You can already see more about this lamp in a full review. here. What can be said based on promotional materials?

Apparently, Nitecore decided to systematically switch to 21700 batteries, and this is good. But the fact that a lot of their models are tailored for expensive native batteries and will not work with any third-party ones is bad. I also didn’t like the lack of a firefly. Three modes are also not enough, but they are enough for basic needs.

Otherwise, everything is not bad: there is a type-C charging, and an SST-40 LED, which increased the brightness to 1800lum against 1200 for the previous version. Accordingly, the range also increased.

Separately, it is worth noting a technical solution that I have not seen before — a multi-colored and, as I understand it, customizable flashing backlight on the tail button. If you fix a flashlight on the helmet, then this will allow, if necessary, to distinguish yourself from the rest.

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