Different lights got me to review. Magnificently bright, exceptionally small, and unimaginably long-range. I even admit that my closet hides a couple of exhibits, in everything so ugly that I couldn’t find the strength to waste my time talking about them. Well, memory hides even more: for example, a headlamp with either 5 or 7 LEDs (like in the photo).

All this to the fact that by the time I received the package with SF22, I had already seen most of what could surprise. As nice as it is not. Here is the hero of the review just from this rapidly shrinking category of the yet unseen. I would be happy to share with you my impressions of this thing.

Given the age of Sofirn as a manufacturer, the Sofirn SF22 released in 2017 is one of their very first models. Over the past three years, the manufacturer has gone in different directions, but, it seems, now they have found the right path. And now the SF22 is of absolutely no interest — if you want to buy a big and bright flashlight, then the best choice would be Sofirn SP70 or Convoy 4x18A

Well, anyway, Aliexpress is still full of this type of lanterns: dull and many-eyed nameless basement freaks. Due to their exceptional design simplicity, they are riveted all in a row.

Packaging and appearance

Hefty beige cardboard box. Sofirn still use exactly the same ones. The gift potential is zero, the reliability in transportation is maximum.

Inside, in a thick layer of foam rubber, lies the lantern itself, disassembled in half due to its length. In addition, the kit includes: 4 adapters 18650-> 26650 and two boxes with cheap chargers for 2×26650 batteries. Judging by the photo, Sofirn also optionally equipped with batteries.

Well, let’s take a closer look at this monster. For my taste, the appearance of Sofirn SF22 fully illustrates the very common term “ketai ketai”. This is a pure chimera, a hodgepodge of different pieces. The brutal ugliness and absurdity of the lantern reduces it to the level where this vinaigrette seems like a conscious, eye-catching design decision. Russian Toy Terriers, I suspect, are bred for the same reasons.

The size of the lamp is also outstanding. Not in a short, 2×26650 version, there are at least comparable models on the market here: from the well-known ones: Convoy L6 and the mentioned Sofirn SP70. And some very extreme models (such as BLF GT Acebeam K75 Imalent MS12) and there will be even more. So, the review is about 4 (!) x26650 versions. Although this is not the largest LED flashlight known to me (besides the length, the size of the head also decides), but definitely the longest.

In this form, the lantern becomes a real club. Something similar is only in Fenix ​​TK75, which supports extension tubes. Somewhere I saw his photos with 3-4 extensions. In this form, this lantern reaches a length that, for me personally, is beyond common sense and practical real-world use.

In addition to a fair length, Sofirn SF22 immediately attracts attention with 6 cm spikes around the facet with 18 LEDs. If there are tactical flashlights, then this is a real «strategic» flashlight. Sofirn called him Bear Hunter, and yes, with this you can safely climb into the den to wake up the clubfoot. Blind, stun and scalp. In terms of style and size, such a lantern would be perfect for the Nazgul as a running light for flying on a dragon.

The thread is large and absolutely dry, the body is thick, there are no complaints about the lathe.

In short, I would describe the appearance of this lantern as «ugly» and «impressive» … impressively ugly.

The flashlight is controlled by two buttons.

The tail button is responsible for off-on. Soft, with a deep stroke and a noticeable click. Access to it is quite convenient. Just above it there are 3 eyelets for a lanyard, which reduces the chance of accidental pressing.

The metal button for switching brightness levels is located on a flat area in the head. It’s not hard to find by touch. The move is average, with a slight click.

There is no spring on the tail side, there is a spring-loaded contact rod.

But from the side of the head it is and definitely thin for the declared brightness, it is necessary to shunt.

The knurling has a fair share of ugliness. Not tenacity, of course — everything is fine here. Behind some gag knurling on both tubes absolutely different, that is, absurd and cheap.

And if the lantern does not please the eye, then in the hand the lantern sits like a glove in both versions

And now the most constructively interesting part — the head.

She’s pretty big. However, I saw more, below the diameter of the order of 15cm.

But for flashlights of this size and price, the size is the most common. And it may seem small only against the background of frank super-bright and ultra-long-range models. So it is quite at the level of the same Convoy L6 and Sofirn SP70.

The cooling fins are numerous and deep, everything is fine here.

And here, what is interesting is that the part of the head with cooling fins is removable. The second part enters it along the thread, with LEDs. I have never seen such a thing. I won’t see it, for sure.

And here you can see a hefty design flaw. fair

The bezel is not round and is attracted to the head by six spikes. I conscientiously unscrewed them, but this part of the head was glued. Luckily, a comrade from the Lone Star State shared photos of the disassembled head. Look, it’s all rather dull here.

The entire heat removal occurs only due to a couple of centimeters of the threshold around the base of the substrate.

Inside, under thick glass, there is a honeycomb of small reflectors with supposedly Cree XML-2 at the bottom. Given the level of Sofirn at the time of the release of this model, you should not flatter yourself — you should expect that there are the same LEDs as in the mass of other similar many-eyed models that aliexpress is full of. Technically, even with the declared brightness of 6000 lumens, each has about 330 lumens, which is quite feasible. Yes, and the energy efficiency in this type of design is higher than to shoot more brightness in a more powerful LED. In general, nothing unusual except for the spikes.

