expensive, while the usual compact dimensions reduce the turbo to a fairly short operating time compared to the Wurkkos HD20.

Good color temperature. 5000K, and even in HiCRI for near light. Any of the major brands other than Acebeam will give you standard cold light in this situation to get the brightness up to specification.

This headlamp with magnet. An exceptionally convenient solution for the same garage. I see no point in chewing this plus.

Wurkkos HD20 has perhaps that fastest built-in charger seen at headlamps. 2A is really very good. And she works in power bank modein a situation of emergency, you can charge your phone.

Flexible and convenient management. Anduril will be more flexible, but for the average user, such an abundance of settings will be more of a minus. An incorrect extra click can lead you into the jungle of settings and cause only an angry mate.

Price. All these wonderful features would not be so pleasant if the flashlight had a price on the level of Fenix ​​ Olight Nitecore Acebeam (and a number of other brands with exorbitant appetites — all sorts of Wuben and Imalent).

Sofirn play in a completely different price range and for all this splendor they ask for a completely reasonable price, which is now at the level of the same Skilhunt H04 or Panda 3.0 from Bright Luch. Actually, it is the last two headlamps that I see as direct answers to the question “what to choose instead of Wurkkos HD20. In the event that you are looking for a headlamp for about $40-50. With the Skilhunt, you lose extra light and overall brightness, but get a compact L-shaped body, built-in charging (not the best) and flexible control with good stabilized light. And the panda will give you a nice separate light, built-in charging and control flexibility. But you t-shaped form factor will preclude use as a hand lamp. Well, the duration of work will be significantly less.

And this, again, if you do not take into account Sofirn SP40 (review). This headlamp costs half as much and for the average user, in fact,will hastily close almost all domestic needsexcept for the very near-dipped beam, where scattered TIR optics proves to be more practical than a classic reflector.

I spent a lot of time reviewing the Wurkkos HD20 and hopefully answered all the questions you might have. If not, write in the comments.

Once again, the model is not ideal (the size and there is no full stabilization), but in terms of price and functionality, in my opinion, it is certainly successful. These two do not bother you with the above two remarks, then I am sure that Wurkkos HD20 will not disappoint you.

It is worth mentioning that Wurkkos has a pair of wonderful flashlights Wurkkos TS21 (a flashlight that I use myself) and a long-range compact flashlight Wurkkos FC12

Where to buy and how to save

Buy Wurkkos HD20 you can in the manufacturer’s official store on Aliexpress Do not forget about the seller’s coupon!

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