If there is any brand that puts “wow!” at the forefront, then this is Imalent. The manufacturer is obsessed with squeezing as many lumens as possible out of any of its models. And since the logic of real use is generally taken out of the brackets, with an increase in brightness, the size of the flashlight often decreases. Lightning-fast heating eventually turns the flashlight into a normal flash mode.

As a result, Imalent decided that a case with a built-in fan would just help to cope with this heating caused by the colossal brightness. The first model with this wonderful innovation was the Imalent MS08, the review of which I offer you. Now this is no longer a novelty, the flashlight got to me on New Year’s Eve and I slowed down the creation of the review until spring. Are you not interested in looking at the reflections of snow from snowdrifts? I wouldn’t have. So all winter I wrote reviews in a box and now, with the onset of spring, I begin to stack them generously.


  • LED: 8*CREE XHP70.2
  • Maximum brightness 34,000lu
  • Maximum range 738m (136,000 cd)
  • Power supply: 3*4000mAh 21700 Li-Ion battery
  • Product size: 74 (head diameter) * 51 (body diameter) * 125.5 (length) mm
  • Net weight: 651g 783g (without batteries with batteries and plastic case)
  • The high efficiency circuit maintains 10,000 lumens at all times (ah those sweet words)
  • The built-in thermal control module and fan-powered heat shield automatically adjust the output brightness according to the working condition and outside temperature, ensuring comfortable use.
  • Tempered ultra-clear mineral glass with anti-reflective coating
  • Aerospace-grade aluminum alloy body, Type III hard-anodized wear-resistant surface treatment
  • IPX-8 waterproof
  • 1m impact resistance

Packaging and appearance

Great premium packaging. Large black cardboard box with dust jacket, everything is very presentable

The kit includes the flashlight itself, 3 * 4000mah 21700 batteries, a case, o-rings, a manual, 2 (!) Charging cables. Very unhappy that there is no lanyard. The case is plastic and it is necessary to exclude as much as possible the likelihood of such a rather big flashlight falling out of your hands.

The cover is pretty decent.

As I said above, the flashlight is not small, a little larger than the usual can-size format, largely due to the plastic case.

From left to right: Wurkkos TS21 Imalent MS03 Imalent R30C Imalent MS08 Convoy 4x18a

And so this is a slightly enlarged familiar can-size format. A sort of barrel of light. A «naked» flashlight looks completely normal.

But with a plastic case put on, the futuristic nature of the flashlight, I think, just rolls over. I am sure that such a ribbed black case with a bunch of slots will simply hypnotize a buyer who is not well versed in the lamp nuances.

The flashlight looks exceptionally impressive. In principle, with such an abundance of slots, it will not be difficult for you to attach a lanyard there, which, remember, is mandatory with such a size and weight of a flashlight. But, of course, if you think that plastic can withstand a fall on asphalt or tiles, go for it.

However, the flashlight fits in the hand without inconvenience. It has a good tenacious knurling, but the plastic body gives a much more secure grip. However, let me remind you that the flashlight is not light, so the lanyard is still needed here.

The tail is flat, but the flashlight stands securely with a “candle” with a cover on. If the light is turned off, then taking into account such brightness and long-lasting capacious power, the flashlight is great to point it at the ceiling and illuminate the room.

On the tail of the plastic cover there is a contact for charging the battery of the built-in fans and a button to turn them on. Button Very sensitive. If you put it on something soft, conditionally on a mouse pad, the button will turn on. And it is guaranteed to turn on if you carry a flashlight in your backpack. There is no fan lock. So it’s likely that you’ll just run out of fans by the time you need to take your flashlight out of your backpack and turn it on.

The flashlight has two fans, they are located at the beginning of the head.

To get to the batteries, you need to unscrew the head.

There are 3 thick springs on the tail side, and an annular contact on the head side.

The usual drawback of Imalent is a completely indistinguishable button, which is simply impossible to find quickly. So here too. It barely protrudes from the body.

But with the case on, everything becomes much easier, because two tangible recesses appear: for the button and the charging connector. One lies under the index finger, the other under the thumb. Since the button is flat, you won’t even understand where that is, and therefore I usually just press it with both fingers at once — the light turns on anyway.

But, of course, the buttons, as they were disastrously inconvenient, remain. Imalent stubbornly refuses to change its approach of creating nice-looking, but completely indistinguishable buttons to the touch.

Charging imalentovskogo standard, magnetic. It really pleases that there are two of them in the kit to simultaneously charge both batteries and fans. If any wire is lost or broken, you will have a second one.

5v2a for 3 * 21700 batteries is negligible at a time when even inexpensive models offer 5v3a, not to mention a full-fledged PD, such as in another super-bright flashlight Olight Marauder 2

In the same place, under the button, there is a bolt that secures the cover to the case. It is small and easy to lose. I think it would be appropriate to add a spare to the kit.

An array of 8 CREE XHP70.2 LEDs at the bottom of small, smooth reflectors is responsible for the light.


Good management. I find it quite convenient.

1 click — OFF ON

2 clicks — TURBO

3 clicks from OFF — LOW

4 clicks (times) lock

How Imalent MS08 shines

This is Imalent, which means the specification is here Very differs greatly from the actual state of affairs. That’s if it’s polite.

Brightness. I have nothing to measure, I will refer to the measurements of one of the English-speaking reviewers. 1630 MID I 3850 MID II 8800 HIGH 25,000 TURBO instead of 2000 5000 10,000 34,000 lumens.

The difference in real and promised Turbo brightness is here colossal.

Working hours. The specification promises 90 seconds of Turbo. HA. Ha. Ha.

