TOP of the best flashlights from aliexpress for 2022 in the middle price category. It is here that the most relevant flashlights in terms of price-quality ratio are located. The first, budget, selection showed its own, so catch the second one. Here I tried to go through all the most interesting things based on the main categories — brightness, range, compactness and versatility.

It is worth clarifying that most of the list here is reserved for Sofirn products. The reason is simple — I believe that in terms of price-quality-convenience, this is the best that can be found on the market. Convoy is often cheaper, but more primitive in management. Lanterns of bold brands are most likely to differ only in beautiful packaging and 2-3 times higher price. At the same time, they will still be inferior in terms of the quality of light and ease of control. There are exceptions, but the general trend is that the average user does not make any sense to overpay. I myself, having the opportunity to choose from almost all the flashlights that are on the market, use Sofirn Wurkkos products

Convoy S21a (review)

The most budget version of a flashlight on a modern capacious 21700 battery. Very good brightness of ~ 1500lum, excellent reliability and maintainability, simple operation. There is an option with 5000K light.

There is also a minus — if you do not have a charger that would hold 21700, then you will have to buy it separately. And here the S21A will not have any advantage over the next flashlight

Sofirn SP35 (review)

And here everything is in one. Convenient control with instant access to the firefly and turbo, smooth and stepped brightness control. The last one here is also under 2000 lum, enough for your eyes. The same capacious 21700 battery and, most importantly, built-in charging — you can charge it at any time and wherever it is convenient.

If you need a quite powerful and inexpensive pocket flashlight without problems, I recommend it.

Of the minuses — weak fill light. The flashlight will show itself perfectly at a distance of 7-10 meters and further. To work close, we look at the next flashlight on the list.

Wurkkos TS21 review

My personal choice, a flashlight with which I personally walk.

It has excellent brightness in turbo under 3000lum, choice of color temperature (I preferred 5000K), 21700 battery, magnet in the end, built-in type-C charging

Super-flexible control, Anduril

In principle, even a simple person, if he does not go into the settings, will be able to use it.

For those who didn’t know, Wurkkos is a sub-brand of Sofirn, in fact it’s the same company, with the same production line and managers. the difference is only in product positioning, wurkkos is designed for a more advanced audience.

Sofirn C8G (review)

An exceptionally handy long-range flashlight. He has excellent control, range, which will allow you to reach that way for 400m from you. Again, a 21700 battery with a long run time. I know for certain that this model was put under a gun, on a smoothbore and a flashlight it showed itself from the best side

This is not a super-awl without side illumination, just a classic modern moderately powerful long-range flashlight

If you need a super-awl, then take the next one on the list

Sofirn SF47T (review)

here it is next to C8G

Awesome operating time at maximum brightness, excellent range and convenient control. If you need a flashlight to shine far and shine for a long time, this is it. Minus — no side illumination, it is convenient to work from 50 meters.

For medium distance work, I would highly recommend Sofirn SP33S (review)

It has a capacious 26650 battery, excellent brightness, good control and built-in charging. In terms of price and quality, this is a 26650 flashlight at the moment. it actually has it at all All

On this, perhaps, that’s all.

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