What is the result? The lantern impresses with its length and absurdity. Spikes and a lot of LEDs — a random person who is far from the topic of flashlight building will really be impressed. In general, the spikes here even look appropriate. Together with them, everything finally takes on the appearance of a kind of lantern prodigy. Dreadful, ochi the dangerous thing. A clear option to replace the bit under the seat of your priors, brother.



OFF-ON by clicking the tail button

Switching modes at the click of a button in the head.

At this stage, everything is normal.

Well, then look, a huge jamb, the most important, in my opinion, blow to the usability of this model.

Order of modes: Turbo-Mid-Low-Strobe-Sos. With mode memory for the last two. Not enough brightness and want to shine a little brighter? Get hit by a strobo-sucker combo in the eyes! Otherwise, there is no way to get to the mode above.

There were complaints about the management of a number of Sofirnov’s models. But all this does not go to any comparison with the game that was invented here.

In fairness, if you just need to turn on one mode and use it, there will be no obvious problem.

But the developer is still a nerd. Although, it is precisely because of such a debility, typical for alish under-lights, that I suspect that no one here has developed anything. Sofirn took some already existing game as a basis and tore it up, or even simply branded the finished version.

How Sofirn SF22 shines

The light is, of course, cold white. Not bluish like those disgusting models with disgusting T6 LEDs, but just cold white. Quite tolerable, by the way, in terms of distribution of light for short-medium distances. And here is the PWM flicker here monstrous in all modes except maximum.

Light, jellied, of course, and you shouldn’t expect any range here at all.

720 da4a 1

In the stock version, with poor wiring and a standard resistor R240, the maximum brightness is about half of the declared one. Because of this (and the construction, which does not contribute to normal heat transfer in any way), the lantern heats up insignificantly even at the maximum. Due to the design, which is doubtful from the standpoint of the heat sink, I would not overclock the flashlight, there is no thermal cutoff here at all.

As for stabilization, it is surprisingly good. It is understandable, it is worth counting that with such a combination of brightness and total capacity, the graph even from direct drive would be tolerable. Immediately, quite a bright 30% will shine for a dozen hours! Actually two nights.

So, with regards to brightness. By shunting and installing a single R075, the lamp can be accelerated to the declared brightness. The question is that in fact, the one that is will be enough for you, the flashlight will consume much more than it will add to how it illuminates. In fact, the standard unfinished version is enough. Within a hundred meters you will see everything with good side light, not to mention something up close.

But for working very close, the flashlight is not particularly convenient due to another cretinous feature, namely the spread of modes: 30% -42% -100%. Taking into account the fact that the latter is somewhere around 2800-3000 lumens, the minimum brightness you have is about 1000 lumens. And such light is appropriate for distances of about 10 meters, there will be a strong overexposure nearby. Why is there no level lower, like 5%? Although here the PWM frequency would be quite disco.

Well, actually, 30 and 42 percent — no difference. That is, in fact, you have two modes — the maximum is quite bright and the minimum is relatively bright light with an appendage of an epileptic strobe.

720 da4a 1
720 da4a 2
720 da4a 3

In what it pours out, you can also see in the video.

General impressions

Aliexpress game in all its glory. The flashlight is terrible in terms of price, design, control and construction.

Even at the time of its release, there were a lot of more interesting models in bulk, not to mention today. Now Sofirn SF22 is interesting as a point of comparison to understand what normal modern lights can do and how they should be done in terms of light, control and design.

In fact, the flashlight has only one detail that distinguishes it in a good way — it is powered by 4×26650. This form factor allows very decent autonomy even at minimum brightness. And, let me remind you, it is at the maximum level for the mass of pocket 1×18650 flashlights. Well, thanks to this, the lantern acquired the dimensions and appearance of a baton. I’m sure many will like this design. There are a large number of fans of beat flashlights, shocker flashlights and something like that, where normal control and light are not as important as the Zhigan chic of a good looking thing.

However, there is a category of people who may be (or maybe not, I’m not aware of the specifics) just such a lantern is suitable — these are guards patrolling a large area. The autonomy of the flashlight is enough for almost the entire shift (and this is the second plus), it illuminates a fair amount. There is no need for convenient control here — I turned it on at one brightness and went through the territory. Well, if you have to make contact with a robber and an adversary, the lantern will fit perfectly as a weapon, after all, it’s not for nothing that American cops have been carrying muggles of similar length with them for several decades.

In short, I did not like the lamp. And I strongly doubt that he is interesting to someone for such a price.

And what is interesting from similar, let’s see? To shine widely, brightly and work for a long time. From the same Sofirn you can buy a Sofirn SP70 LED flashlight for yourself — the same flood light (only the best in color temperature and brightness) with normal control and a shoulder suspension belt. Really nice model.

A direct competitor has Convoy 4x18A . Bright and wide light, convenient relatively compact body with 4×18650 power supply and built-in type-c charger.

Well, if you want something uncompromising, then here’s the Mateminco MT70 aka Astrolux MF02S

Where to buy and how to save

Buy Sofirn SF22 on Aliexpress Can here Note that I have highlighted in bold letters. It is possible, but not necessary. Buying this model is no more justified now than at the time of release.


You can save on purchases with coupons and promotional codes from the discount channel in telegram, see the link to it below in the “about the author” block


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