Burning a tunnel in the dark, shining as far as possible, with maximum brightness and at the same time sane cost — this is about Convoy 4x18a SBT90.2. You just look at what a modern search light is capable of. In the review, the SBT90.2 LED is beating against the XHP70.2 version, so everything will be clear. If you wanted to buy a powerful flashlight on aliexpress, such that it works for a long time and shines brightly, then, undoubtedly, you will like one of the two versions.

Let me remind you that initially Convoy 4x18a came out with XHP70.2 LED and for its price it has become a very interesting option for the user to get a practical combination of brightness and range for a quite affordable price. If you stupidly chase after lumens, then, conditionally, the same Haikelite or Sofirn SP36 look much more interesting. But if, in addition to the bare numbers of brightness in the turbo, you also want the duration of this mode, you also want some kind of range, then the Convoy 4x18a looks much more attractive.



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Material: aluminum alloy
Low voltage warning: automatic power off
Reverse polarity protection:None,The positive side of the battery should be facing the head
Lens Type: ar-coated glass lens
Reflector: Smooth
Charging: TYPE-C charging interface (charging current 3A)
Switch position: side button in the head
Mode memory: yes
Tail stand: yes
Battery type required: 4*18650 batteries (protected or unprotected)
Luminous flux: maximum 5400LM (theoretical LED output value, the actual light output is lossy, for reference only)
Illumination: Maximum 314.7KCD
Range: Maximum 1122 meters (ANSI standard, for reference only)
Tc:5700K white tint
Head diameter: 69mm
Battery tubediameter: 50mm
Flashlight length: 153mm
Product weight: 458g
Weight with box: 592g
Packing size: 183*99*80mm


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Material: Aluminum alloy
Low voltage warning: Automatic power off
Reverse polarity protection: None
Lens Type: Ar-coated glass lens
Reflector: Smooth
Charging: TYPE-C charging interface (charging current 2A)
Switch position: Side button in the head
Mode memory: Yes
Tail stand: Yes
Battery included or not: Not included
Battery type required: 4*18650 batteries (protected or unprotected)
Head diameter: 69mm
Battery tube diameter: 50mm
Flashlight length: 153mm
Product weight: 458g
Weight with box: 592g
Packing size: 183*99*80mm


4 modes 1% -10% -40% -100%, maximum output 5000mA, up to 4300LM,
Click the switch to turn the flashlight on or off.
If the flashlight is off, long press the switch to go directly to 1%, double-click the switch to go directly to 100%.
If the flashlight is on, press and hold the switch to switch modes,double-click the switch to go directly to 100%.
The drive has mode memory function and temperature protection function. If the flashlight is overheated, it will stepdown to 40% mode.
4X18A flashlight range:
1% mode 300CD 34m
10% mode 6600CD 162m
40% mode 22000CD 296m
100% mode 54000CD 464m


She remained unchanged, it’s still the same thick-walled beige box with a sticker with the name of the model

Inside it is a flashlight. The charging cable, of course, you buy yourself.

But inside the flashlight there is an extremely useful add-on — an adapter that allows you to conveniently use flat-head batteries where they usually do not reach the contact pad ring. Sometimes they get it without it. Sometimes not — why take the risk. It’s a pity that so far only Convoy does this, as far as I remember.

The rest of the changes are zero. You have a large piece of metal in your hands. Simple design, 4 batteries inside and big head.

In fairness, flashlights on 4×18650 and SBT90.2 LEDs are much more. At one time, I was simply shocked by Acebeam K75

Neither the button nor the charging connector has changed

All the differences from the original version with Cree XHP70.2 appear here only in the LED.

Well, if SBT90.2 was stuck even in a quite compact Lumintop X9L (review), and anyway it turned out to be an extremely interesting flashlight that pleased me, then installing the voracious, bright and very long-range SBT90.2 in the Convoy 4x18a case was, as I said at the very beginning of the review, only a matter of time. This LED really asks for a flashlight, which will be sufficient both in terms of power supply and heat dissipation (well, conditionally sufficient — SBT90.2 requires a fan even gigantic Astrolux MF05 Mateminco MT90.

So that’s what it was

And that’s what happened.

On this, let me bow and move on to the most interesting part of the review. Let me remind you that if you are interested in other details about the case, charging, control, then review Convoy 4x18a XHP70.2 will help you with that, I see no need to duplicate its content here.


As far as I remember, it was easier in the first version. Now there are:

  • tactical mode with access to only 100% (4 clicks)
  • flashing battery voltage (by 5 clicks)
  • smooth brightness control (off-on by 6 clicks)
  • blocking (10 clicks)

The rest is the same: off-off with a click, firefly on hold from OFF, brightness rewind by holding the button.

Quite comfortable and good.

How the Convoy 4x18a shines

In the less bright XHP70.2 version, the flashlight gave an amazing 9 minutes at maximum brightness, which allows you to very well illuminate a fair sector within a radius of about a hundred meters.

Yes, and repeated inclusions made it possible to fry to the maximum not only when the case cools down.

The SBT90.2 version is much hotter and 100% mode is limited to two minutes from a cold start. If you run 100% immediately again, then you should not be surprised at the significantly shorter duration of work. Fairness, yes, this is also a very good indicator, especially considering that how much and how far you will be able to shine in this mode.