They write that first Turbo, and then High. But it is not clear whether the turbo will last 90 seconds and then fall, or 90 seconds is the time for which Turbo drops to 10,000.

Of course, the latter option is close to reality — the brightness drops immediately. But 90 seconds does not smell there, we are talking about exactly half the time. And that’s from a cold start. If you turn on a flashlight that has already warmed up, you get 15 seconds of a turbo diving down. It is, of course, and it’s just an eon and a kalpa against the background of those scanty 6-7 seconds that the same Nitecore TM9K offers. Even 15 seconds of such brightness will make it possible to highlight everything both in the distance and in breadth and look around within the well-lit sector.

Of course, the built-in fans do not have the slightest effect on the duration of the turbo.

On the other hand, the manufacturer explicitly promises (quoting Google translation) «The high-efficiency circuit maintains 10,000 lumens at all times.» Even this brightness is extremely, extremely high for such a case. In past cases, all these promises were outright nonsense, let’s call a spade a spade. Even now, simple mathematics says that if the specifications promise 10,000 lumens for 55 minutes, but half the brightness for not 110 minutes, but 85 (the discrepancy is almost 1/4), then something is unclean here.

So I was pleasantly surprised to see that the Imalent MS08 is relatively close to keeping this (8800 High) brightness, if not with full stabilization, but with some decrease in it, sane enough and not collapsing down. After 3 minutes of HIGH, there is a decrease, to a level of about 6600-6800 lumens. By the way, it is at this level that the turbo falls, and not at HIGH. But further MS08 still keeps a good brightness for 20 minutes. I repeat again — there is no hour and 10,000 lumens there and close.

The mentioned 5000, or rather 3800lum, are also not fully stabilized, but the drawdown is quite smooth and imperceptible to the eye. The flashlight keeps this brightness even without forced cooling.

Lies also take place with the MID 2000 lum mode. Only this time it is on the side of the user, who gets much more than 2h18min. The brightness will also not be stabilized, but given that even this medium mode is equal to turbo for a regular EDC flashlight, you get excellent light for almost the entire night.

As for how fans work, here’s a good example for you. high mode with fans on and without case. Obviously, in the second case, you simply cannot hold a flashlight in your hands.

In the case of MID I MID II, you can do without a case. The temperature is quite comfortable.

As for the light, you get a good, comfortable near-mid light pattern. The stock of colossal, breathtaking brightness will allow you, if necessary, to break through a couple of hundred meters, while illuminating a huge area in width. Conventionally, you can light up an entire football field in one go. Somehow it is possible to enlighten further, but this is only something like.

In general, the aforementioned full-fledged driving mode in MID I will allow you to illuminate the road very well in front of you, right here very well, both far and wide. Let me remind you that the flashlight will work at this brightness for a long time. The second, more or less even mode in MID II with supposedly 5000 lumens will allow you to already inspect the surrounding bushes and hills. An hour and a half on this mode is quite sufficient for an evening walk.

General impressions

The main concept of Imalent is «smaller size, more brightness». The consequence of this approach is the inevitable overheating of the body, which reduces all this bright turbo to the usual unpractical flash.

Since the manufacturer is unable to give up the race for lumens, Imalent decided to use a fan to combat overheating. All flashlights I have seen had a fan built into the handle. Immediately, Imalent came up with something fundamentally new. The plastic case with two fans is actually quite good, with the effect visible on the graph, it cools the flashlight and now it holds the higher brightness more efficiently.

So in this plan Imalent MS08 turned out quite well. It doesn’t have a decorative turbo. 15 seconds, albeit a rapidly falling turbo from a hot start, is actually a lot. And the completely working supposedly 10000 lum mode is even more impressive.

This is the rare case when Imalent promises great brightness and can actually be used. Although, of course, common sense in all this is traditionally not enough.

The question is, will this use be convenient? The flashlight has a fairly large body, which will fit not every hand. And if you use MS08 without a lanyard, then sooner or later the flashlight will fall. Well, if it happens in the forest. But what happens if the flashlight falls on the asphalt in the city? The case with the fan on the flashlight is plastic, so I consider the prospect of the case breaking when dropped as far from ghostly.

In general, I think that the flashlight turned out to be better than many Imalent models, but the case with a fan is the main functional feature of the flashlight, and at the same time it is also its weak point. Without it, it will keep the older brightness worse, and already at the 5000 lum level in your hand you simply won’t hold it. If you carry a flashlight in a backpack, then the fans are guaranteed to turn on and their battery will sit down by the time of real use.

So Imalent MS08 is a flashlight that you really have to be careful with. You will have to use a lanyard, you will have to remove the flashlight from the edges, you will have to pack the flashlight in your bag very carefully so as not to accidentally turn on the fan. If you take a flashlight just for a walk — no problem. But such a button is of little use for a long trip, where the flashlight will have to be carried in a backpack.

And finally. Flashlight manufacturers take advantage of every opportunity to inflate their specifications for brightness, range, and runtime. Taking into account the fact that here the MID1 mode works 2 times longer than the declared one, it is obvious that no one simply tested it. All these numbers in the specifications are nothing more than math that doesn’t care about the user.

  • 21700 batteries with huge run time
  • built-in charger
  • colossal brightness
  • good set of modes
  • convenient control
  • forced cooling
  • the ability to hold really high brightness
  • plastic case may break if dropped
  • to avoid this, you need a lanyard, it is not included in the kit
  • unpractical button (exceptionally inconvenient when working without a case)
  • relatively slow charging with a non-standard native connector
  • the fan button will probably be pressed when carrying and the fan may sit down by the time of use
  • a strong discrepancy between the declared and real operating time (toward the user and vice versa) and brightness
  • price

Where to buy and how to save

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