Remember I talked about Godzilla among flashlights — a colossal and bright ultra-long-range Mateminco MT90 plus? And then I saw the light of another unusual flashlight from this little-known manufacturer to the general public — Mateminco FW3.

What is so special about this flashlight? It looks good, but nothing more. The flashlight has just a nice appearance and dimensions, typical for a tactical flashlight with 21700 power. Here is the same Acebeam L18 will be much more attractive.

Actually, the tactical ring makes it clear that the manufacturer primarily sees the flashlight as a tactical one. By the way, pay attention to the flashlight head, there are installed ever-luminous tritium inserts. There are also slots for them in the tail.

Do you think this is nonsense? Lantern enthusiasts will disagree, look at these Christmas trees

And the feature of Metminco MT3 is that besides extremely long-range LEP LED, there are also classic LEDs for low beam. However, for some reason, the manufacturer abandoned time-tested solutions and settled on Cree XBD LEDs, of which I only know that they are put in foglights.

Traditionally, you should not expect brightness from a LEP LED, here it is only 255 lum. Yes, and this scattering of XBD LEDs is also frankly mediocre in the brightness of the turbo mode, 1200 lum is now Very modestly (although, if you do not look at the numbers, this brightness will definitely be enough for you live). To Mateminco’s credit, by the way, there is a choice of 5000K color temperature.

But! The trump card of the flashlight is not at all in brightness. The beauty of LEP flashlights lies in the fact that, with frankly ridiculous brightness, they simply monstrous range. So here, 460000 cd and the declared range of 1.35 km.

This is also a minus, such a flashlight is a frank «awl» without the slightest side illumination, some kind of beam divergence begins only from a couple of hundred meters. And at distances closer to work for them, respectively, it is frankly inconvenient. Actually, this is what additional dipped beam LEDs are designed to solve. The photos below show what it looks like in real life.

It is worth recalling that such a bundle of conventional LEDs and a laser-pumped LED is already on the market. We are talking about Nitecore P35i (you can see how it shines here), a much more technologically advanced model with a remote button and display. However, the price (as well as the size) of the P35i is drastically higher than that of the Mateminco FW3. The latter, in fact, is an entrance ticket to an almost uninhabited world of such flashlights with combined LEDs.

Unfortunately, all the charm of such versatility spoils frankly bad managementwhere the brightness switches near low — near mid — near high — far Low — far — both TURBO.

However, from off by 2 * clicks, a distant High and a strobe by 3 * clicks are available.

In my opinion, it would be justified to switch between high and low beams in 3 or 4 clicks.

And with all the other pluses (the versatility of light itself, 21700 power, 5000k for low beam, declared brightness stabilization), it is the control that will become a very narrow bottleneck for potential buyers. With some probability, the average user is more likely to give up size and range, but choose for the same price much brighter and longer lasting Wurkkos TS33

By the way, if you want to see the monstrous older brother of the hero of this news, then here he is Mateminco MT90 Plus

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