But 40% here is already completely stabilized and will give you 2 hours of work (on the graphs, work from 4xSamsung 30Q) with light that breaks through 400m completely effortlessly and is by no means useful at a distance of 600-800m. Once again — for 2 hours you will be holding a full-fledged searchlight in your hands. Well, the 10% mode (work within a radius of 250 meters that way) will last 5 hours or more. Too much, you see.

The SBT90.2 version has two drawbacks. One obvious one is the color temperature here in the region of 6000K, which is not the best option for working at a long distance. If you are not in the know, then here is a link to my guide to choosing flashlights, it tells in simple terms about color temperature and everything else.

The second is a purple halo that is clearly visible at close range. However, it is no longer visible at a medium distance, and I point out this shortcoming only so as not to miss anything. In reality, this halo will not bother you in any way.

Actually, here it is perfectly visible in the photo. The color temperature of the XHP70.2 on the right is 5000k

By and large, judging by the photo above, you can only judge this halo and the color temperatures of each version. The photo does not come close to reflecting how these photographs differ in light live. Let’s take a look at this.

Well, let’s move on to the most interesting, what to expect around the world?

And you get the following — XHP70.2 is very pleasant when working at near-medium (especially at medium) distances with the ability to reach up to 300-350m in case of urgent need.

SBT90.2 opens somewhere from 20 meters to the limit where there is any benefit from the light at all. It is very confident, with excellent brightness it penetrates 750m at 100%. And a constant 40% mode that does not fall along the steppaun will give you a uniquely working level of illumination at a distance of 350-400m.

See for yourself.

Near-medium range

XHP70.2 is clearly superior in terms of light distribution.

At a distance of 50-75m the picture is still the same. The SBT90.2 is already quite nice, but the XHP70.2 is still more interesting due to the larger flash width.

But here’s what should be noted here — the more voracious 40% of the latter will be visually equal in terms of illumination level to 10% of the SBT90.2 mode. This means that hours of operation will also vary.


This distance is still quite tough XHP70.2


It can be seen that XHP70.2 is starting to lose strength. However, if it was a dedomized version, he could well fight


Here XHP70.2 is already somehow wealthy only 100%


here XHP70.2 is meaningless. He showed himself normally in the mentioned long-range version in the wonderful Mateminco MT70 search flashlight (review). In its current form, there is no point in expecting some kind of good from him at a long distance. But SBT90.2 shows itself amazingly, here even 40% turn out to be quite a working mode.

And 750m with such a bright illumination, by the way, is too tough for a lot of long-range flashlights.

And, of course, a video review of the Convoy 4x18A SBT90.2

General impressions

As in the case of the XHP70.2, the Convoy 4x18A SBT90.2 review showed that this is a very, very interesting flashlight for its price.

Thanks to the work from 4 batteries, both of them please with a long operating time. They both have quite sane management. The presence of charging is a clear plus plus.

Each of the flashlights fully reveals the beauty of the installed LED. The XHP70.2 version shines brightly and wide enough to give a comfortable and long lasting light for (relatively) close to medium range work. By turning on the turbo, you get a really bright light that is quite decent in duration. Separately, the choice of color temperature is pleasing, which SBT90.2 does not have

But the latter has a huge advantage in range. She’s just amazing with a flashlight. He easily punches a real tunnel in the dark. You will be able to work confidently at 700m distance even at 40%! And at 100%, the flashlight closes even a kilometer. And all this with a good beam width. There is only one minus, and it is typical for this LED. A relatively cold color temperature will not be as practical in fog/smoke/dust as 4000K light. However, this can be offset by a colossal penetrating power.

A modern truly long-range flashlight is increasingly being built around some kind of LED from Osram (review once And two), which amazingly focuses light into a single bright spot. This increases the range, but forces you to look with the beam for something that is not visible due to almost no side illumination. The SBT90.2 does not have this drawback, the area it illuminates is much wider and without damage to range. In fairness, the downside of this will be significantly more heat and battery consumption.

Be that as it may, if you want a flashlight that will have a colossal range and at the same time tolerable side illumination, i.e. since it’s a search flashlight, and not an ultra-long-range “awl”, then the Convoy 4x18A SBT90.2 seems to me to be definitely a very, very interesting option. This is the entrance ticket to the realm of real power. If you are looking for some kind of adequately priced gift that will cause jaw drop, this is just about it. If you need a long-range flashlight just from the “cheap and cheerful” section, then Sofirn C8G will have everything for you (well, or in Sofirn IF22a, which I will talk about very soon)

I consider Mateminco MT70 with dedominated XHP70.2 as a good alternative. It has a shorter range and no built-in charging, but a good color temperature. By the way, you can now buy an elongated tube for it, which will dramatically increase the operating time. By the way, this is one of my favorite search lights in general. And, to be honest, its range is enough for your eyes. It’s all there in the review. And, yes, Mateminco also has an MT90 with the same SBT90.2.

In short, this is what the Convoy 4x18a review showed me in both versions. I absolutely love this LED flashlight. Each one is perfect for your needs. If you are not embarrassed to carry almost 700k piece of metal, then you will get exactly what you were looking for: either excellent brightness at close to medium range, or the ability to turn on a real light gun for working away. In the case of SBT90.2, even those who would not want it will see the light of day.

If you choose a flashlight for yourself, now for a relatively small cost you can actually take a bright or long-range one. But before you spend money on something that doesn’t suit you at all, you should look at my guide to choosing a flashlight.

Where to buy and how to save

Convoy 4x18a XHP70.2:

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Convoy 4x18a SBT90.2



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